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Time zone : America/Bogota
  • Country : Colombia
  • Capital : Bogota
  • Population : 47,790,000
  • Country code (Iso) : CO / COL
  • Dialing code : +57 / 0057
  • Currency : Peso

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Colombia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Colombia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Spanish (official)

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Main cities in Colombia

Bogotá (Bogota D.C.)7,674,366 inhabitants
Cali (Valle del Cauca)2,392,877 inhabitants
Medellín (Antioquia)1,999,979 inhabitants
Barranquilla (Atlántico)1,380,425 inhabitants
Cartagena (Bolívar)952,024 inhabitants
Cúcuta (Norte de Santander)721,398 inhabitants
Bucaramanga (Santander)571,820 inhabitants
Pereira (Risaralda)440,118 inhabitants
Santa Marta (Magdalena)431,781 inhabitants
Ibagué (Tolima)421,685 inhabitants
Bello (Antioquia)392,939 inhabitants
Pasto (Nariño)382,236 inhabitants
Manizales (Caldas)357,814 inhabitants
Neiva (Huila)352,855 inhabitants
Soledad (Atlántico)342,556 inhabitants
Villavicencio (Meta)321,717 inhabitants
Armenia (Quindío)315,328 inhabitants
Soacha (Cundinamarca)313,945 inhabitants
Valledupar (Cesar)308,237 inhabitants
Itagüí (Antioquia)281,853 inhabitants
Montería (Córdoba)272,420 inhabitants
Sincelejo (Sucre)261,187 inhabitants
Popayán (Cauca)258,653 inhabitants
Floridablanca (Santander)252,267 inhabitants
Palmira (Valle del Cauca)247,986 inhabitants
Buenaventura (Valle del Cauca)240,387 inhabitants
Barrancabermeja (Santander)191,403 inhabitants
Dos Quebradas (Risaralda)179,583 inhabitants
Tuluá (Valle del Cauca)165,501 inhabitants
Envigado (Antioquia)163,007 inhabitants
Cartago (Valle del Cauca)134,827 inhabitants
Maicao (La Guajira)130,348 inhabitants
Florencia (Caquetá)130,337 inhabitants
Girardot City (Cundinamarca)130,289 inhabitants
Sogamoso (Boyacá)126,551 inhabitants
Buga (Valle del Cauca)118,004 inhabitants
Tunja (Boyacá)117,479 inhabitants
Girón (Santander)108,466 inhabitants
Malambo (Atlántico)101,534 inhabitants
Magangué (Bolívar)100,313 inhabitants
Facatativá (Cundinamarca)94,611 inhabitants
Riohacha (La Guajira)92,431 inhabitants
Duitama (Boyacá)92,040 inhabitants
Zipaquirá (Cundinamarca)91,235 inhabitants
Fusagasugá (Cundinamarca)88,820 inhabitants
Ciénaga (Magdalena)88,311 inhabitants
Tumaco (Nariño)86,713 inhabitants
Apartadó (Antioquia)86,438 inhabitants
Piedecuesta (Santander)86,387 inhabitants
Montelíbano (Córdoba)85,000 inhabitants
Ocaña (Norte de Santander)83,511 inhabitants
La Dorada (Caldas)81,950 inhabitants
Ipiales (Nariño)77,729 inhabitants
Quibdó (Chocó)75,104 inhabitants
Aguachica (Cesar)73,360 inhabitants
Yumbo (Valle del Cauca)71,436 inhabitants
Arauca (Arauca)69,264 inhabitants
Sabanalarga (Atlántico)68,535 inhabitants
Chinchiná (Caldas)68,512 inhabitants
Caldas (Antioquia)65,565 inhabitants
Villa del Rosario (Norte de Santander)64,951 inhabitants
Chía (Cundinamarca)64,569 inhabitants
Rionegro (Antioquia)62,291 inhabitants
Calarcá (Quindío)62,170 inhabitants
Yopal (Casanare)61,029 inhabitants
Sahagún (Córdoba)59,188 inhabitants
Fundación (Magdalena)59,175 inhabitants
Los Patios (Norte de Santander)58,661 inhabitants
San Andrés (San Andres y Providencia)58,257 inhabitants
Caucasia (Antioquia)58,034 inhabitants
Santa Rosa de Cabal (Risaralda)57,928 inhabitants
Espinal (Tolima)56,213 inhabitants
Turbaco (Bolívar)56,171 inhabitants
Cereté (Córdoba)55,513 inhabitants
El Banco (Magdalena)54,522 inhabitants
Funza (Cundinamarca)54,421 inhabitants
Pitalito (Huila)53,685 inhabitants
Puerto Tejada (Cauca)53,674 inhabitants
Pamplona (Norte de Santander)53,587 inhabitants
Agustín Codazzi (Cesar)51,478 inhabitants