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Time zone : America/Costa_Rica
  • Country : Costa Rica
  • Capital : San Jose
  • Population : 4,516,220
  • Country code (Iso) : CR / CRI
  • Dialing code : +506 / 00506
  • Currency : Colon

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Costa Rica. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Costa Rica. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Spanish (official), English

Costa Rica : list of states

Main cities in Costa Rica

San José (San José)335,007 inhabitants
Limón (Limón)63,081 inhabitants
San Francisco (Heredia)55,923 inhabitants
Alajuela (Alajuela)47,494 inhabitants
Liberia (Guanacaste)45,380 inhabitants
Paraíso (Cartago)39,702 inhabitants
Puntarenas (Puntarenas)35,650 inhabitants
San Isidro (San José)34,877 inhabitants
Curridabat (San José)34,586 inhabitants
San Vicente de Moravia (San José)34,447 inhabitants
San Vicente (San José)34,447 inhabitants
San José (Alajuela)31,430 inhabitants
Purral (San José)30,034 inhabitants
Turrialba (Cartago)28,955 inhabitants
San Miguel (San José)28,827 inhabitants
San Pedro (San José)27,477 inhabitants
San Rafael Abajo (San José)27,419 inhabitants
Quesada (Alajuela)27,310 inhabitants
Ipís (San José)26,669 inhabitants
Cartago (Cartago)26,594 inhabitants
Chacarita (Puntarenas)26,354 inhabitants
San Juan (San José)26,047 inhabitants
Mercedes (Heredia)26,007 inhabitants
Guadalupe (San José)26,005 inhabitants
Aserrí (San José)25,874 inhabitants
San Rafael (San José)25,410 inhabitants
San Felipe (San José)24,985 inhabitants
Patarrá (San José)23,983 inhabitants
Tejar (San José)22,433 inhabitants
Heredia (Heredia)21,947 inhabitants
San Pablo (Heredia)21,662 inhabitants
Calle Blancos (San José)20,710 inhabitants
Cañas (Guanacaste)20,306 inhabitants
Guápiles (Limón)19,092 inhabitants
Siquirres (Limón)18,231 inhabitants
San Diego (Cartago)16,991 inhabitants
Colima (San José)15,875 inhabitants
Esparza (Puntarenas)15,575 inhabitants
San Juan de Dios (San José)15,469 inhabitants
Nicoya (Guanacaste)15,313 inhabitants
San Rafael Arriba (San José)15,051 inhabitants
Desamparados (Alajuela)14,448 inhabitants
Concepción (Cartago)14,000 inhabitants
Alajuelita (San José)13,845 inhabitants
Sabanilla (San José)13,251 inhabitants
Granadilla (San José)12,683 inhabitants
Santa Cruz (Guanacaste)12,281 inhabitants
San Josecito (Heredia)12,195 inhabitants
Escazú (San José)12,071 inhabitants
Naranjo (Alajuela)11,853 inhabitants
Buenos Aires (Puntarenas)11,680 inhabitants
San Antonio (Heredia)10,938 inhabitants
San Ramón (Alajuela)10,765 inhabitants
Tres Ríos (Cartago)10,430 inhabitants
Daniel Flores (San José)10,028 inhabitants
Río Segundo (Alajuela)9,853 inhabitants
Colón (San José)9,687 inhabitants
San Rafael (Heredia)8,887 inhabitants
Santiago (San José)8,292 inhabitants
Santa Ana (San José)8,029 inhabitants
Quepos (Puntarenas)7,810 inhabitants
San Juan (Alajuela)7,729 inhabitants
Tilarán (Guanacaste)7,301 inhabitants
Corredor (Puntarenas)7,084 inhabitants
Guácimo (Limón)7,022 inhabitants
Atenas (Alajuela)7,014 inhabitants
Cot (Cartago)6,784 inhabitants
Golfito (Puntarenas)6,777 inhabitants
Llorente (Heredia)6,626 inhabitants
Miramar (Puntarenas)6,540 inhabitants
Orotina (Alajuela)6,135 inhabitants
Santo Domingo (Heredia)5,745 inhabitants
Salitrillos (San José)5,738 inhabitants
Mercedes (San José)5,467 inhabitants
Pocora (Limón)5,248 inhabitants
Juntas (Guanacaste)4,737 inhabitants
Batán (Limón)4,584 inhabitants
Canoas (Puntarenas)4,573 inhabitants
La Asunción (Heredia)4,383 inhabitants
Orosí (Cartago)4,350 inhabitants