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Time in the Greece

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Time zone : Europe/Athens
  • Country : Greece
  • Capital : Athens
  • Population : 11,000,000
  • Country code (Iso) : GR / GRC
  • Dialing code : +30 / 0030
  • Currency : Euro

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Greece map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Greece. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Greece. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Greek (official) 99%, other (includes English and French) 1%

Greece : list of states

Main cities in Greece

Athens (Attica)664,046 inhabitants
Thessaloníki (Central Macedonia)354,290 inhabitants
Pátra (West Greece)168,034 inhabitants
Piraeus (Attica)163,688 inhabitants
Lárisa (Thessaly)144,651 inhabitants
Peristéri (Attica)139,981 inhabitants
Irákleion (Crete)137,154 inhabitants
Kallithéa (Attica)100,641 inhabitants
Acharnés (Attica)99,346 inhabitants
Kalamariá (Central Macedonia)91,617 inhabitants
Níkaia (Attica)89,380 inhabitants
Glyfáda (Attica)87,305 inhabitants
Volos (Thessaly)86,048 inhabitants
Ílion (Attica)84,793 inhabitants
Ilioúpoli (Attica)78,153 inhabitants
Keratsíni (Attica)77,077 inhabitants
Khalándrion (Attica)74,192 inhabitants
Néa Smýrni (Attica)73,076 inhabitants
Maroúsi (Attica)72,333 inhabitants
Agios Dimitrios (Attica)71,294 inhabitants
Zográfos (Attica)71,026 inhabitants
Aigáleo (Attica)69,946 inhabitants
Néa Ionía (Attica)67,134 inhabitants
Ioánnina (Epirus)65,574 inhabitants
Palaió Fáliro (Attica)64,021 inhabitants
Korydallós (Attica)63,445 inhabitants
Tríkala (Thessaly)61,653 inhabitants
Výronas (Attica)61,308 inhabitants
Agía Paraskeví (Attica)59,704 inhabitants
Galátsi (Attica)59,345 inhabitants
Chalkída (Central Greece)59,125 inhabitants
Petroúpolis (Attica)58,979 inhabitants
Sérres (Central Macedonia)58,287 inhabitants
Ródos (South Aegean)56,128 inhabitants
Kalamata (Peloponnese)54,100 inhabitants
Kavála (East Macedonia and Thrace)54,027 inhabitants
Chaniá (Crete)53,910 inhabitants
Kateríni (Central Macedonia)53,293 inhabitants
Alexandroupoli (East Macedonia and Thrace)52,979 inhabitants
Lamía (Central Greece)52,006 inhabitants
Irákleio (Attica)49,642 inhabitants
Xánthi (East Macedonia and Thrace)48,221 inhabitants
Kifisiá (Attica)47,332 inhabitants
Agrínio (West Greece)46,899 inhabitants
Chaïdári (Attica)45,642 inhabitants
Komotiní (East Macedonia and Thrace)45,631 inhabitants
Sykiés (Central Macedonia)44,955 inhabitants
Dráma (East Macedonia and Thrace)44,823 inhabitants
Véroia (Central Macedonia)44,464 inhabitants
Álimos (Attica)41,720 inhabitants
Políchni (Central Macedonia)39,765 inhabitants
Kozáni (West Macedonia)36,481 inhabitants
Ágioi Anárgyroi (Attica)34,168 inhabitants
Argyroúpoli (Attica)34,097 inhabitants
Áno Liósia (Attica)33,565 inhabitants
Kardítsa (Thessaly)32,789 inhabitants
Néa Ionía (Thessaly)32,661 inhabitants
Rethymno (Crete)32,468 inhabitants
Cholargós (Attica)30,840 inhabitants
Vrilissia (Attica)30,741 inhabitants
Asprópyrgos (Attica)30,251 inhabitants
Kórinthos (Peloponnese)30,176 inhabitants
Ptolemaḯda (West Macedonia)30,045 inhabitants
Gérakas (Attica)29,939 inhabitants
Metamórfosi (Attica)29,891 inhabitants
Voúla (Attica)28,364 inhabitants
Kamaterón (Attica)28,361 inhabitants
Mytilene (North Aegean)28,322 inhabitants
Giannitsá (Central Macedonia)27,817 inhabitants
Neapoli (Central Macedonia)27,084 inhabitants
Corfu (Ionian Islands)27,003 inhabitants
Trípoli (Peloponnese)26,561 inhabitants
Agía Varvára (Attica)26,550 inhabitants
Kaisarianí (Attica)26,370 inhabitants
Néa Filadélfeia (Attica)25,734 inhabitants
Moskháton (Attica)25,441 inhabitants
Pérama (Attica)25,389 inhabitants
Salamína (Attica)25,370 inhabitants
Elefsína (Attica)24,910 inhabitants
Chios (North Aegean)23,953 inhabitants