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Time in the Finland

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Time zone : Europe/Helsinki
  • Country : Finland
  • Capital : Helsinki
  • Population : 5,244,000
  • Country code (Iso) : FI / FIN
  • Dialing code : +358 / 00358
  • Currency : Euro

Finland map

Finland map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Finland. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Finland. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Finnish (official) 94.2%, Swedish (official) 5.5%, other (small Sami- and Russian-speaking minorities) 0.2% (2012 est.)

Finland : list of states

Main cities in Finland

Helsinki (Uusimaa)558,457 inhabitants
Espoo (Uusimaa)256,760 inhabitants
Tampere (Pirkanmaa)202,687 inhabitants
Vantaa (Uusimaa)190,058 inhabitants
Turku (Finland Proper)175,945 inhabitants
Oulu (Northern Ostrobothnia)128,618 inhabitants
Lahti (Päijänne Tavastia)98,826 inhabitants
Kuopio (Northern Savo)89,104 inhabitants
Jyväskylä (Central Finland)85,026 inhabitants
Pori (Satakunta)76,772 inhabitants
Lappeenranta (South Karelia)59,276 inhabitants
Vaasa (Ostrobothnia)57,014 inhabitants
Kotka (Kymenlaakso)54,616 inhabitants
Joensuu (North Karelia)53,388 inhabitants
Hämeenlinna (Tavastia Proper)47,261 inhabitants
Porvoo (Uusimaa)47,192 inhabitants
Mikkeli (Southern Savonia)46,550 inhabitants
Hyvinge (Uusimaa)43,515 inhabitants
Järvenpää (Uusimaa)38,148 inhabitants
Nurmijärvi (Uusimaa)37,073 inhabitants
Rauma (Satakunta)36,550 inhabitants
Mellunkylä (Uusimaa)36,360 inhabitants
Lohja (Uusimaa)35,960 inhabitants
Vuosaari (Uusimaa)35,826 inhabitants
Kokkola (Central Ostrobothnia)35,586 inhabitants
Kajaani (Kainuu)35,375 inhabitants
Rovaniemi (Lapland)34,781 inhabitants
Tuusula (Uusimaa)34,725 inhabitants
Kirkkonummi (Uusimaa)32,920 inhabitants
Seinäjoki (Southern Ostrobothnia)32,149 inhabitants
Kerava (Uusimaa)31,347 inhabitants
Kouvola (Kymenlaakso)31,133 inhabitants
Imatra (South Karelia)29,615 inhabitants
Nokia (Pirkanmaa)28,676 inhabitants
Savonlinna (Southern Savonia)27,353 inhabitants
Kallio (Uusimaa)27,051 inhabitants
Riihimäki (Tavastia Proper)26,451 inhabitants
Kaarela (Uusimaa)26,414 inhabitants
Vihti (Uusimaa)26,280 inhabitants
Salo (Finland Proper)24,900 inhabitants
Kangasala (Pirkanmaa)24,291 inhabitants
Raisio (Finland Proper)23,597 inhabitants
Karhula (Kymenlaakso)22,867 inhabitants
Kemi (Lapland)22,641 inhabitants
Iisalmi (Northern Savo)22,588 inhabitants
Varkaus (Northern Savo)22,365 inhabitants
Raahe (Northern Ostrobothnia)22,217 inhabitants
Ylöjärvi (Pirkanmaa)22,140 inhabitants
Hamina (Kymenlaakso)21,712 inhabitants
Kaarina (Finland Proper)21,684 inhabitants
Tornio (Lapland)21,236 inhabitants
Heinola (Päijänne Tavastia)20,849 inhabitants
Hollola (Päijänne Tavastia)20,405 inhabitants
Valkeakoski (Pirkanmaa)20,376 inhabitants
Siilinjärvi (Northern Savo)20,209 inhabitants
Lauttasaari (Uusimaa)20,000 inhabitants
Sibbo (Uusimaa)19,430 inhabitants
Jakobstad (Ostrobothnia)19,238 inhabitants
Lempäälä (Pirkanmaa)18,096 inhabitants
Mäntsälä (Uusimaa)18,074 inhabitants
Forssa (Tavastia Proper)17,852 inhabitants
Kuusamo (Northern Ostrobothnia)17,400 inhabitants
Munkkiniemi (Uusimaa)17,334 inhabitants
Haukipudas (Northern Ostrobothnia)17,298 inhabitants
Korsholm (Ostrobothnia)17,176 inhabitants
Laukaa (Central Finland)17,093 inhabitants
Anjala (Kymenlaakso)16,779 inhabitants
Uusikaupunki (Finland Proper)16,226 inhabitants
Janakkala (Tavastia Proper)15,698 inhabitants
Pirkkala (Pirkanmaa)15,615 inhabitants
Länsi-Turunmaa (Finland Proper)15,498 inhabitants
Lovisa (Uusimaa)15,466 inhabitants
Jämsä (Central Finland)15,261 inhabitants
Lieto (Finland Proper)15,258 inhabitants
Vammala (Pirkanmaa)14,982 inhabitants
Nastola (Päijänne Tavastia)14,911 inhabitants
Orimattila (Päijänne Tavastia)14,603 inhabitants
Kauhajoki (Southern Ostrobothnia)14,526 inhabitants
Ekenäs (Uusimaa)14,377 inhabitants
Kempele (Northern Ostrobothnia)14,293 inhabitants