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Overview of Bangladesh

Time in the Bangladesh

Bangladesh hour
Time zone : Asia/Dhaka
  • Country : Bangladesh
  • Capital : Dhaka
  • Population : 156,118,464
  • Country code (Iso) : BD / BGD
  • Dialing code : +880 / 00880
  • Currency : Taka

Bangladesh map

Bangladesh map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Bangladesh. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Bangladesh. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Bangla (official, also known as Bengali), English

Bangladesh : list of states

Main cities in Bangladesh

Dhaka (Dhaka)10,356,500 inhabitants
Chittagong (Chittagong)3,920,222 inhabitants
Khulna (Khulna)1,342,339 inhabitants
Rājshāhi (Rajshahi Division)700,133 inhabitants
Comilla (Chittagong)389,411 inhabitants
Shibganj (Rajshahi Division)378,701 inhabitants
Natore (Rajshahi Division)369,138 inhabitants
Rangpur (Rangpur Division)343,122 inhabitants
Tungi (Dhaka)337,579 inhabitants
Narsingdi (Dhaka)281,080 inhabitants
Bagerhat (Khulna)266,388 inhabitants
Cox’s Bāzār (Chittagong)253,788 inhabitants
Jessore (Khulna)243,987 inhabitants
Nāgarpur (Dhaka)238,422 inhabitants
Sylhet (Sylhet)237,000 inhabitants
Mymensingh (Mymensingh Division)225,126 inhabitants
Nārāyanganj (Dhaka)223,622 inhabitants
Bogra (Rajshahi Division)210,000 inhabitants
Dinājpur (Rangpur Division)206,234 inhabitants
Barisāl (Barisāl)202,242 inhabitants
Saidpur (Rajshahi Division)199,422 inhabitants
Pār Naogaon (Rajshahi Division)192,464 inhabitants
Pābna (Rajshahi Division)186,781 inhabitants
Paltan (Dhaka)184,492 inhabitants
Tāngāil (Dhaka)180,144 inhabitants
Jamālpur (Mymensingh Division)167,900 inhabitants
Puthia (Rajshahi Division)159,406 inhabitants
Nawābganj (Rajshahi Division)142,361 inhabitants
Kushtia (Khulna)135,724 inhabitants
Sonārgaon (Dhaka)130,000 inhabitants
Sātkhira (Khulna)128,918 inhabitants
Sirajganj (Rajshahi Division)127,481 inhabitants
Farīdpur (Dhaka)112,187 inhabitants
Sherpur (Mymensingh Division)107,419 inhabitants
Bhairab Bāzār (Dhaka)105,457 inhabitants
Shāhzādpur (Rajshahi Division)102,420 inhabitants
Bhola (Barisāl)99,079 inhabitants
Azimpur (Dhaka)96,641 inhabitants
Kishorganj (Dhaka)90,690 inhabitants
Bibir Hat (Chittagong)89,030 inhabitants
Habiganj (Sylhet)88,760 inhabitants
Mādārīpur (Dhaka)84,789 inhabitants
Feni (Chittagong)84,028 inhabitants
Lākshām (Chittagong)82,290 inhabitants
Ishurdi (Rajshahi Division)81,995 inhabitants
Sarishābāri (Mymensingh Division)81,325 inhabitants
Netrakona (Mymensingh Division)79,016 inhabitants
Joypur Hāt (Rajshahi Division)73,068 inhabitants
Thākurgaon (Rangpur Division)71,096 inhabitants
Pālang (Dhaka)67,652 inhabitants
Lalmonirhat (Rangpur Division)65,127 inhabitants
Rāipur (Chittagong)64,652 inhabitants
Tungipāra (Dhaka)62,210 inhabitants
Lakshmīpur (Chittagong)61,703 inhabitants
Maulavi Bāzār (Sylhet)57,441 inhabitants
Joymontop (Dhaka)56,000 inhabitants
Rāmganj (Chittagong)55,241 inhabitants
Narail (Khulna)55,112 inhabitants
Pirojpur (Barisāl)54,418 inhabitants
Sandwīp (Chittagong)52,152 inhabitants
Sātkania (Chittagong)52,005 inhabitants
Patiya (Chittagong)51,360 inhabitants
Khagrachhari (Chittagong)50,364 inhabitants
Chilmāri (Rangpur Division)49,736 inhabitants
Nageswari (Rangpur Division)49,425 inhabitants
Panchagarh (Rangpur Division)48,531 inhabitants
Uttar Char Fasson (Khulna)48,305 inhabitants
Parbatipur (Rangpur Division)48,020 inhabitants
Burhānuddin (Barisāl)45,670 inhabitants
Kālīganj (Khulna)45,631 inhabitants
Dohār (Dhaka)45,543 inhabitants
Hājīganj (Chittagong)44,343 inhabitants
Bhātpāra Abhaynagar (Khulna)42,653 inhabitants
Lālmohan (Barisāl)42,220 inhabitants
Jhingergācha (Khulna)41,957 inhabitants
Mirzāpur (Dhaka)41,137 inhabitants
Sakhipur (Dhaka)40,869 inhabitants
Teknāf (Chittagong)40,557 inhabitants
Gaurnadi (Barisāl)40,519 inhabitants
Kālia (Khulna)40,492 inhabitants