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Time in the Cameroon

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Time zone : Africa/Douala
  • Country : Cameroon
  • Capital : Yaounde
  • Population : 19,294,149
  • Country code (Iso) : CM / CMR
  • Dialing code : +237 / 00237
  • Currency : Franc

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Cameroon map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Cameroon. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Cameroon. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : 24 major African language groups, English (official), French (official)

Cameroon : list of states

Main cities in Cameroon

Douala (Littoral)1,338,082 inhabitants
Yaoundé (Centre)1,299,369 inhabitants
Garoua (North)436,899 inhabitants
Kousséri (Far North)435,547 inhabitants
Bamenda (North-West)393,835 inhabitants
Maroua (Far North)319,941 inhabitants
Bafoussam (West)290,768 inhabitants
Mokolo (Far North)275,239 inhabitants
Ngaoundéré (Adamaoua)231,357 inhabitants
Bertoua (East)218,111 inhabitants
Edéa (Littoral)203,149 inhabitants
Loum (Littoral)177,429 inhabitants
Kumba (South-West)144,413 inhabitants
Nkongsamba (Littoral)117,063 inhabitants
Mbouda (West)111,320 inhabitants
Dschang (West)96,112 inhabitants
Foumban (West)92,673 inhabitants
Ébolowa (South)87,875 inhabitants
Guider (North)84,647 inhabitants
Foumbot (West)84,065 inhabitants
Bafang (West)80,688 inhabitants
Yagoua (Far North)80,235 inhabitants
Mbalmayo (Centre)80,206 inhabitants
Meïganga (Adamaoua)80,100 inhabitants
Bali (North-West)72,606 inhabitants
Limbe (South-West)72,106 inhabitants
Bafia (Centre)69,270 inhabitants
Wum (North-West)68,836 inhabitants
Bangangté (West)65,385 inhabitants
Tiko (South-West)55,914 inhabitants
Kribi (South)55,224 inhabitants
Mora (Far North)55,216 inhabitants
Sangmélima (South)54,251 inhabitants
Kumbo (North-West)53,970 inhabitants
Nkoteng (Centre)50,334 inhabitants
Mutengene (South-West)47,478 inhabitants
Buea (South-West)47,300 inhabitants
Garoua Boulaï (East)46,615 inhabitants
Batouri (East)43,821 inhabitants
Fundong (North-West)43,509 inhabitants
Fontem (South-West)42,689 inhabitants
Mbanga (Littoral)42,590 inhabitants
Banyo (Adamaoua)40,798 inhabitants
Manjo (Littoral)37,661 inhabitants
Melong (Littoral)37,086 inhabitants
Tibati (Adamaoua)35,589 inhabitants
Muyuka (South-West)31,384 inhabitants
Obala (Centre)30,012 inhabitants
Nanga Eboko (Centre)29,909 inhabitants
Penja (Littoral)28,406 inhabitants
Mbandjok (Centre)26,947 inhabitants
Kaélé (Far North)25,199 inhabitants
Bamusso (South-West)24,741 inhabitants
Lagdo (North)24,596 inhabitants
Tcholliré (North)23,187 inhabitants
Bélabo (East)22,553 inhabitants
Lolodorf (South)22,252 inhabitants
Eséka (Centre)22,221 inhabitants
Mamfe (South-West)19,472 inhabitants
Dizangué (Littoral)19,243 inhabitants
Idenao (South-West)17,800 inhabitants
Akonolinga (Centre)17,181 inhabitants
Bogo (Far North)16,952 inhabitants
Tonga (West)16,036 inhabitants
Abong Mbang (East)14,661 inhabitants
Yokadouma (East)13,287 inhabitants
Bazou (West)13,058 inhabitants
Mundemba (South-West)11,912 inhabitants
Bétaré Oya (East)11,866 inhabitants
Pitoa (North)11,454 inhabitants
Rey Bouba (North)11,454 inhabitants
Mindif (Far North)10,538 inhabitants
Babanki (North-West)9,851 inhabitants
Mbengwi (North-West)9,734 inhabitants
Akom II (South)9,709 inhabitants
Batibo (North-West)9,163 inhabitants
Belo (North-West)8,705 inhabitants
Ambam (South)8,476 inhabitants
Dimako (East)8,476 inhabitants
Ndikiniméki (Centre)8,247 inhabitants