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Time zone : America/Havana
  • Country : Cuba
  • Capital : Havana
  • Population : 11,423,000
  • Country code (Iso) : CU / CUB
  • Dialing code : +53 / 0053
  • Currency : Peso

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Cuba. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Cuba. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Spanish (official)

Cuba : list of states

Main cities in Cuba

Havana (Havana)2,163,824 inhabitants
Santiago de Cuba (Santiago de Cuba)555,865 inhabitants
Camagüey (Camagüey)347,562 inhabitants
Holguín (Holguín)319,102 inhabitants
Guantánamo (Guantánamo)272,801 inhabitants
Santa Clara (Villa Clara)250,512 inhabitants
Diez de Octubre (Havana)227,293 inhabitants
Arroyo Naranjo (Havana)210,053 inhabitants
Las Tunas (Las Tunas)203,684 inhabitants
Bayamo (Granma)192,632 inhabitants
Boyeros (Havana)188,593 inhabitants
Pinar del Río (Pinar del Río)186,990 inhabitants
Cienfuegos (Cienfuegos)186,644 inhabitants
Habana del Este (Havana)178,041 inhabitants
San Miguel del Padrón (Havana)159,273 inhabitants
Centro Habana (Havana)158,151 inhabitants
Matanzas (Matanzas)146,733 inhabitants
Ciego de Ávila (Ciego de Ávila)142,027 inhabitants
Cerro (Havana)132,351 inhabitants
Manzanillo (Granma)128,188 inhabitants
Sancti Spíritus (Sancti Spíritus)127,069 inhabitants
Guanabacoa (Havana)112,964 inhabitants
Palma Soriano (Santiago de Cuba)102,826 inhabitants
Alamar (Havana)100,000 inhabitants
Cárdenas (Matanzas)98,515 inhabitants
La Habana Vieja (Havana)95,383 inhabitants
Moa (Holguín)92,852 inhabitants
Puerto Padre (Las Tunas)76,838 inhabitants
Contramaestre (Santiago de Cuba)70,438 inhabitants
Güira de Melena (Artemisa)69,879 inhabitants
Consolación del Sur (Pinar del Río)69,857 inhabitants
Güines (Mayabeque)68,935 inhabitants
Artemisa (Artemisa)68,073 inhabitants
San Luis (Santiago de Cuba)67,293 inhabitants
Morón (Ciego de Ávila)66,060 inhabitants
Colón (Matanzas)63,882 inhabitants
Florida (Camagüey)63,007 inhabitants
Sagua la Grande (Villa Clara)62,073 inhabitants
Trinidad (Sancti Spíritus)60,206 inhabitants
San Cristobal (Artemisa)59,579 inhabitants
Placetas (Villa Clara)55,408 inhabitants
San José de las Lajas (Mayabeque)54,847 inhabitants
Jagüey Grande (Matanzas)54,363 inhabitants
Nuevitas (Camagüey)54,022 inhabitants
Banes (Holguín)53,104 inhabitants
Bartolomé Masó (Granma)53,024 inhabitants
Corralillo (Villa Clara)51,881 inhabitants
Jesús Menéndez (Las Tunas)51,002 inhabitants
Jobabo (Las Tunas)49,403 inhabitants
Baracoa (Guantánamo)48,362 inhabitants
Jovellanos (Matanzas)47,164 inhabitants
Bauta (Artemisa)45,768 inhabitants
Santo Domingo (Villa Clara)45,476 inhabitants
Cabaiguán (Sancti Spíritus)44,515 inhabitants
Regla (Havana)44,431 inhabitants
San Germán (Holguín)43,892 inhabitants
Ranchuelo (Villa Clara)43,695 inhabitants
San Antonio de los Baños (Artemisa)42,724 inhabitants
Cacocum (Holguín)42,623 inhabitants
Yaguajay (Sancti Spíritus)42,218 inhabitants
Manicaragua (Villa Clara)41,532 inhabitants
Amancio (Las Tunas)41,523 inhabitants
Jiguaní (Granma)41,106 inhabitants
Cifuentes (Villa Clara)40,142 inhabitants
Guáimaro (Camagüey)39,358 inhabitants
Caibarién (Villa Clara)39,140 inhabitants
Cumanayagua (Cienfuegos)38,687 inhabitants
Condado (Sancti Spíritus)38,248 inhabitants
Camajuaní (Villa Clara)35,515 inhabitants
Santiago de las Vegas (Havana)35,241 inhabitants
Santa Cruz del Sur (Camagüey)34,601 inhabitants
Minas de Matahambre (Pinar del Río)34,419 inhabitants
Remedios (Villa Clara)34,108 inhabitants
Madruga (Mayabeque)33,798 inhabitants
Unión de Reyes (Matanzas)33,646 inhabitants
Vertientes (Camagüey)29,704 inhabitants
Ciro Redondo (Ciego de Ávila)29,560 inhabitants
Mariel (Artemisa)28,987 inhabitants
Yara (Granma)28,944 inhabitants
La Salud (Mayabeque)28,796 inhabitants