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Overview of Belarus

Time in the Belarus

Belarus hour
Time zone : Europe/Minsk
  • Country : Belarus
  • Capital : Minsk
  • Population : 9,685,000
  • Country code (Iso) : BY / BLR
  • Dialing code : +375 / 00375
  • Currency : Ruble

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Belarus map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Belarus. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Belarus. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Belarusian (official) 23.4%, Russian (official) 70.2%, other 3.1% (includes small Polish- and Ukrainian-speaking minorities), unspecified 3.3% (2009 est.)

Belarus : list of states

Main cities in Belarus

Minsk (Minsk City)1,742,124 inhabitants
Gomel (Gomel)480,951 inhabitants
Mahilyow (Mogilev)369,200 inhabitants
Vitebsk (Vitebsk)342,700 inhabitants
Hrodna (Grodnenskaya)317,365 inhabitants
Brest (Brest)300,715 inhabitants
Babruysk (Mogilev)220,517 inhabitants
Baranovichi (Brest)168,772 inhabitants
Barysaw (Minsk)143,919 inhabitants
Pinsk (Brest)130,777 inhabitants
Orsha (Vitebsk)125,347 inhabitants
Novoye Medvezhino (Minsk City)120,000 inhabitants
Mazyr (Gomel)112,137 inhabitants
Malinovka (Minsk City)105,000 inhabitants
Salihorsk (Minsk)101,614 inhabitants
Maladzyechna (Minsk)101,300 inhabitants
Navapolatsk (Vitebsk)100,885 inhabitants
Lida (Grodnenskaya)98,036 inhabitants
Polatsk (Vitebsk)82,258 inhabitants
Zhlobin (Gomel)73,089 inhabitants
Svyetlahorsk (Gomel)71,250 inhabitants
Rechytsa (Gomel)65,400 inhabitants
Slutsk (Minsk)62,228 inhabitants
Horad Zhodzina (Minsk)61,007 inhabitants
Slonim (Grodnenskaya)51,434 inhabitants
Kobryn (Brest)50,691 inhabitants
Vawkavysk (Grodnenskaya)47,300 inhabitants
Kalinkavichy (Gomel)37,190 inhabitants
Smarhon’ (Grodnenskaya)36,900 inhabitants
Rahachow (Gomel)34,700 inhabitants
Asipovichy (Mogilev)34,591 inhabitants
Horki (Mogilev)33,897 inhabitants
Novogrudok (Grodnenskaya)30,748 inhabitants
Vilyeyka (Minsk)30,000 inhabitants
Byaroza (Brest)29,645 inhabitants
Krychaw (Mogilev)27,681 inhabitants
Luninyets (Brest)25,000 inhabitants
Dzyarzhynsk (Minsk)24,609 inhabitants
Ivatsevichy (Brest)24,200 inhabitants
Hlybokaye (Vitebsk)22,000 inhabitants
Pastavy (Vitebsk)20,218 inhabitants
Mar’’ina Horka (Minsk)20,100 inhabitants
Pruzhany (Brest)19,135 inhabitants
Dobrush (Gomel)19,083 inhabitants
Bykhaw (Mogilev)17,500 inhabitants
Lyepyel’ (Vitebsk)17,400 inhabitants
Kalodzishchy (Minsk)17,000 inhabitants
Mosty (Grodnenskaya)16,102 inhabitants
Shchuchyn (Grodnenskaya)15,700 inhabitants
Stowbtsy (Minsk)15,500 inhabitants
Lyasny (Minsk)15,000 inhabitants
Klimavichy (Mogilev)14,951 inhabitants
Ashmyany (Grodnenskaya)14,345 inhabitants
Mikashevichy (Brest)14,000 inhabitants
Hantsavichy (Brest)13,800 inhabitants
Novolukoml’ (Vitebsk)13,800 inhabitants
Zhytkavichy (Gomel)13,630 inhabitants
Ivanava (Brest)13,614 inhabitants
Zaslawye (Minsk)13,500 inhabitants
Shklow (Mogilev)13,485 inhabitants
Drahichyn (Brest)13,389 inhabitants
Haradok (Vitebsk)13,380 inhabitants
Fanipol (Minsk)13,200 inhabitants
Khoyniki (Gomel)13,200 inhabitants
Nyasvizh (Minsk)12,847 inhabitants
Byerazino (Minsk)12,800 inhabitants
Horad Smalyavichy (Minsk)12,516 inhabitants
Braslaw (Vitebsk)12,378 inhabitants
Kastsyukovichy (Mogilev)11,946 inhabitants
Baran’ (Vitebsk)11,600 inhabitants
Lyakhavichy (Brest)11,500 inhabitants
Mstsislaw (Mogilev)11,500 inhabitants
Chashniki (Vitebsk)11,484 inhabitants
Talachyn (Vitebsk)11,381 inhabitants
Chavusy (Mogilev)11,313 inhabitants
Zhabinka (Brest)10,921 inhabitants
Skidel’ (Grodnenskaya)10,700 inhabitants
Byelaazyorsk (Brest)10,691 inhabitants
Myory (Vitebsk)10,649 inhabitants
Kastsyukowka (Gomel)10,552 inhabitants