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Overview of Estonia

Time in the Estonia

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Time zone : Europe/Tallinn
  • Country : Estonia
  • Capital : Tallinn
  • Population : 1,291,170
  • Country code (Iso) : EE / EST
  • Dialing code : +372 / 00372
  • Currency : Euro

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Estonia map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Estonia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Estonia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Estonian (official) 68.5%, Russian 29.6%, Ukrainian 0.6%, other 1.2%, unspecified 0.1% (2011 est.)

Estonia : list of states

Main cities in Estonia

Tallinn (Harjumaa)394,024 inhabitants
Tartu (Tartu)101,092 inhabitants
Narva (Ida-Virumaa)66,980 inhabitants
Kohtla-Järve (Ida-Virumaa)46,060 inhabitants
Pärnu (Pärnumaa)44,192 inhabitants
Viljandi (Viljandimaa)20,309 inhabitants
Rakvere (Lääne-Virumaa)16,736 inhabitants
Sillamäe (Ida-Virumaa)16,672 inhabitants
Maardu (Harjumaa)16,630 inhabitants
Kuressaare (Saare)14,921 inhabitants
Võru (Võrumaa)14,631 inhabitants
Valga (Valgamaa)13,945 inhabitants
Haapsalu (Lääne)11,805 inhabitants
Jõhvi (Ida-Virumaa)11,469 inhabitants
Paide (Järvamaa)9,735 inhabitants
Keila (Harjumaa)9,411 inhabitants
Kiviõli (Ida-Virumaa)6,953 inhabitants
Tapa (Lääne-Virumaa)6,551 inhabitants
Põlva (Põlvamaa)6,504 inhabitants
Jõgeva (Jõgevamaa)6,396 inhabitants
Türi (Järvamaa)6,138 inhabitants
Elva (Tartu)5,819 inhabitants
Rapla (Raplamaa)5,684 inhabitants
Saue (Harjumaa)5,022 inhabitants
Põltsamaa (Jõgevamaa)4,764 inhabitants
Saku (Harjumaa)4,548 inhabitants
Paldiski (Harjumaa)4,202 inhabitants
Laagri (Harjumaa)4,135 inhabitants
Sindi (Pärnumaa)4,036 inhabitants
Kunda (Lääne-Virumaa)3,996 inhabitants
Kärdla (Hiiumaa)3,763 inhabitants
Rummu (Harjumaa)3,488 inhabitants
Loksa (Harjumaa)3,463 inhabitants
Kohila (Raplamaa)3,355 inhabitants
Kehra (Harjumaa)3,183 inhabitants
Tõrva (Valgamaa)3,112 inhabitants
Märjamaa (Raplamaa)3,063 inhabitants
Räpina (Põlvamaa)2,901 inhabitants
Narva-Jõesuu (Ida-Virumaa)2,802 inhabitants
Tamsalu (Lääne-Virumaa)2,594 inhabitants
Jüri (Harjumaa)2,581 inhabitants
Vändra (Pärnumaa)2,544 inhabitants
Kadrina (Lääne-Virumaa)2,406 inhabitants
Toila (Ida-Virumaa)2,304 inhabitants
Kose (Harjumaa)2,232 inhabitants
Kilingi-Nõmme (Pärnumaa)2,175 inhabitants
Loo (Harjumaa)2,175 inhabitants
Tabasalu (Harjumaa)2,166 inhabitants
Väike-Maarja (Lääne-Virumaa)2,155 inhabitants
Haabneeme (Harjumaa)2,077 inhabitants
Paikuse (Pärnumaa)1,996 inhabitants
Karksi-Nuia (Viljandimaa)1,986 inhabitants
Püssi (Ida-Virumaa)1,840 inhabitants
Aseri (Lääne-Virumaa)1,831 inhabitants
Aruküla (Harjumaa)1,829 inhabitants
Viimsi (Harjumaa)1,740 inhabitants
Mustvee (Jõgevamaa)1,662 inhabitants
Kehtna (Raplamaa)1,579 inhabitants
Võhma (Viljandimaa)1,551 inhabitants
Viimsi (Harjumaa)1,500 inhabitants
Nõo (Tartu)1,476 inhabitants
Järvakandi (Raplamaa)1,471 inhabitants
Vana-Antsla (Võrumaa)1,468 inhabitants
Kiili (Harjumaa)1,461 inhabitants
Lihula (Pärnumaa)1,457 inhabitants
Audru (Pärnumaa)1,430 inhabitants
Abja-Paluoja (Viljandimaa)1,372 inhabitants
Sõmeru (Lääne-Virumaa)1,350 inhabitants
Pärnu-Jaagupi (Pärnumaa)1,341 inhabitants
Viiratsi (Viljandimaa)1,338 inhabitants
Raasiku (Harjumaa)1,317 inhabitants
Koeru (Järvamaa)1,300 inhabitants
Suure-Jaani (Viljandimaa)1,254 inhabitants
Kuusalu (Harjumaa)1,238 inhabitants
Haljala (Lääne-Virumaa)1,233 inhabitants
Kallaste (Tartu)1,171 inhabitants
Turba (Harjumaa)1,096 inhabitants
Mõisaküla (Viljandimaa)1,090 inhabitants
Kohtla-Nõmme (Ida-Virumaa)1,075 inhabitants
Puhja (Tartu)1,072 inhabitants