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Time zone : Europe/Sarajevo
  • Country : Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Capital : Sarajevo
  • Population : 4,590,000
  • Country code (Iso) : BA / BIH
  • Dialing code : +387 / 00387
  • Currency : Marka

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Bosnian (official), Croatian (official), Serbian (official)

Bosnia and Herzegovina : list of states

Main cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo (Federation of B&H)696,731 inhabitants
Banja Luka (Srspka)221,106 inhabitants
Zenica (Federation of B&H)164,423 inhabitants
Tuzla (Federation of B&H)142,486 inhabitants
Mostar (Federation of B&H)104,518 inhabitants
Bihać (Federation of B&H)75,641 inhabitants
Bugojno (Federation of B&H)41,378 inhabitants
Brčko (Brčko)38,968 inhabitants
Bijeljina (Srspka)37,692 inhabitants
Prijedor (Srspka)36,347 inhabitants
Trebinje (Srspka)33,178 inhabitants
Travnik (Federation of B&H)31,127 inhabitants
Doboj (Srspka)27,235 inhabitants
Cazin (Federation of B&H)21,741 inhabitants
Velika Kladuša (Federation of B&H)19,330 inhabitants
Visoko (Federation of B&H)17,890 inhabitants
Goražde (Federation of B&H)17,650 inhabitants
Konjic (Federation of B&H)15,950 inhabitants
Gračanica (Federation of B&H)15,758 inhabitants
Gradačac (Federation of B&H)15,659 inhabitants
Bosanska Krupa (Federation of B&H)15,193 inhabitants
Mrkonjić Grad (Srspka)14,737 inhabitants
Foča (Srspka)14,615 inhabitants
Zavidovići (Federation of B&H)14,380 inhabitants
Živinice (Federation of B&H)13,641 inhabitants
Sanski Most (Federation of B&H)13,551 inhabitants
Gradiška (Srspka)13,346 inhabitants
Bileća (Srspka)13,257 inhabitants
Kakanj (Federation of B&H)12,406 inhabitants
Livno (Federation of B&H)11,748 inhabitants
Odžak (Federation of B&H)11,621 inhabitants
Stijena (Federation of B&H)10,844 inhabitants
Šipovo (Srspka)10,738 inhabitants
Prozor (Federation of B&H)10,349 inhabitants
Novi Travnik (Federation of B&H)10,006 inhabitants
Ljubuški (Federation of B&H)9,987 inhabitants
Kozarska Dubica (Srspka)9,959 inhabitants
Derventa (Srspka)9,773 inhabitants
Jajce (Federation of B&H)9,763 inhabitants
Todorovo (Federation of B&H)9,560 inhabitants
Široki Brijeg (Federation of B&H)9,370 inhabitants
Brod (Srspka)9,249 inhabitants
Novi Grad (Srspka)8,920 inhabitants
Sokolac (Srspka)8,842 inhabitants
Mionica (Federation of B&H)8,701 inhabitants
Žepče (Federation of B&H)8,502 inhabitants
Kiseljak (Federation of B&H)8,475 inhabitants
Potoci (Federation of B&H)8,312 inhabitants
Fojnica (Federation of B&H)8,244 inhabitants
Milići (Srspka)8,210 inhabitants
Vogošća (Federation of B&H)8,180 inhabitants
Vitez (Federation of B&H)8,140 inhabitants
Zvornik (Srspka)8,026 inhabitants
Donji Vakuf (Federation of B&H)7,955 inhabitants
Čapljina (Federation of B&H)7,923 inhabitants
Tomislavgrad (Federation of B&H)7,737 inhabitants
Stolac (Federation of B&H)7,733 inhabitants
Trn (Srspka)7,553 inhabitants
Tešanj (Federation of B&H)7,550 inhabitants
Pale (Srspka)7,458 inhabitants
Maglaj (Federation of B&H)7,399 inhabitants
Srbac (Srspka)7,380 inhabitants
Nevesinje (Srspka)7,313 inhabitants
Divičani (Federation of B&H)7,251 inhabitants
Ključ (Federation of B&H)7,245 inhabitants
Bužim (Federation of B&H)7,229 inhabitants
Banovići (Federation of B&H)7,211 inhabitants
Vareš (Federation of B&H)7,193 inhabitants
Hadžići (Federation of B&H)7,173 inhabitants
Prnjavor (Srspka)7,099 inhabitants
Gornji Vakuf (Federation of B&H)7,014 inhabitants
Kneževo (Srspka)6,866 inhabitants
Vrnograč (Federation of B&H)6,860 inhabitants
Kladanj (Federation of B&H)6,783 inhabitants
Srebrenik (Federation of B&H)6,723 inhabitants
Čelinac (Srspka)6,670 inhabitants
Podzvizd (Federation of B&H)6,665 inhabitants
Tržačka Raštela (Federation of B&H)6,617 inhabitants
Otoka (Federation of B&H)6,595 inhabitants
Tojšići (Federation of B&H)6,587 inhabitants