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Overview of Iraq

Time in the Iraq

Iraq hour
Time zone : Asia/Baghdad
  • Country : Iraq
  • Capital : Baghdad
  • Population : 29,671,605
  • Country code (Iso) : IQ / IRQ
  • Dialing code : +964 / 00964
  • Currency : Dinar

Iraq map

Iraq map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Iraq. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Iraq. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Arabic (official), Kurdish (official), Turkmen (a Turkish dialect) and Assyrian (Neo-Aramaic) are official in areas where they constitute a majority of the population), Armenian

Iraq : list of states

Main cities in Iraq

Baghdad (Baghdad)7,216,000 inhabitants
Basrah (Basra)2,600,000 inhabitants
Al Mawşil al Jadīdah (Nineveh)2,065,597 inhabitants
Al Başrah al Qadīmah (Basra)2,015,483 inhabitants
Mosul (Nineveh)1,739,800 inhabitants
Erbil (Arbīl)932,800 inhabitants
Abū Ghurayb (Baghdad)900,000 inhabitants
As Sulaymānīyah (As Sulaymānīyah)723,170 inhabitants
Kirkuk (Kirkuk)601,433 inhabitants
Najaf (An Najaf)482,576 inhabitants
Karbala (Karbalāʼ)434,450 inhabitants
Nasiriyah (Dhi Qar)400,249 inhabitants
Al ‘Amārah (Maysan)323,302 inhabitants
Ad Dīwānīyah (Al Qādisīyah)318,801 inhabitants
Al Kūt (Wāsiţ)315,162 inhabitants
Al Ḩillah (Bābil)289,709 inhabitants
Dihok (Dahūk)284,000 inhabitants
Ramadi (Anbar)274,539 inhabitants
Al Fallūjah (Anbar)190,159 inhabitants
Sāmarrā’ (Salah ad Din)158,508 inhabitants
As Samawah (Al Muthanná)152,890 inhabitants
Baqubah (Diyālá)152,550 inhabitants
Sīnah (Dahūk)128,776 inhabitants
Az Zubayr (Basra)122,676 inhabitants
Kufa (An Najaf)110,000 inhabitants
Umm Qaşr (Basra)107,620 inhabitants
Al Fāw (Basra)104,569 inhabitants
Zaxo (Dahūk)95,052 inhabitants
Al Hārithah (Basra)92,395 inhabitants
Ash Shaţrah (Dhi Qar)82,732 inhabitants
Al Ḩayy (Wāsiţ)78,272 inhabitants
Jamjamāl (As Sulaymānīyah)75,634 inhabitants
Khāliş (Diyālá)70,046 inhabitants
Tozkhurmato (Salah ad Din)59,886 inhabitants
Ash Shāmīyah (Al Qādisīyah)57,661 inhabitants
Al Hindīyah (Karbalāʼ)57,490 inhabitants
Ḩalabjah (As Sulaymānīyah)57,333 inhabitants
Al Miqdādīyah (Diyālá)50,698 inhabitants
Al-Hamdaniya (Nineveh)50,000 inhabitants
Ar Rumaythah (Al Muthanná)47,248 inhabitants
Koysinceq (Arbīl)44,987 inhabitants
Al ‘Azīzīyah (Wāsiţ)44,751 inhabitants
Al Musayyib (Bābil)42,901 inhabitants
Tikrīt (Salah ad Din)42,477 inhabitants
Aş Şuwayrah (Wāsiţ)42,354 inhabitants
Balad (Salah ad Din)42,088 inhabitants
Sinjār (Nineveh)38,294 inhabitants
Imam Qasim (Bābil)36,992 inhabitants
Bayjī (Salah ad Din)36,454 inhabitants
Hīt (Anbar)31,901 inhabitants
Ḩadīthah (Anbar)30,925 inhabitants
Nahiyat Ghammas (Al Qādisīyah)30,909 inhabitants
Nāḩīyat Saddat al Hindīyah (Bābil)30,622 inhabitants
Kifrī (Diyālá)30,143 inhabitants
Mandalī (Diyālá)29,785 inhabitants
Baynjiwayn (As Sulaymānīyah)27,116 inhabitants
‘Anah (Anbar)27,000 inhabitants
Ad Dujayl (Salah ad Din)26,362 inhabitants
Tallkayf (Nineveh)23,524 inhabitants
Al Mishkhāb (An Najaf)23,189 inhabitants
‘Aqrah (Nineveh)23,000 inhabitants
Ruwāndiz (Arbīl)22,943 inhabitants
Nāḩiyat ash Shināfīyah (Al Qādisīyah)22,643 inhabitants
Ar Ruţbah (Anbar)22,370 inhabitants
‘Afak (Al Qādisīyah)21,888 inhabitants
Nāḩiyat al Fuhūd (Dhi Qar)21,551 inhabitants
‘Anat al Qadīmah (Anbar)19,719 inhabitants
‘Alī al Gharbī (Maysan)19,711 inhabitants
Rāwah (Anbar)13,000 inhabitants
Ḩalabjah al Jadīdah (As Sulaymānīyah)0 inhabitants
Zaxu (Dahūk)0 inhabitants
Hayraw (As Sulaymānīyah)0 inhabitants
Nāḩiyat Alī ash Sharqī (Maysan)0 inhabitants
Nāḩiyat ‘Atbah (Basra)0 inhabitants
Nāḩiyat Baḩār (Basra)0 inhabitants
Nāḩiyat Hīrān (Arbīl)0 inhabitants
Ibrāhīm al Khalīl (Dahūk)0 inhabitants
Halshaw (As Sulaymānīyah)0 inhabitants
Choman (Arbīl)0 inhabitants
Kasnazān (Arbīl)0 inhabitants