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Overview of Armenia

Time in the Armenia

Armenia hour
Time zone : Asia/Yerevan
  • Country : Armenia
  • Capital : Yerevan
  • Population : 2,968,000
  • Country code (Iso) : AM / ARM
  • Dialing code : +374 / 00374
  • Currency : Dram

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Armenia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Armenia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Armenian (official) 97.9%, Kurdish (spoken by Yezidi minority) 1%, other 1% (2011 est.)

Armenia : list of states

Main cities in Armenia

Yerevan (Yerevan)1,093,485 inhabitants
Gyumri (Shirak)148,381 inhabitants
Vanadzor (Lori)101,098 inhabitants
Ejmiatsin (Armavir)49,513 inhabitants
Hrazdan (Kotayk)40,795 inhabitants
Abovyan (Kotayk)35,673 inhabitants
Kapan (Syunik)33,160 inhabitants
Ararat (Ararat)28,832 inhabitants
Armavir (Armavir)25,963 inhabitants
Step’anavan (Lori)23,782 inhabitants
Gavarr (Gegharkunik)21,680 inhabitants
Artashat (Ararat)20,562 inhabitants
Goris (Syunik)20,379 inhabitants
Masis (Ararat)18,911 inhabitants
Ashtarak (Aragatsotn)18,779 inhabitants
Sevan (Gegharkunik)17,083 inhabitants
Hats’avan (Syunik)15,208 inhabitants
Spitak (Lori)15,059 inhabitants
Ijevan (Tavush)14,737 inhabitants
Dilijan (Tavush)13,478 inhabitants
Alaverdi (Lori)13,184 inhabitants
Vedi (Ararat)12,192 inhabitants
Vardenis (Gegharkunik)11,382 inhabitants
Martuni (Gegharkunik)11,037 inhabitants
Yeghvard (Kotayk)10,705 inhabitants
Metsamor (Armavir)8,789 inhabitants
Berd (Tavush)8,374 inhabitants
Yeghegnadzor (Vayots Dzor)8,200 inhabitants
Vardenik (Gegharkunik)7,709 inhabitants
Akhuryan (Shirak)7,672 inhabitants
Tashir (Lori)7,318 inhabitants
Nerk’in Getashen (Gegharkunik)7,010 inhabitants
Byureghavan (Kotayk)6,972 inhabitants
Garrni (Kotayk)6,827 inhabitants
Sarukhan (Gegharkunik)6,173 inhabitants
Chambarak (Gegharkunik)6,153 inhabitants
Aparan (Aragatsotn)5,670 inhabitants
Noratus (Gegharkunik)5,426 inhabitants
Vayk’ (Vayots Dzor)5,419 inhabitants
Sardarapat (Armavir)5,348 inhabitants
Noyemberyan (Tavush)5,119 inhabitants
Karanlukh (Gegharkunik)5,104 inhabitants
Mrgashat (Armavir)4,961 inhabitants
Maralik (Shirak)4,959 inhabitants
T’alin (Aragatsotn)4,945 inhabitants
Nor Geghi (Kotayk)4,896 inhabitants
Oshakan (Aragatsotn)4,768 inhabitants
Metsavan (Lori)4,767 inhabitants
Agarak (Syunik)4,707 inhabitants
Gugark’ (Lori)4,705 inhabitants
Jermuk (Vayots Dzor)4,582 inhabitants
Meghri (Syunik)4,540 inhabitants
Odzun (Lori)4,524 inhabitants
Zovuni (Aragatsotn)4,484 inhabitants
Azatan (Shirak)4,448 inhabitants
Prroshyan (Kotayk)4,333 inhabitants
Kasakh (Aragatsotn)4,247 inhabitants
Yeranos (Gegharkunik)4,233 inhabitants
Avshar (Ararat)4,215 inhabitants
Lchashen (Gegharkunik)4,182 inhabitants
Malishka (Vayots Dzor)4,174 inhabitants
Verin Getashen (Gegharkunik)4,173 inhabitants
Lichk’ (Gegharkunik)4,105 inhabitants
Vosketap’ (Ararat)4,080 inhabitants
Nalbandyan (Armavir)4,019 inhabitants
Tsovinar (Gegharkunik)3,968 inhabitants
Verin Artashat (Ararat)3,931 inhabitants
Shahumyan (Ararat)3,905 inhabitants
Byurakan (Aragatsotn)3,902 inhabitants
Tsovagyugh (Gegharkunik)3,857 inhabitants
Gandzak (Gegharkunik)3,841 inhabitants
Arshaluys (Armavir)3,808 inhabitants
Voskevaz (Aragatsotn)3,789 inhabitants
Aygavan (Ararat)3,758 inhabitants
Dzoragyugh (Gegharkunik)3,570 inhabitants
Karbi (Aragatsotn)3,521 inhabitants
Astghadzor (Gegharkunik)3,520 inhabitants
Hovtashat (Ararat)3,472 inhabitants
Myasnikyan (Armavir)3,458 inhabitants
Akunk’ (Gegharkunik)3,444 inhabitants