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Overview of Bulgaria

Time in the Bulgaria

Bulgaria hour
Time zone : Europe/Sofia
  • Country : Bulgaria
  • Capital : Sofia
  • Population : 7,148,785
  • Country code (Iso) : BG / BGR
  • Dialing code : +359 / 00359
  • Currency : Lev

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Bulgaria map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Bulgaria. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Bulgaria. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Bulgarian (official) 76.8%, Turkish 8.2%, Roma 3.8%, other 0.7%, unspecified 10.5% (2011 est.)

Bulgaria : list of states

Main cities in Bulgaria

Sofia (Sofia-Capital)1,152,556 inhabitants
Plovdiv (Plovdiv)340,494 inhabitants
Varna (Varna)312,770 inhabitants
Burgas (Burgas)195,966 inhabitants
Ruse (Ruse)156,238 inhabitants
Stara Zagora (Stara Zagora)143,431 inhabitants
Pleven (Pleven)118,675 inhabitants
Sliven (Sliven)96,368 inhabitants
Dobrich (Dobrich)94,831 inhabitants
Shumen (Shumen)87,283 inhabitants
Pernik (Pernik)82,467 inhabitants
Yambol (Yambol)80,116 inhabitants
Haskovo (Khaskovo)79,699 inhabitants
Pazardzhik (Pazardzhik)75,977 inhabitants
Blagoevgrad (Blagoevgrad)71,306 inhabitants
Veliko Tŭrnovo (Veliko Tŭrnovo)66,217 inhabitants
Gabrovo (Gabrovo)66,175 inhabitants
Vratsa (Vratsa)64,941 inhabitants
Kazanlak (Stara Zagora)55,196 inhabitants
Vidin (Vidin)54,409 inhabitants
Asenovgrad (Plovdiv)52,170 inhabitants
Kardzhali (Kŭrdzhali)51,000 inhabitants
Kyustendil (Kyustendil)48,286 inhabitants
Montana (Montana)47,445 inhabitants
Dimitrovgrad (Khaskovo)43,288 inhabitants
Lovech (Lovech)42,211 inhabitants
Silistra (Silistra)39,715 inhabitants
Gorna Oryahovitsa (Veliko Tŭrnovo)38,553 inhabitants
Razgrad (Razgrad)38,285 inhabitants
Targovishte (Tŭrgovishte)37,774 inhabitants
Dupnitsa (Kyustendil)34,764 inhabitants
Svishtov (Veliko Tŭrnovo)32,256 inhabitants
Smolyan (Smolyan)32,069 inhabitants
Petrich (Blagoevgrad)30,308 inhabitants
Samokov (Sofia)26,765 inhabitants
Lom (Montana)26,594 inhabitants
Sandanski (Blagoevgrad)26,459 inhabitants
Sevlievo (Gabrovo)24,582 inhabitants
Nova Zagora (Sliven)24,340 inhabitants
Velingrad (Pazardzhik)24,036 inhabitants
Cherven Bryag (Pleven)21,688 inhabitants
Troyan (Lovech)21,162 inhabitants
Aytos (Burgas)20,986 inhabitants
Botevgrad (Sofia)20,909 inhabitants
Gotse Delchev (Blagoevgrad)20,471 inhabitants
Karlovo (Plovdiv)19,958 inhabitants
Karnobat (Burgas)19,709 inhabitants
Panagyurishte (Pazardzhik)19,389 inhabitants
Svilengrad (Khaskovo)19,279 inhabitants
Harmanli (Khaskovo)18,931 inhabitants
Peshtera (Pazardzhik)18,676 inhabitants
Chirpan (Stara Zagora)17,243 inhabitants
Parvomay (Plovdiv)17,000 inhabitants
Popovo (Tŭrgovishte)16,571 inhabitants
Rakovski (Plovdiv)15,782 inhabitants
Berkovitsa (Montana)15,027 inhabitants
Radomir (Pernik)14,755 inhabitants
Kozloduy (Vratsa)14,717 inhabitants
Radnevo (Stara Zagora)14,667 inhabitants
Ihtiman (Sofia)14,154 inhabitants
Tryavna (Gabrovo)13,818 inhabitants
Provadia (Varna)13,755 inhabitants
Pomorie (Burgas)13,714 inhabitants
Byala Slatina (Vratsa)13,307 inhabitants
Novi Pazar (Shumen)13,276 inhabitants
Balchik (Dobrich)13,000 inhabitants
Razlog (Blagoevgrad)12,486 inhabitants
Pavlikeni (Veliko Tŭrnovo)12,214 inhabitants
Kostinbrod (Sofia)12,175 inhabitants
Stamboliyski (Plovdiv)12,070 inhabitants
Mezdra (Vratsa)11,975 inhabitants
Levski (Pleven)11,467 inhabitants
Kavarna (Dobrich)11,205 inhabitants
Elhovo (Yambol)11,107 inhabitants
Etropole (Sofia)11,031 inhabitants
Teteven (Lovech)10,790 inhabitants
Tutrakan (Silistra)10,022 inhabitants
Lukovit (Lovech)9,792 inhabitants
Belene (Pleven)9,781 inhabitants
Zlatni Pyasatsi (Varna)9,760 inhabitants