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Time zone : America/La_Paz
  • Country : Bolivia
  • Capital : Sucre
  • Population : 9,947,418
  • Country code (Iso) : BO / BOL
  • Dialing code : +591 / 00591
  • Currency : Boliviano

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Bolivia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Bolivia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Spanish (official) 60.7%, Quechua (official) 21.2%, Aymara (official) 14.6%, Guarani (official), foreign languages 2.4%, other 1.2%

Bolivia : list of states

Main cities in Bolivia

Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Santa Cruz)1,364,389 inhabitants
Cochabamba (Cochabamba)900,414 inhabitants
La Paz (La Paz)812,799 inhabitants
Sucre (Chuquisaca)224,838 inhabitants
Oruro (Oruro)208,684 inhabitants
Tarija (Tarija)159,269 inhabitants
Potosí (Potosí)141,251 inhabitants
Sacaba (Cochabamba)107,628 inhabitants
Montero (Santa Cruz)88,616 inhabitants
Quillacollo (Cochabamba)87,309 inhabitants
Trinidad (El Beni)84,259 inhabitants
Yacuiba (Tarija)82,803 inhabitants
Riberalta (El Beni)74,014 inhabitants
Tiquipaya (Cochabamba)53,904 inhabitants
Guayaramerín (El Beni)36,008 inhabitants
Bermejo (Tarija)35,411 inhabitants
Mizque (Cochabamba)30,481 inhabitants
Villazón (Potosí)30,253 inhabitants
Llallagua (Potosí)28,069 inhabitants
Camiri (Santa Cruz)27,961 inhabitants
Cobija (Pando)26,585 inhabitants
San Borja (El Beni)24,610 inhabitants
San Ignacio de Velasco (Santa Cruz)23,569 inhabitants
Tupiza (Potosí)22,233 inhabitants
Warnes (Santa Cruz)22,036 inhabitants
San Borja (El Beni)19,640 inhabitants
Ascención de Guarayos (Santa Cruz)18,816 inhabitants
Villamontes (Tarija)18,761 inhabitants
Cotoca (Santa Cruz)18,347 inhabitants
Villa Yapacaní (Santa Cruz)18,187 inhabitants
Santiago del Torno (Santa Cruz)15,543 inhabitants
Huanuni (Oruro)15,492 inhabitants
Punata (Cochabamba)15,194 inhabitants
Ascensión (Santa Cruz)14,429 inhabitants
Mineros (Santa Cruz)14,385 inhabitants
Santa Ana de Yacuma (El Beni)12,783 inhabitants
Patacamaya (La Paz)12,260 inhabitants
Colchani (Potosí)11,988 inhabitants
Rurrenabaque (El Beni)11,749 inhabitants
Portachuelo (Santa Cruz)11,485 inhabitants
Puerto Quijarro (Santa Cruz)10,392 inhabitants
Uyuni (Potosí)10,293 inhabitants
Roboré (Santa Cruz)9,882 inhabitants
Pailón (Santa Cruz)9,304 inhabitants
Cliza (Cochabamba)8,654 inhabitants
Achacachi (La Paz)8,447 inhabitants
Vallegrande (Santa Cruz)8,422 inhabitants
Monteagudo (Chuquisaca)8,289 inhabitants
Aiquile (Cochabamba)8,224 inhabitants
Tarata (Cochabamba)8,043 inhabitants
Challapata (Oruro)8,016 inhabitants
San Julian (Santa Cruz)7,706 inhabitants
Reyes (El Beni)7,376 inhabitants
Concepción (Santa Cruz)6,900 inhabitants
San Matías (Santa Cruz)6,352 inhabitants
La Bélgica (Santa Cruz)5,501 inhabitants
Santa Rosa del Sara (Santa Cruz)5,251 inhabitants
Capinota (Cochabamba)5,157 inhabitants
Chimoré (Cochabamba)5,147 inhabitants
San Pedro (La Paz)5,002 inhabitants
Okinawa Número Uno (Santa Cruz)4,944 inhabitants
Betanzos (Potosí)4,847 inhabitants
Camargo (Chuquisaca)4,715 inhabitants
Santa Rosa (El Beni)4,459 inhabitants
Comarapa (Santa Cruz)4,445 inhabitants
San Ramón (El Beni)4,389 inhabitants
Mairana (Santa Cruz)4,298 inhabitants
Buena Vista (Santa Cruz)4,282 inhabitants
San Carlos (Santa Cruz)4,180 inhabitants
Jorochito (Santa Cruz)4,013 inhabitants
Colquiri (La Paz)3,933 inhabitants
Colomi (Cochabamba)3,921 inhabitants
Arani (Cochabamba)3,906 inhabitants
Sipe Sipe (Cochabamba)3,776 inhabitants
San Juan del Surutú (Santa Cruz)3,707 inhabitants
Huatajata (La Paz)3,700 inhabitants
Limoncito (Santa Cruz)3,622 inhabitants
Samaipata (Santa Cruz)3,500 inhabitants
Urubichá (Santa Cruz)3,267 inhabitants
San Pablo (La Paz)3,245 inhabitants