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Overview of Jamaica

Time in the Jamaica

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Time zone : America/Jamaica
  • Country : Jamaica
  • Capital : Kingston
  • Population : 2,847,232
  • Country code (Iso) : JM / JAM
  • Dialing code : +1-876 / 001-876
  • Currency : Dollar

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Jamaica map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Jamaica. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Jamaica. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : English, English patois

Jamaica : list of states

Main cities in Jamaica

Kingston (Kingston)937,700 inhabitants
New Kingston (St. Andrew)583,958 inhabitants
Spanish Town (Saint Catherine)145,018 inhabitants
Portmore (Saint Catherine)102,861 inhabitants
Montego Bay (St. James)82,867 inhabitants
Mandeville (Manchester)47,115 inhabitants
May Pen (Clarendon)44,755 inhabitants
Old Harbour (Saint Catherine)26,024 inhabitants
Linstead (Saint Catherine)20,660 inhabitants
Half Way Tree (St. Andrew)18,552 inhabitants
Savanna-la-Mar (Westmoreland)16,553 inhabitants
Port Antonio (Portland)14,400 inhabitants
Saint Ann’s Bay (St Ann)13,671 inhabitants
Bog Walk (Saint Catherine)12,873 inhabitants
Constant Spring (St. Andrew)12,830 inhabitants
Ewarton (Saint Catherine)12,797 inhabitants
Hayes (Clarendon)9,701 inhabitants
Ocho Rios (St Ann)9,450 inhabitants
Morant Bay (St. Thomas)9,368 inhabitants
Stony Hill (St. Andrew)8,551 inhabitants
Santa Cruz (St. Elizabeth)8,217 inhabitants
Old Harbour Bay (Saint Catherine)7,912 inhabitants
Port Maria (St. Mary)7,906 inhabitants
Falmouth (Trelawny)7,779 inhabitants
Yallahs (St. Thomas)7,644 inhabitants
Bull Savanna (St. Elizabeth)6,962 inhabitants
Runaway Bay (St Ann)6,517 inhabitants
Lucea (Hanover)6,289 inhabitants
Porus (Manchester)5,923 inhabitants
Annotto Bay (St. Mary)5,504 inhabitants
Lionel Town (Clarendon)5,362 inhabitants
Point Hill (Saint Catherine)5,344 inhabitants
Seaforth (St. Thomas)4,550 inhabitants
Sandy Bay (Hanover)4,520 inhabitants
Chapelton (Clarendon)4,514 inhabitants
Bamboo (St Ann)4,264 inhabitants
Black River (St. Elizabeth)4,229 inhabitants
Anchovy (St. James)4,161 inhabitants
Oracabessa (St. Mary)4,100 inhabitants
Riversdale (Saint Catherine)4,085 inhabitants
Cambridge (St. James)3,930 inhabitants
Coleyville (Manchester)3,860 inhabitants
Albert Town (Trelawny)3,449 inhabitants
Port Royal (Kingston)3,327 inhabitants
Moneague (St Ann)3,319 inhabitants
Gayle (St. Mary)3,305 inhabitants
Malvern (St. Elizabeth)3,291 inhabitants
Williamsfield (Manchester)3,255 inhabitants
Lacovia (St. Elizabeth)3,187 inhabitants
Lluidas Vale (Saint Catherine)3,163 inhabitants
Rocky Point (Clarendon)3,152 inhabitants
Maroon Town (St. James)3,085 inhabitants
Golden Grove (St. Thomas)3,058 inhabitants
Bethel Town (Westmoreland)3,053 inhabitants
Dalvey (St. Thomas)3,037 inhabitants
Negril (Westmoreland)3,000 inhabitants
Race Course (Clarendon)2,974 inhabitants
Islington (St. Mary)2,958 inhabitants
Trinity Ville (St. Thomas)2,895 inhabitants
Mona Heights (St. Andrew)2,887 inhabitants
Balaclava (St. Elizabeth)2,862 inhabitants
Bluefields (Westmoreland)2,828 inhabitants
Wakefield (Trelawny)2,763 inhabitants
Buff Bay (Portland)2,757 inhabitants
Siloah (St. Elizabeth)2,725 inhabitants
Southfield (St. Elizabeth)2,695 inhabitants
Easington (St. Thomas)2,634 inhabitants
Kellits (Clarendon)2,631 inhabitants
Discovery Bay (St Ann)2,535 inhabitants
Nain (St. Elizabeth)2,394 inhabitants
Bath (St. Thomas)2,382 inhabitants
Limit (Clarendon)2,321 inhabitants
Manchioneal (Portland)2,321 inhabitants
Petersfield (Westmoreland)2,255 inhabitants
Richmond (St. Mary)2,046 inhabitants
Alexandria (St Ann)1,927 inhabitants
Duncans (Trelawny)1,876 inhabitants
Mavis Bank (St. Andrew)1,821 inhabitants
Alligator Pond (St. Elizabeth)1,793 inhabitants
Hope Bay (Portland)1,666 inhabitants