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Overview of Jordan

Time in the Jordan

Jordan hour
Time zone : Asia/Amman
  • Country : Jordan
  • Capital : Amman
  • Population : 6,407,085
  • Country code (Iso) : JO / JOR
  • Dialing code : +962 / 00962
  • Currency : Dinar

Jordan map

Jordan map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Jordan. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Jordan. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Arabic (official), English (widely understood among upper and middle classes)

Jordan : list of states

Main cities in Jordan

Amman (Amman)1,275,857 inhabitants
Zarqa (Zarqa)792,665 inhabitants
Irbid (Irbid)307,480 inhabitants
Russeifa (Zarqa)268,237 inhabitants
Wādī as Sīr (Amman)181,212 inhabitants
‘Ajlūn (Ajlun)125,557 inhabitants
Aqaba (Aqaba)95,048 inhabitants
Rukban (Mafraq)85,000 inhabitants
Mādabā (Madaba)82,335 inhabitants
As Salţ (Balqa)80,189 inhabitants
Ar Ramthā (Irbid)74,901 inhabitants
Mafraq (Mafraq)57,118 inhabitants
Ma'an (Ma’an)50,350 inhabitants
Al Jubayhah (Amman)46,834 inhabitants
Saḩāb (Amman)40,241 inhabitants
Ḩayy al Quwaysimah (Amman)32,396 inhabitants
Jarash (Jerash)27,046 inhabitants
Aţ Ţafīlah (Tafielah)25,429 inhabitants
‘Izrā (Karak)22,756 inhabitants
Qīr Moāv (Ma’an)22,581 inhabitants
Karak City (Karak)21,678 inhabitants
Judita (Irbid)20,000 inhabitants
Aydūn (Irbid)18,376 inhabitants
Umm as Summāq (Amman)18,274 inhabitants
Kurayyimah (Irbid)17,837 inhabitants
‘Anjarah (Ajlun)17,634 inhabitants
Safi (Karak)15,200 inhabitants
Al Azraq ash Shamālī (Zarqa)14,800 inhabitants
Aţ Ţurrah (Irbid)14,619 inhabitants
Petra (Ma’an)14,000 inhabitants
Sūf (Jerash)12,942 inhabitants
Aţ Ţayyibah (Irbid)12,615 inhabitants
Sakib (Jerash)11,586 inhabitants
Ash Shajarah (Irbid)11,243 inhabitants
Jāwā (Amman)10,628 inhabitants
Şakhrah (Ajlun)10,616 inhabitants
Rehab (Mafraq)10,000 inhabitants
‘Ayn Jannah (Ajlun)9,586 inhabitants
Al Karāmah (Balqa)9,384 inhabitants
Al Mazār al Janūbī (Karak)9,383 inhabitants
Şammā (Irbid)8,926 inhabitants
Kafr Asad (Irbid)8,203 inhabitants
Bayt Yāfā (Irbid)7,788 inhabitants
Al Quwayrah (Ma’an)7,372 inhabitants
‘Ayy (Karak)7,340 inhabitants
Buşayrā (Tafielah)7,154 inhabitants
Kafr Sawm (Irbid)7,152 inhabitants
Ḩakamā (Irbid)7,075 inhabitants
Sāl (Irbid)6,896 inhabitants
Malkā (Irbid)6,856 inhabitants
Kafr Abīl (Irbid)6,333 inhabitants
Dayr Yūsuf (Irbid)6,223 inhabitants
Al Ḩamrā’ (Mafraq)6,211 inhabitants
Saḩam al Kaffārāt (Irbid)6,203 inhabitants
Raymūn (Jerash)6,082 inhabitants
Waqqāş (Irbid)5,678 inhabitants
Al Kittah (Jerash)5,626 inhabitants
Ḩayy al Bunayyāt (Amman)5,579 inhabitants
Ḩātim (Irbid)5,542 inhabitants
Kharjā (Irbid)5,498 inhabitants
Ḩalāwah (Ajlun)5,376 inhabitants
Şabḩā (Mafraq)5,315 inhabitants
Kitim (Irbid)5,292 inhabitants
Al Khinzīrah (Karak)5,231 inhabitants
Tibnah (Irbid)5,229 inhabitants
Balīlā (Jerash)5,206 inhabitants
Qumaym (Irbid)5,111 inhabitants
Yarqā (Balqa)4,786 inhabitants
Burmā (Jerash)4,735 inhabitants
Bayt Īdis (Irbid)4,723 inhabitants
Adir (Karak)4,441 inhabitants
Qafqafā (Jerash)4,402 inhabitants
Al Jīzah (Amman)4,397 inhabitants
Umm Qays (Irbid)4,294 inhabitants
Aţ Ţayyibah (Ma’an)4,265 inhabitants
Ar Rabbah (Karak)4,229 inhabitants
Umm al Qiţţayn (Mafraq)4,225 inhabitants
Zaḩar (Irbid)4,150 inhabitants
Al Qaşr (Karak)3,840 inhabitants
Al Jafr (Ma’an)3,557 inhabitants