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Time in the Croatia

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Time zone : Europe/Zagreb
  • Country : Croatia
  • Capital : Zagreb
  • Population : 4,284,889
  • Country code (Iso) : HR / HRV
  • Dialing code : +385 / 00385
  • Currency : Kuna

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Croatia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Croatia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Croatian (official) 95.6%, Serbian 1.2%, other 3% (including Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and Albanian), unspecified 0.2% (2011 est.)

Croatia : list of states

Main cities in Croatia

Zagreb (City of Zagreb)698,966 inhabitants
Split (Split-Dalmatia)176,314 inhabitants
Rijeka (Primorsko-Goranska)141,172 inhabitants
Osijek (Osječko-Baranjska)88,140 inhabitants
Zadar (Zadarska)71,258 inhabitants
Slavonski Brod (Slavonski Brod-Posavina)60,742 inhabitants
Pula (Istria)59,078 inhabitants
Sesvete (City of Zagreb)52,411 inhabitants
Karlovac (Karlovačka)46,833 inhabitants
Varaždin (Varaždinska)41,808 inhabitants
Stenjevec (City of Zagreb)41,257 inhabitants
Šibenik (Šibensko-Kniniska)37,112 inhabitants
Centar (City of Zagreb)37,000 inhabitants
Sisak (Sisačko-Moslavačka)35,748 inhabitants
Velika Gorica (Zagrebačka)35,072 inhabitants
Vinkovci (Vukovar-Sirmium)33,314 inhabitants
Vukovar (Vukovar-Sirmium)29,584 inhabitants
Dubrovnik (Dubrovačko-Neretvanska)28,428 inhabitants
Bjelovar (Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska)28,275 inhabitants
Koprivnica (Koprivničko-Križevačka)25,579 inhabitants
Požega (Požeško-Slavonska)21,153 inhabitants
Solin (Split-Dalmatia)20,212 inhabitants
Zaprešić (Zagrebačka)19,664 inhabitants
Đakovo (Osječko-Baranjska)19,491 inhabitants
Čakovec (Međimurska)15,867 inhabitants
Virovitica (Virovitičk-Podravska)15,665 inhabitants
Samobor (Zagrebačka)15,221 inhabitants
Kutina (Sisačko-Moslavačka)14,886 inhabitants
Metković (Dubrovačko-Neretvanska)13,941 inhabitants
Petrinja (Sisačko-Moslavačka)13,868 inhabitants
Županja (Vukovar-Sirmium)13,842 inhabitants
Rovinj (Istria)13,533 inhabitants
Makarska (Split-Dalmatia)13,446 inhabitants
Nova Gradiška (Slavonski Brod-Posavina)13,329 inhabitants
Križevci (Koprivničko-Križevačka)11,597 inhabitants
Sinj (Split-Dalmatia)11,524 inhabitants
Knin (Šibensko-Kniniska)11,182 inhabitants
Slatina (Virovitičk-Podravska)10,973 inhabitants
Trogir (Split-Dalmatia)10,960 inhabitants
Brezovica (City of Zagreb)10,884 inhabitants
Poreč (Istria)10,499 inhabitants
Daruvar (Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska)9,863 inhabitants
Čepin (Osječko-Baranjska)9,548 inhabitants
Podstrana (Split-Dalmatia)9,129 inhabitants
Ogulin (Karlovačka)8,755 inhabitants
Beli Manastir (Osječko-Baranjska)8,713 inhabitants
Našice (Osječko-Baranjska)8,213 inhabitants
Labin (Istria)7,943 inhabitants
Valpovo (Osječko-Baranjska)7,943 inhabitants
Opatija (Primorsko-Goranska)7,888 inhabitants
Umag (Istria)7,807 inhabitants
Drenova (Primorsko-Goranska)7,638 inhabitants
Tenja (Osječko-Baranjska)7,376 inhabitants
Novska (Sisačko-Moslavačka)7,306 inhabitants
Belišće (Osječko-Baranjska)7,232 inhabitants
Crikvenica (Primorsko-Goranska)7,156 inhabitants
Kaštel Stari (Split-Dalmatia)7,052 inhabitants
Ivankovo (Vukovar-Sirmium)6,728 inhabitants
Višnjevac (Osječko-Baranjska)6,680 inhabitants
Omiš (Split-Dalmatia)6,597 inhabitants
Kaštel Novi (Split-Dalmatia)6,411 inhabitants
Đurđevac (Koprivničko-Križevačka)6,349 inhabitants
Mursko Središće (Međimurska)6,307 inhabitants
Vodice (Šibensko-Kniniska)6,146 inhabitants
Gospić (Ličko-Senjska)6,118 inhabitants
Buzet (Istria)6,059 inhabitants
Ilok (Vukovar-Sirmium)5,926 inhabitants
Otok (Vukovar-Sirmium)5,887 inhabitants
Pitomača (Virovitičk-Podravska)5,740 inhabitants
Senj (Ličko-Senjska)5,518 inhabitants
Ivanec (Varaždinska)5,461 inhabitants
Jastrebarsko (Zagrebačka)5,445 inhabitants
Kaštel Lukšić (Split-Dalmatia)5,425 inhabitants
Darda (Osječko-Baranjska)5,420 inhabitants
Biograd na Moru (Zadarska)5,285 inhabitants
Novi Vinodolski (Primorsko-Goranska)5,282 inhabitants
Gunja (Vukovar-Sirmium)5,058 inhabitants
Borovo (Vukovar-Sirmium)5,056 inhabitants
Kaštel Kambelovac (Split-Dalmatia)5,027 inhabitants
Pazin (Istria)5,010 inhabitants