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Overview of Egypt

Time in the Egypt

Egypt hour
Time zone : Africa/Cairo
  • Country : Egypt
  • Capital : Cairo
  • Population : 80,471,869
  • Country code (Iso) : EG / EGY
  • Dialing code : +20 / 0020
  • Currency : Pound

Egypt map

Egypt map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Egypt. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Egypt. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Arabic (official), English and French widely understood by educated classes

Egypt : list of states

Main cities in Egypt

Cairo (Cairo)7,734,614 inhabitants
Alexandria (Alexandria)3,811,516 inhabitants
Giza (Giza)2,443,203 inhabitants
Port Said (Port Said)538,378 inhabitants
Suez (Suez)488,125 inhabitants
Al Maḩallah al Kubrá (Gharbia)431,052 inhabitants
Luxor (Luxor)422,407 inhabitants
Asyūţ (Asyut)420,585 inhabitants
Al Manşūrah (Dakahlia)420,195 inhabitants
Tanda (Gharbia)404,901 inhabitants
Al Fayyūm (Faiyum)306,393 inhabitants
Zagazig (Sharqia)285,097 inhabitants
Ismailia (Ismailia)284,813 inhabitants
Kafr ad Dawwār (Beheira)267,370 inhabitants
Aswan (Aswan)241,261 inhabitants
Qinā (Qena)235,362 inhabitants
Ḩalwān (Cairo)230,000 inhabitants
Damanhūr (Beheira)227,943 inhabitants
Al Minyā (Minya)227,150 inhabitants
Idkū (Beheira)210,678 inhabitants
Sohag (Sohag)209,419 inhabitants
New Cairo (Cairo)200,000 inhabitants
Banī Suwayf (Beni Suweif)189,624 inhabitants
Shibīn al Kawm (Monufia)186,345 inhabitants
Banhā (Qalyubia)167,029 inhabitants
Ţalkhā (Dakahlia)157,737 inhabitants
Kafr ash Shaykh (Kafr el-Sheikh)143,970 inhabitants
Mallawī (Minya)142,504 inhabitants
Dikirnis (Dakahlia)137,542 inhabitants
Idfū (Aswan)133,000 inhabitants
Bilbays (Sharqia)129,211 inhabitants
Arish (North Sinai)128,855 inhabitants
Jirjā (Sohag)128,250 inhabitants
Al Ḩawāmidīyah (Giza)106,841 inhabitants
Bilqās (Dakahlia)103,596 inhabitants
Disūq (Kafr el-Sheikh)102,037 inhabitants
Abū Kabīr (Sharqia)100,684 inhabitants
Qalyūb (Qalyubia)100,495 inhabitants
Akhmīm (Sohag)99,446 inhabitants
Al Maţarīyah (Dakahlia)99,357 inhabitants
Hurghada (Red Sea)95,622 inhabitants
Zefta (Gharbia)92,667 inhabitants
Ţahţā (Sohag)90,591 inhabitants
Samālūţ (Minya)90,465 inhabitants
Būsh (Beni Suweif)86,608 inhabitants
Ḩawsh ‘Īsá (Beheira)85,352 inhabitants
Munūf (Monufia)83,651 inhabitants
Ashmūn (Monufia)82,507 inhabitants
Manfalūţ (Asyut)78,744 inhabitants
Damietta (Damietta)76,839 inhabitants
Kafr az Zayyāt (Gharbia)73,725 inhabitants
Abū Tīj (Asyut)71,257 inhabitants
Isnā (Qena)69,335 inhabitants
Abnūb (Asyut)68,749 inhabitants
Al Qūşīyah (Asyut)68,394 inhabitants
Al Jammālīyah (Dakahlia)68,381 inhabitants
Dayrūţ (Asyut)67,788 inhabitants
Al Khārijah (New Valley)67,700 inhabitants
Toukh (Qalyubia)67,599 inhabitants
Al Manzalah (Dakahlia)67,486 inhabitants
Rosetta (Beheira)64,481 inhabitants
Awsīm (Giza)63,862 inhabitants
Al Fashn (Beni Suweif)63,793 inhabitants
Fuwwah (Kafr el-Sheikh)63,310 inhabitants
Fāqūs (Sharqia)62,821 inhabitants
Al Khānkah (Qalyubia)62,434 inhabitants
Mersa Matruh (Matruh)62,042 inhabitants
Al Qurayn (Sharqia)61,730 inhabitants
Abū Qurqāş (Minya)61,182 inhabitants
Al Manshāh (Sohag)61,134 inhabitants
Kousa (Qena)60,181 inhabitants
Kawm Umbū (Aswan)59,787 inhabitants
Fāraskūr (Damietta)58,284 inhabitants
Banī Mazār (Minya)58,153 inhabitants
Minyat an Naşr (Dakahlia)56,951 inhabitants
Shibīn al Qanāṭir (Qalyubia)56,872 inhabitants
Al Qanāţir al Khayrīyah (Qalyubia)56,302 inhabitants
Basyūn (Gharbia)55,523 inhabitants
Samannūd (Gharbia)54,980 inhabitants
Shirbīn (Dakahlia)54,676 inhabitants