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Time in the Belgium

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Time zone : Europe/Brussels
  • Country : Belgium
  • Capital : Brussels
  • Population : 10,403,000
  • Country code (Iso) : BE / BEL
  • Dialing code : +32 / 0032
  • Currency : Euro

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Belgium map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Belgium. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Belgium. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Dutch (official) 60%, French (official) 40%, German (official) less than 1%, legally bilingual (Dutch and French)

Belgium : list of states

Main cities in Belgium

Brussels (Brussels Capital)1,019,022 inhabitants
Antwerpen (Flanders)459,805 inhabitants
Gent (Flanders)231,493 inhabitants
Charleroi (Wallonia)200,132 inhabitants
Liège (Wallonia)182,597 inhabitants
Brugge (Flanders)116,709 inhabitants
Namur (Wallonia)106,284 inhabitants
Leuven (Flanders)92,892 inhabitants
Mons (Wallonia)91,277 inhabitants
Aalst (Flanders)77,534 inhabitants
Mechelen (Flanders)77,530 inhabitants
La Louvière (Wallonia)76,668 inhabitants
Kortrijk (Flanders)73,879 inhabitants
Hasselt (Flanders)69,222 inhabitants
Ostend (Flanders)69,011 inhabitants
Sint-Niklaas (Flanders)69,010 inhabitants
Tournai (Wallonia)67,721 inhabitants
Genk (Flanders)63,666 inhabitants
Seraing (Wallonia)60,737 inhabitants
Roeselare (Flanders)56,016 inhabitants
Verviers (Wallonia)52,824 inhabitants
Mouscron (Wallonia)52,069 inhabitants
Beveren (Flanders)45,179 inhabitants
Dendermonde (Flanders)43,055 inhabitants
Beringen (Flanders)40,930 inhabitants
Turnhout (Flanders)39,654 inhabitants
Dilbeek (Flanders)39,482 inhabitants
Heist-op-den-Berg (Flanders)37,873 inhabitants
Sint-Truiden (Flanders)37,859 inhabitants
Lokeren (Flanders)37,567 inhabitants
Braine-l'Alleud (Wallonia)37,512 inhabitants
Brasschaat (Flanders)37,040 inhabitants
Vilvoorde (Flanders)36,955 inhabitants
Herstal (Wallonia)36,503 inhabitants
Maasmechelen (Flanders)36,251 inhabitants
Waregem (Flanders)35,896 inhabitants
Châtelet (Wallonia)35,238 inhabitants
Ieper (Flanders)35,089 inhabitants
Ninove (Flanders)34,795 inhabitants
Geel (Flanders)34,697 inhabitants
Halle (Flanders)34,479 inhabitants
Hoboken (Flanders)34,443 inhabitants
Knokke-Heist (Flanders)33,781 inhabitants
Schoten (Flanders)33,622 inhabitants
Grimbergen (Flanders)33,561 inhabitants
Lier (Flanders)33,272 inhabitants
Mol (Flanders)32,659 inhabitants
Wavre (Wallonia)32,112 inhabitants
Binche (Wallonia)32,030 inhabitants
Lommel (Flanders)31,993 inhabitants
Menen (Flanders)31,916 inhabitants
Tienen (Flanders)31,743 inhabitants
Evergem (Flanders)31,615 inhabitants
Heusden (Flanders)31,017 inhabitants
Wevelgem (Flanders)30,954 inhabitants
Geraardsbergen (Flanders)30,807 inhabitants
Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Flanders)30,446 inhabitants
Helchteren (Flanders)30,050 inhabitants
Houthalen (Flanders)30,050 inhabitants
Tongeren (Flanders)29,816 inhabitants
Deinze (Flanders)29,815 inhabitants
Waterloo (Wallonia)29,778 inhabitants
Bilzen (Flanders)29,622 inhabitants
Louvain-la-Neuve (Wallonia)29,521 inhabitants
Courcelles (Wallonia)29,473 inhabitants
Asse (Flanders)28,985 inhabitants
Zaventem (Flanders)28,188 inhabitants
Oudenaarde (Flanders)27,935 inhabitants
Aarschot (Flanders)27,656 inhabitants
Ans (Wallonia)27,297 inhabitants
Ath (Wallonia)26,681 inhabitants
Kapellen (Flanders)26,410 inhabitants
Izegem (Flanders)26,382 inhabitants
Arlon (Wallonia)26,179 inhabitants
Temse (Flanders)26,054 inhabitants
Harelbeke (Flanders)25,978 inhabitants
Herentals (Flanders)25,912 inhabitants
Brecht (Flanders)25,908 inhabitants
Flémalle-Haute (Wallonia)25,144 inhabitants
Soignies (Wallonia)24,869 inhabitants