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Overview of Botswana

Time in the Botswana

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Time zone : Africa/Gaborone
  • Country : Botswana
  • Capital : Gaborone
  • Population : 2,029,307
  • Country code (Iso) : BW / BWA
  • Dialing code : +267 / 00267
  • Currency : Pula

Botswana map

Botswana map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Botswana. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Botswana. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Setswana 78.2%, Kalanga 7.9%, Sekgalagadi 2.8%, English (official) 2.1%, other 8.6%, unspecified 0.4% (2001 census)

Botswana : list of states

Main cities in Botswana

Gaborone (Gaborone)208,411 inhabitants
Francistown (City of Francistown)89,979 inhabitants
Molepolole (Kweneng)63,248 inhabitants
Selebi-Phikwe (Selibe Phikwe)53,727 inhabitants
Maun (North-West)49,945 inhabitants
Serowe (Central)47,419 inhabitants
Kanye (Ngwaketsi)44,716 inhabitants
Mahalapye (Central)44,471 inhabitants
Mogoditshane (Kweneng)43,394 inhabitants
Mochudi (Kgatleng)36,962 inhabitants
Lobatse (Lobatse)30,883 inhabitants
Palapye (Central)30,650 inhabitants
Ramotswa (South-East)21,450 inhabitants
Thamaga (Kweneng)20,756 inhabitants
Mosopa (Ngwaketsi)19,561 inhabitants
Letlhakane (Central)18,136 inhabitants
Tonota (Central)17,759 inhabitants
Janeng (South-East)16,853 inhabitants
Gabane (Kweneng)12,884 inhabitants
Ghanzi (Ghanzi)9,934 inhabitants
Kasane (Chobe)9,250 inhabitants
Orapa (Central)9,189 inhabitants
Kopong (South-East)6,895 inhabitants
Letlhakeng (Kweneng)6,781 inhabitants
Tshabong (Kgalagadi)6,591 inhabitants
Otse (South-East)6,275 inhabitants
Shakawe (North-West)5,651 inhabitants
Metsemotlhaba (Kweneng)5,544 inhabitants
Rakops (Central)5,222 inhabitants
Lenchwe Le Tau (Kweneng)4,992 inhabitants
Mmopone (Kweneng)4,927 inhabitants
Nata (Central)4,794 inhabitants
Gweta (Central)4,689 inhabitants
Mathambgwane (Central)4,675 inhabitants
Hukuntsi (Kgalagadi)4,403 inhabitants
Kang (Kgalagadi)4,229 inhabitants
Bokaa (Kgatleng)4,131 inhabitants
Sefophe (Central)4,114 inhabitants
Ramokgonami (Central)3,681 inhabitants
Masunga (North-East)3,639 inhabitants
Maunatlala (Central)3,361 inhabitants
Manyana (Kgalagadi)3,338 inhabitants
Mopipi (Central)3,301 inhabitants
Sua (Central)3,141 inhabitants
Sebina (North-East)3,030 inhabitants
Moijabana (Central)2,768 inhabitants
Letsheng (Central)2,696 inhabitants
Mookane (Central)2,397 inhabitants
Ratholo (Central)2,377 inhabitants
Kalamare (Central)2,339 inhabitants
Mmathubudukwane (Kgatleng)2,221 inhabitants
Werda (Kgalagadi)2,149 inhabitants
Machaneng (Central)2,139 inhabitants
Khakhea (Ngwaketsi)2,133 inhabitants
Dukwe (North-East)2,037 inhabitants
Khudumelapye (Kweneng)2,035 inhabitants
Mathathane (Central)1,987 inhabitants
Lehututu (Kgalagadi)1,942 inhabitants
Tobane (Central)1,925 inhabitants
Mogapi (Central)1,917 inhabitants
Makobeng (Central)1,822 inhabitants
Mosetse (Central)1,780 inhabitants
Nokaneng (North-West)1,763 inhabitants
Gobojango (Central)1,756 inhabitants
Pandamatenga (North-West)1,685 inhabitants
Gaphatshwe (Kweneng)1,678 inhabitants
Makwata (Central)1,660 inhabitants
Sehithwa (North-West)1,614 inhabitants
Nkoyaphiri (Kweneng)1,578 inhabitants
Pilikwe (Central)1,375 inhabitants
Pilane (Kgatleng)1,277 inhabitants
Maapi (Central)1,275 inhabitants
Mathakola (Central)1,159 inhabitants
Dutlwe (Kweneng)1,126 inhabitants
Sekoma (Ngwaketsi)1,083 inhabitants
Tamasane (Central)1,070 inhabitants
Dekar (Ghanzi)1,043 inhabitants
Botlhapatlou (Kweneng)1,013 inhabitants
Jwaneng (Jwaneng)0 inhabitants