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Overview of Dominican Republic

Time in the Dominican Republic

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Time zone : America/Santo_Domingo
  • Country : Dominican Republic
  • Capital : Santo Domingo
  • Population : 9,823,821
  • Country code (Iso) : DO / DOM
  • Dialing code : +1-809, 1-829, 1-849 / 001-809, 1-829, 1-849
  • Currency : Peso

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Dominican Republic map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Dominican Republic. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Dominican Republic. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Spanish (official)

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Dominican Republic : list of states

Main cities in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo (Nacional)2,201,941 inhabitants
Santiago de los Caballeros (Santiago)1,200,000 inhabitants
Santo Domingo Oeste (Santo Domingo)701,269 inhabitants
Santo Domingo Este (Santo Domingo)700,000 inhabitants
San Pedro de Macorís (San Pedro de Macorís)217,899 inhabitants
La Romana (La Romana)208,437 inhabitants
Bella Vista (Nacional)175,683 inhabitants
San Cristóbal (San Cristóbal)154,040 inhabitants
Puerto Plata (Puerto Plata)146,000 inhabitants
San Francisco de Macorís (Duarte)124,763 inhabitants
Salvaleón de Higüey (La Altagracia)123,787 inhabitants
Concepción de La Vega (La Vega)102,426 inhabitants
Punta Cana (La Altagracia)100,023 inhabitants
Santa Cruz de Barahona (Barahona)77,160 inhabitants
Bonao (Monseñor Nouel)73,269 inhabitants
San Juan de la Maguana (San Juan)72,950 inhabitants
Bajos de Haina (San Cristóbal)66,784 inhabitants
Baní (Peravia)66,709 inhabitants
Moca (Espaillat)61,834 inhabitants
Azua (Azua)59,139 inhabitants
Villa Francisca (Nacional)50,185 inhabitants
Mao (Valverde)48,297 inhabitants
Boca Chica (Santo Domingo)46,300 inhabitants
Salcedo (Hermanas Mirabal)45,299 inhabitants
Esperanza (Valverde)42,169 inhabitants
Cotuí (Sánchez Ramírez)41,641 inhabitants
Villa Altagracia (San Cristóbal)40,027 inhabitants
Hato Mayor del Rey (Hato Mayor)35,999 inhabitants
Nagua (María Trinidad Sánchez)33,862 inhabitants
Villa Bisonó (Santiago)33,137 inhabitants
Jarabacoa (La Vega)29,983 inhabitants
Constanza (La Vega)29,481 inhabitants
Villa Consuelo (Nacional)28,621 inhabitants
Santa Cruz de El Seibo (El Seíbo)23,547 inhabitants
Tamboril (Santiago)23,304 inhabitants
Las Matas de Farfán (San Juan)21,802 inhabitants
San José de Ocoa (San José de Ocoa)21,148 inhabitants
Bayaguana (Monte Plata)21,055 inhabitants
Río Grande (Puerto Plata)20,154 inhabitants
Monte Llano (Puerto Plata)19,029 inhabitants
Ciudad Nueva (Nacional)18,756 inhabitants
Neiba (Baoruco)18,670 inhabitants
Quisqueya (San Pedro de Macorís)17,694 inhabitants
San Fernando de Monte Cristi (Monte Cristi)17,001 inhabitants
Sabana Grande de Boyá (Monte Plata)16,834 inhabitants
Dajabón (Dajabón)16,398 inhabitants
Sabaneta (Santiago Rodríguez)16,380 inhabitants
Monte Plata (Monte Plata)15,532 inhabitants
Cristo Rey (Nacional)14,325 inhabitants
Sabana de La Mar (Hato Mayor)13,977 inhabitants
San Carlos (Nacional)13,456 inhabitants
Duvergé (Independencia)13,405 inhabitants
Cambita Garabitos (San Cristóbal)13,382 inhabitants
La Julia (Nacional)12,575 inhabitants
Cabral (Barahona)12,303 inhabitants
Comendador (Elías Piña)12,070 inhabitants
Salsipuedes (Hermanas Mirabal)11,675 inhabitants
Villa Vásquez (Monte Cristi)11,642 inhabitants
Yamasá (Monte Plata)11,595 inhabitants
San Gregorio de Nigua (San Cristóbal)11,542 inhabitants
Samaná (Samaná)11,432 inhabitants
Sánchez (Samaná)11,365 inhabitants
Pedernales (Pedernales)11,072 inhabitants
Vicente Noble (Barahona)11,060 inhabitants
Sabana Yegua (Azua)10,624 inhabitants
La Agustina (Nacional)10,457 inhabitants
Las Matas de Santa Cruz (Monte Cristi)10,218 inhabitants
Villa González (Santiago)10,177 inhabitants
Fantino (Sánchez Ramírez)10,024 inhabitants
San José de Las Matas (Santiago)9,853 inhabitants
Las Guáranas (Duarte)9,586 inhabitants
Pimentel (Duarte)9,550 inhabitants
Miches (El Seíbo)9,273 inhabitants
Villa Jaragua (Baoruco)9,248 inhabitants
Río San Juan (María Trinidad Sánchez)8,983 inhabitants
Ensanche Luperón (Nacional)8,576 inhabitants
Piedra Blanca (Monseñor Nouel)8,531 inhabitants
Padre Las Casas (Azua)8,485 inhabitants
Imbert (Puerto Plata)8,024 inhabitants
Las Terrenas (Samaná)7,713 inhabitants