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Overview of Haiti

Time in the Haiti

Haiti hour
Time zone : America/Port-au-Prince
  • Country : Haiti
  • Capital : Port-au-Prince
  • Population : 9,648,924
  • Country code (Iso) : HT / HTI
  • Dialing code : +509 / 00509
  • Currency : Gourde

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Haiti map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Haiti. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Haiti. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : French (official), Creole (official)

Haiti : list of states

Main cities in Haiti

Port-au-Prince (Ouest)1,234,742 inhabitants
Carrefour (Ouest)442,156 inhabitants
Delmas 73 (Ouest)382,920 inhabitants
Pétionville (Ouest)283,052 inhabitants
Port-de-Paix (Nord-Ouest)250,000 inhabitants
Croix-des-Bouquets (Ouest)229,127 inhabitants
Jacmel (Sud-Est)137,966 inhabitants
Okap (Nord)134,815 inhabitants
Léogâne (Ouest)134,190 inhabitants
Les Cayes (Sud)125,799 inhabitants
Tigwav (Ouest)117,504 inhabitants
Jérémie (GrandʼAnse)97,503 inhabitants
Miragoâne (Nippes)89,202 inhabitants
Gonayiv (Artibonite)84,961 inhabitants
Saint-Marc (Artibonite)66,226 inhabitants
Thomazeau (Ouest)52,017 inhabitants
Grangwav (Ouest)49,288 inhabitants
Verrettes (Artibonite)48,724 inhabitants
Kenscoff (Ouest)42,175 inhabitants
Saint-Raphaël (Nord)37,739 inhabitants
Ti Port-de-Paix (Nord-Ouest)34,657 inhabitants
Lenbe (Nord)32,645 inhabitants
Gressier (Ouest)25,947 inhabitants
Hinche (Centre)18,590 inhabitants
Fond Parisien (Ouest)18,256 inhabitants
Désarmes (Artibonite)15,594 inhabitants
Dessalines (Artibonite)12,288 inhabitants
Saint-Louis du Nord (Nord-Ouest)11,849 inhabitants
Fort Liberté (Nord-Est)11,465 inhabitants
Trou du Nord (Nord-Est)10,569 inhabitants
Ouanaminthe (Nord-Est)10,118 inhabitants
Mirebalais (Centre)9,082 inhabitants
Grande Rivière du Nord (Nord)8,836 inhabitants
Les Anglais (Sud)8,247 inhabitants
Lascahobas (Centre)7,574 inhabitants
Cornillon (Ouest)7,572 inhabitants
Gros Morne (Artibonite)7,294 inhabitants
Anse à Galets (Ouest)7,178 inhabitants
Pignon (Nord)6,731 inhabitants
Dame-Marie (GrandʼAnse)6,036 inhabitants
Milot (Nord)5,534 inhabitants
Jean-Rabel (Nord-Ouest)5,419 inhabitants
Aquin (Sud)5,246 inhabitants
Mayisad (Centre)5,204 inhabitants
Dondon (Nord)5,029 inhabitants
Thomassique (Centre)4,857 inhabitants
Anse Rouge (Artibonite)4,437 inhabitants
Borgne (Nord)4,288 inhabitants
Pilate (Nord)4,227 inhabitants
Plaisance (Nord)4,152 inhabitants
Arcahaie (Nord-Ouest)4,119 inhabitants
Cabaret (Ouest)3,951 inhabitants
Chardonnière (Sud)3,930 inhabitants
Port-à-Piment (Sud)3,819 inhabitants
Limonade (Nord)3,810 inhabitants
Ferrier (Nord-Est)3,804 inhabitants
Thomonde (Centre)3,696 inhabitants
Acul du Nord (Nord)3,454 inhabitants
Môle Saint-Nicolas (Nord-Ouest)3,224 inhabitants
Port-Margot (Nord)3,070 inhabitants
Tiburon (Sud)3,054 inhabitants
Cerca la Source (Centre)2,792 inhabitants
Fonds Verrettes (Ouest)2,789 inhabitants
Corail (GrandʼAnse)2,782 inhabitants
Fond des Blancs (Sud)2,653 inhabitants
Belle-Anse (Sud-Est)2,611 inhabitants
Plaine du Nord (Nord)2,492 inhabitants
Thiotte (Sud-Est)2,461 inhabitants
Kotdefè (Sud-Est)2,393 inhabitants
Phaëton (Nord-Est)2,297 inhabitants
Les Irois (GrandʼAnse)2,265 inhabitants
Marmelade (Artibonite)2,184 inhabitants
Petit Trou de Nippes (Nippes)2,130 inhabitants
Carice (Nord-Est)2,104 inhabitants
Montòrganize (Nord-Est)2,104 inhabitants
Koto (Sud)2,065 inhabitants
Bombardopolis (Nord-Ouest)1,974 inhabitants
Torbeck (Sud)1,918 inhabitants
Perches (Nord-Est)1,889 inhabitants
Dérac (Nord-Est)1,855 inhabitants