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Time in the Ivory Coast

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Time zone : Africa/Abidjan
  • Country : Ivory Coast
  • Capital : Yamoussoukro
  • Population : 21,058,798
  • Country code (Iso) : CI / CIV
  • Dialing code : +225 / 00225
  • Currency : Franc

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Languages : French (official), 60 native dialects of which Dioula is the most widely spoken

Ivory Coast : list of states

Main cities in Ivory Coast

Abidjan (Abidjan)3,677,115 inhabitants
Abobo (Abidjan)900,000 inhabitants
Bouaké (Vallée du Bandama)567,481 inhabitants
Daloa (Sassandra-Marahoué)215,652 inhabitants
San-Pédro (Bas-Sassandra)196,751 inhabitants
Yamoussoukro (Lacs)194,530 inhabitants
Korhogo (Savanes)167,359 inhabitants
Man (Montagnes)139,341 inhabitants
Divo (Gôh-Djiboua)127,867 inhabitants
Gagnoa (Gôh-Djiboua)123,184 inhabitants
Abengourou (Comoé)104,020 inhabitants
Anyama (Abidjan)100,653 inhabitants
Agboville (Lagunes)81,770 inhabitants
Grand-Bassam (Comoé)73,772 inhabitants
Dabou (Lagunes)69,661 inhabitants
Dimbokro (Lacs)67,349 inhabitants
Ferkessédougou (Savanes)62,008 inhabitants
Adzopé (Lagunes)61,884 inhabitants
Bouaflé (Sassandra-Marahoué)60,962 inhabitants
Sinfra (Zanzan)59,919 inhabitants
Katiola (Vallée du Bandama)59,641 inhabitants
Bondoukou (Zanzan)58,297 inhabitants
Danané (Montagnes)53,808 inhabitants
Oumé (Gôh-Djiboua)52,070 inhabitants
Séguéla (Woroba)51,157 inhabitants
Bingerville (Abidjan)50,694 inhabitants
Issia (Sassandra-Marahoué)50,313 inhabitants
Odienné (Denguélé)49,857 inhabitants
Duekoué (Montagnes)47,198 inhabitants
Agnibilékrou (Comoé)43,061 inhabitants
Daoukro (Lacs)40,175 inhabitants
Tengréla (Savanes)39,277 inhabitants
Guiglo (Montagnes)39,134 inhabitants
Toumodi (Lacs)39,005 inhabitants
Boundiali (Savanes)38,878 inhabitants
Lakota (Gôh-Djiboua)38,055 inhabitants
Aboisso (Comoé)37,654 inhabitants
Arrah (Lacs)37,432 inhabitants
Bonoua (Comoé)37,312 inhabitants
Akoupé (Lagunes)35,970 inhabitants
Tiassalé (Lagunes)35,090 inhabitants
Zuénoula (Sassandra-Marahoué)34,435 inhabitants
Bongouanou (Lacs)34,405 inhabitants
Vavoua (Sassandra-Marahoué)31,250 inhabitants
Affery (Lagunes)29,909 inhabitants
Touba (Woroba)27,504 inhabitants
Bouna (Zanzan)23,570 inhabitants
Sassandra (Bas-Sassandra)23,274 inhabitants
Béoumi (Vallée du Bandama)23,053 inhabitants
Biankouma (Montagnes)22,868 inhabitants
Tanda (Zanzan)20,161 inhabitants
Mankono (Woroba)19,095 inhabitants
Bangolo (Montagnes)17,712 inhabitants
Tabou (Bas-Sassandra)17,134 inhabitants
Adiaké (Comoé)16,531 inhabitants
Sakassou (Vallée du Bandama)15,068 inhabitants
Toulépleu Gueré (Montagnes)14,098 inhabitants
Dabakala (Vallée du Bandama)13,717 inhabitants
Botro (Vallée du Bandama)13,375 inhabitants
Guibéroua (Gôh-Djiboua)13,186 inhabitants
Bocanda (Lacs)13,079 inhabitants
Ayamé (Comoé)12,315 inhabitants
Grand-Lahou (Lagunes)10,273 inhabitants
Taabo (Lagunes)0 inhabitants
Tiapoum (Comoé)0 inhabitants
Soubré (Bas-Sassandra)0 inhabitants
Alépé (Lagunes)0 inhabitants
Attiégouakro (Yamoussoukro)0 inhabitants
Béttié (Comoé)0 inhabitants
Bloléquin (Montagnes)0 inhabitants
Buyo (Bas-Sassandra)0 inhabitants
Didiévi (Lacs)0 inhabitants
Djékanou (Lacs)0 inhabitants
Dikodougou (Savanes)0 inhabitants
Dianra (Woroba)0 inhabitants
Facobly (Montagnes)0 inhabitants
Fresco (Bas-Sassandra)0 inhabitants
Gbéléban (Denguélé)0 inhabitants
Guéyo (Bas-Sassandra)0 inhabitants
Guitry (Gôh-Djiboua)0 inhabitants