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Time in the Guatemala

Guatemala hour
Time zone : America/Guatemala
  • Country : Guatemala
  • Capital : Guatemala City
  • Population : 13,550,440
  • Country code (Iso) : GT / GTM
  • Dialing code : +502 / 00502
  • Currency : Quetzal

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Guatemala. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Guatemala. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Spanish (official) 60%, Amerindian languages 40%

Guatemala : list of states

Main cities in Guatemala

Guatemala City (Guatemala)994,938 inhabitants
Mixco (Guatemala)473,080 inhabitants
Villa Nueva (Guatemala)406,830 inhabitants
Petapa (Guatemala)141,455 inhabitants
San Juan Sacatepéquez (Guatemala)136,886 inhabitants
Quetzaltenango (Quetzaltenango)132,230 inhabitants
Villa Canales (Guatemala)122,194 inhabitants
Escuintla (Escuintla)103,165 inhabitants
Chinautla (Guatemala)97,172 inhabitants
Chimaltenango (Chimaltenango)82,370 inhabitants
Chichicastenango (Quiché)79,759 inhabitants
Huehuetenango (Huehuetenango)79,426 inhabitants
Amatitlán (Guatemala)71,836 inhabitants
Totonicapán (Totonicapán)69,734 inhabitants
Santa Catarina Pinula (Guatemala)67,994 inhabitants
Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa (Escuintla)62,097 inhabitants
Puerto Barrios (Izabal)56,605 inhabitants
San Francisco El Alto (Totonicapán)54,493 inhabitants
Cobán (Alta Verapaz)53,375 inhabitants
San José Pinula (Guatemala)47,247 inhabitants
San Pedro Ayampuc (Guatemala)46,803 inhabitants
Jalapa (Jalapa)45,834 inhabitants
Coatepeque (Quetzaltenango)45,654 inhabitants
Sololá (Sololá)45,373 inhabitants
Mazatenango (Suchitepeque)44,132 inhabitants
Chiquimula (Chiquimula)41,521 inhabitants
San Pedro Sacatepéquez (San Marcos)40,021 inhabitants
Salamá (Baja Verapaz)40,000 inhabitants
Antigua Guatemala (Sacatepéquez)39,368 inhabitants
Retalhuleu (Retalhuleu)36,656 inhabitants
Zacapa (Zacapa)36,088 inhabitants
Jutiapa (Jutiapa)34,332 inhabitants
Jacaltenango (Huehuetenango)34,084 inhabitants
Santiago Atitlán (Sololá)33,309 inhabitants
Momostenango (Totonicapán)31,739 inhabitants
Palín (Escuintla)31,329 inhabitants
San Benito (Petén)30,764 inhabitants
Barberena (Santa Rosa)30,539 inhabitants
Ciudad Vieja (Sacatepéquez)30,203 inhabitants
Ostuncalco (Quetzaltenango)28,894 inhabitants
Fraijanes (Guatemala)28,492 inhabitants
Nahualá (Sololá)27,690 inhabitants
Cantel (Quetzaltenango)26,063 inhabitants
Panzós (Alta Verapaz)25,569 inhabitants
San Marcos (San Marcos)25,088 inhabitants
Santiago Sacatepéquez (Sacatepéquez)24,210 inhabitants
La Gomera (Escuintla)24,001 inhabitants
Santa Cruz del Quiché (Quiché)23,618 inhabitants
Nebaj (Quiché)23,301 inhabitants
Tecpán Guatemala (Chimaltenango)21,978 inhabitants
Sumpango (Sacatepéquez)20,884 inhabitants
Comalapa (Chimaltenango)20,738 inhabitants
Esquipulas (Chiquimula)20,674 inhabitants
Flores (Petén)20,464 inhabitants
Chicacao (Suchitepeque)20,426 inhabitants
San Pablo Jocopilas (Suchitepeque)20,259 inhabitants
Comitancillo (San Marcos)19,669 inhabitants
San Cristóbal Verapaz (Alta Verapaz)19,664 inhabitants
Gualán (Zacapa)19,354 inhabitants
Nuevo San Carlos (Retalhuleu)19,162 inhabitants
Colomba (Quetzaltenango)19,115 inhabitants
Morales (Izabal)18,994 inhabitants
Patzún (Chimaltenango)18,704 inhabitants
Puerto San José (Escuintla)18,655 inhabitants
San Andrés Itzapa (Chimaltenango)18,647 inhabitants
Palencia (Guatemala)18,574 inhabitants
Tiquisate (Escuintla)18,189 inhabitants
San Lucas Sacatepéquez (Sacatepéquez)17,959 inhabitants
Jocotenango (Sacatepéquez)17,918 inhabitants
Alotenango (Sacatepéquez)17,410 inhabitants
Poptún (Petén)17,320 inhabitants
Chisec (Alta Verapaz)17,018 inhabitants
Patzicía (Chimaltenango)16,494 inhabitants
Cuilapa (Santa Rosa)16,484 inhabitants
La Esperanza (Quetzaltenango)16,461 inhabitants
Sanarate (El Progreso)15,843 inhabitants
El Estor (Izabal)15,842 inhabitants
El Tejar (Chimaltenango)15,770 inhabitants
Asunción Mita (Jutiapa)15,608 inhabitants
Santa María de Jesús (Sacatepéquez)15,529 inhabitants