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Overview of Azerbaijan

Time in the Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan hour
Time zone : Asia/Baku
  • Country : Azerbaijan
  • Capital : Baku
  • Population : 8,303,512
  • Country code (Iso) : AZ / AZE
  • Dialing code : +994 / 00994
  • Currency : Manat

Azerbaijan map

Azerbaijan map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Azerbaijan. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Azerbaijan. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Azerbaijani (Azeri) (official) 92.5%, Russian 1.4%, Armenian 1.4%, other 4.7% (2009 est.)

Azerbaijan : list of states

Main cities in Azerbaijan

Baku (Baki)1,116,513 inhabitants
Ganja (Gǝncǝ)313,300 inhabitants
Sumqayıt (Sumqayit)265,150 inhabitants
Lankaran (Lənkəran)240,300 inhabitants
Mingelchaur (Mingǝcevir)95,453 inhabitants
Saatlı (Saatlı)87,000 inhabitants
Qaraçuxur (Baki)72,989 inhabitants
Şirvan (Shirvan)70,220 inhabitants
Bakıxanov (Baki)66,686 inhabitants
Nakhchivan (Nakhichevan)64,754 inhabitants
Sheki (Shaki City)63,000 inhabitants
Yevlakh (Yevlax City)59,036 inhabitants
Xankandi (Xankǝndi)53,100 inhabitants
Bilajari (Baki)42,194 inhabitants
Maştağa (Baki)40,092 inhabitants
Ağdam (Ağdam)39,451 inhabitants
Khirdalan (Abşeron)37,949 inhabitants
Barda (Bǝrdǝ)37,372 inhabitants
Xaçmaz (Xaçmaz)37,175 inhabitants
Salyan (Salyan)36,555 inhabitants
Hövsan (Baki)36,293 inhabitants
Jalilabad (Jalilabad)36,259 inhabitants
Shamkhor (Şǝmkir)35,421 inhabitants
Geoktschai (Göyçay)35,348 inhabitants
Agdzhabedy (Ağcabǝdi)34,989 inhabitants
Imishli (İmişli)34,178 inhabitants
Lökbatan (Baki)30,694 inhabitants
Shamakhi (Şamaxı)29,403 inhabitants
Sabirabad (Sabirabad)28,075 inhabitants
Amirdzhan (Baki)26,798 inhabitants
Fizuli (Füzuli)26,765 inhabitants
Buzovna (Baki)24,795 inhabitants
Biny Selo (Baki)24,596 inhabitants
Ağdaş (Ağdaş)23,528 inhabitants
Divichibazar (Shabran)23,248 inhabitants
Hacıqabul (Hacıqabul)23,102 inhabitants
Quba (Quba)22,405 inhabitants
Zabrat (Baki)21,396 inhabitants
Sabunçu (Baki)20,996 inhabitants
Kyurdarmir (Kürdǝmir)19,088 inhabitants
Hacı Zeynalabdin (Sumqayit)19,019 inhabitants
Qazax (Qazax)18,903 inhabitants
Shushi (Shusha)18,662 inhabitants
Neftçala (Neftçala)18,661 inhabitants
Zaqatala (Zaqatala)18,277 inhabitants
Terter (Tǝrtǝr)18,185 inhabitants
Pushkino (Bilǝsuvar)18,182 inhabitants
Yelenendorf (Goygol Rayon)17,816 inhabitants
Əhmədbəyli (Saatlı)17,242 inhabitants
Aghsu (Ağsu)17,209 inhabitants
Yeni Suraxanı (Baki)16,127 inhabitants
Qusar (Qusar)16,022 inhabitants
Ujar (Ucar)15,741 inhabitants
Beylagan (Beyləqan)15,599 inhabitants
Mardakan (Baki)15,267 inhabitants
Astara (Astara)15,190 inhabitants
Binagadi (Baki)14,012 inhabitants
Xudat (Xaçmaz)13,625 inhabitants
İsmayıllı (İsmayıllı)13,610 inhabitants
Pirallahı (Baki)13,435 inhabitants
Qobustan (Baki)13,398 inhabitants
Prishibinskoye (Jalilabad)13,340 inhabitants
Tovuz (Tovuz)12,626 inhabitants
Aghstafa (Ağstafa)12,542 inhabitants
Qax (Qǝx)11,992 inhabitants
Qutqashen (Qǝbǝlǝ)11,867 inhabitants
Badamdar (Baki)11,398 inhabitants
Balakhani (Baki)10,863 inhabitants
Culfa (Nakhichevan)10,820 inhabitants
Zardob (Zərdab)10,612 inhabitants
Saray (Abşeron)10,173 inhabitants
Martakert (Tǝrtǝr)10,167 inhabitants
Zyrya (Baki)10,099 inhabitants
Yukhary-Dashkesan (Daşkǝsǝn)9,900 inhabitants
Ordubad (Nakhichevan)9,781 inhabitants
Türkan (Baki)9,699 inhabitants
Masally (Masally)9,604 inhabitants
Belokany (Balakǝn)9,182 inhabitants
Aliabad (Zaqatala)9,103 inhabitants
Bilajer (Baki)8,983 inhabitants