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Overview of Cyprus

Time in the Cyprus

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Time zone : Asia/Nicosia
  • Country : Cyprus
  • Capital : Nicosia
  • Population : 1,102,677
  • Country code (Iso) : CY / CYP
  • Dialing code : +357 / 00357
  • Currency : Euro

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Cyprus map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Cyprus. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Cyprus. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Greek (official) 80.9%, Turkish (official) 0.2%, English 4.1%, Romanian 2.9%, Russian 2.5%, Bulgarian 2.2%, Arabic 1.2%, Filippino 1.1%, other 4.3%, unspecified 0.6% (2011 est.)

Cyprus : list of states

Main cities in Cyprus

Nicosia (Nicosia)200,452 inhabitants
Limassol (Limassol)154,000 inhabitants
Larnaca (Larnaka)72,000 inhabitants
Famagusta (Ammochostos)42,526 inhabitants
Paphos (Pafos)35,961 inhabitants
Kyrenia (Keryneia)26,701 inhabitants
Protaras (Ammochostos)20,230 inhabitants
Pérgamos (Larnaka)15,000 inhabitants
Mórfou (Nicosia)14,833 inhabitants
Aradíppou (Larnaka)13,349 inhabitants
Paralímni (Ammochostos)11,836 inhabitants
Léfka (Nicosia)7,835 inhabitants
Géri (Nicosia)7,639 inhabitants
Ýpsonas (Limassol)7,348 inhabitants
Dáli (Nicosia)6,085 inhabitants
Tséri (Nicosia)5,498 inhabitants
Livádia (Larnaka)5,329 inhabitants
Dhromolaxia (Larnaka)5,240 inhabitants
Lápithos (Keryneia)5,215 inhabitants
Rizokárpaso (Ammochostos)5,215 inhabitants
Derýneia (Ammochostos)5,161 inhabitants
Émpa (Pafos)4,519 inhabitants
Tríkomo (Ammochostos)4,490 inhabitants
Athíenou (Larnaka)4,444 inhabitants
Sotíra (Limassol)4,444 inhabitants
Avgórou (Ammochostos)4,177 inhabitants
Liopétri (Ammochostos)4,005 inhabitants
Kolossi (Larnaka)3,846 inhabitants
Páno Polemídia (Limassol)3,781 inhabitants
Chlórakas (Pafos)3,619 inhabitants
Xylotymbou (Larnaka)3,593 inhabitants
Frénaros (Ammochostos)3,450 inhabitants
Voróklini (Larnaka)3,446 inhabitants
Kíti (Larnaka)3,278 inhabitants
Kokkinotrimithiá (Nicosia)3,223 inhabitants
Lefkónoiko (Ammochostos)3,187 inhabitants
Mouttagiáka (Limassol)2,818 inhabitants
Ayia Napa (Ammochostos)2,798 inhabitants
Akáki (Nicosia)2,769 inhabitants
Lythrodóntas (Nicosia)2,736 inhabitants
Astromerítis (Nicosia)2,463 inhabitants
Pégeia (Pafos)2,462 inhabitants
Lýmpia (Nicosia)2,262 inhabitants
Ágios Týchon (Larnaka)2,204 inhabitants
Peristeróna (Nicosia)2,190 inhabitants
Áchna (Ammochostos)2,043 inhabitants
Páno Defterá (Nicosia)1,983 inhabitants
Pólis (Pafos)1,975 inhabitants
Kórnos (Larnaka)1,943 inhabitants
Perivólia (Larnaka)1,876 inhabitants
Acherítou (Ammochostos)1,721 inhabitants
Káto Defterá (Nicosia)1,706 inhabitants
Psimolofou (Nicosia)1,686 inhabitants
Ergátes (Nicosia)1,656 inhabitants
Tála (Pafos)1,655 inhabitants
Klírou (Nicosia)1,623 inhabitants
Leonárisso (Ammochostos)1,593 inhabitants
Kyperoúnta (Limassol)1,560 inhabitants
Erími (Limassol)1,493 inhabitants
Kissónerga (Pafos)1,467 inhabitants
Pýla (Larnaka)1,434 inhabitants
Pyrgos (Limassol)1,407 inhabitants
Parekklisha (Limassol)1,382 inhabitants
Kofínou (Larnaka)1,372 inhabitants
Kakopetriá (Nicosia)1,255 inhabitants
Mesógi (Pafos)1,249 inhabitants
Meneou (Larnaka)1,248 inhabitants
Peléndri (Limassol)1,237 inhabitants
Alámpra (Nicosia)1,192 inhabitants
Káto Pýrgos (Nicosia)1,170 inhabitants
Mosfilotí (Larnaka)1,158 inhabitants
Aredioú (Nicosia)1,129 inhabitants
Mámmari (Nicosia)1,122 inhabitants
Pissoúri (Limassol)1,078 inhabitants
Troúlloi (Larnaka)1,078 inhabitants
Psevdás (Larnaka)1,070 inhabitants
Péra (Nicosia)1,060 inhabitants
Méniko (Nicosia)1,023 inhabitants
Tersefánou (Larnaka)1,018 inhabitants
Páchna (Limassol)1,008 inhabitants