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Overview of Gambia

Time in the Gambia

Gambia hour
Time zone : Africa/Banjul
  • Country : Gambia
  • Capital : Banjul
  • Population : 1,593,256
  • Country code (Iso) : GM / GMB
  • Dialing code : +220 / 00220
  • Currency : Dalasi

Gambia map

Gambia map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Gambia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Gambia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : English (official), Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, other indigenous vernaculars

Gambia : list of states

Main cities in Gambia

Serekunda (Banjul)340,000 inhabitants
Brikama (Western)77,700 inhabitants
Bakau (Banjul)43,098 inhabitants
Banjul (Banjul)34,589 inhabitants
Farafenni (North Bank)29,867 inhabitants
Lamin (North Bank)24,797 inhabitants
Sukuta (Western)15,131 inhabitants
Basse Santa Su (Upper River)14,380 inhabitants
Gunjur (Western)14,088 inhabitants
Soma (Lower River)9,869 inhabitants
Sabi (Upper River)7,738 inhabitants
Bansang (Central River)7,615 inhabitants
Abuko (Western)6,572 inhabitants
Essau (North Bank)5,907 inhabitants
Barra (North Bank)5,323 inhabitants
Demba Kunda (Upper River)4,817 inhabitants
Koina (Upper River)3,870 inhabitants
Diabugu (Upper River)3,722 inhabitants
Georgetown (Central River)3,584 inhabitants
Sami (Central River)2,794 inhabitants
Kerewan (North Bank)2,751 inhabitants
Jarreng (Central River)2,705 inhabitants
Sutukoba (Upper River)2,693 inhabitants
Somita (Western)2,541 inhabitants
Kuntaur (Central River)2,534 inhabitants
Nyamanari (Upper River)2,090 inhabitants
Baro Kunda (Lower River)1,991 inhabitants
Bakadagy (Upper River)1,979 inhabitants
Mansa Konko (Lower River)1,978 inhabitants
Saba (North Bank)1,974 inhabitants
Saruja (Central River)1,959 inhabitants
No Kunda (North Bank)1,913 inhabitants
Galleh Manda (Central River)1,872 inhabitants
Sankwia (Lower River)1,831 inhabitants
Kaiaf (Lower River)1,819 inhabitants
Jakhaly (Central River)1,793 inhabitants
Keneba (Lower River)1,775 inhabitants
Kumbija (Upper River)1,760 inhabitants
Toniataba (Lower River)1,755 inhabitants
Karantaba (Central River)1,753 inhabitants
Nioro (Lower River)1,746 inhabitants
Katchang (North Bank)1,741 inhabitants
Denton (Central River)1,712 inhabitants
Dankunku (Central River)1,641 inhabitants
Gunjur Kuta (Upper River)1,566 inhabitants
Sutukung (Lower River)1,506 inhabitants
Sudowol (Upper River)1,502 inhabitants
Wellingara Ba (Lower River)1,476 inhabitants
Bureng (Lower River)1,472 inhabitants
Wassu (Central River)1,380 inhabitants
Karantaba (Lower River)1,372 inhabitants
Sukuta (Central River)1,364 inhabitants
Si Kunda (Lower River)1,344 inhabitants
Gunjur (North Bank)1,327 inhabitants
Sara Kunda (North Bank)1,316 inhabitants
Sun Kunda (Upper River)1,306 inhabitants
Daba Kunda (Upper River)1,302 inhabitants
Brifu (Upper River)1,292 inhabitants
Bambali (North Bank)1,255 inhabitants
Jenoi (Lower River)1,254 inhabitants
Chilla (North Bank)1,249 inhabitants
Kunting (Central River)1,204 inhabitants
Bantanto (Central River)1,201 inhabitants
Diabugu Basilla (Upper River)1,199 inhabitants
Pateh Sam (Central River)1,164 inhabitants
Kass Wollof (Central River)1,109 inhabitants
Brikama Nding (Central River)1,092 inhabitants
Daru Rilwan (North Bank)1,045 inhabitants
Jifarong (Lower River)1,038 inhabitants
Perai (Upper River)1,026 inhabitants
Jali (Lower River)1,024 inhabitants