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Overview of Kyrgyzstan

Time in the Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan hour
Time zone : Asia/Bishkek
  • Country : Kyrgyzstan
  • Capital : Bishkek
  • Population : 5,776,500
  • Country code (Iso) : KG / KGZ
  • Dialing code : +996 / 00996
  • Currency : Som

Kyrgyzstan map

Kyrgyzstan map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Kyrgyzstan. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Kyrgyzstan. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Kyrgyz (official) 64.7%, Uzbek 13.6%, Russian (official) 12.5%, Dungun 1%, other 8.2% (1999 census)

Kyrgyzstan : list of states

Main cities in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek (Bishkek)900,000 inhabitants
Osh (Osh)200,000 inhabitants
Jalal-Abad (Jalal-Abad)75,700 inhabitants
Karakol (Issyk-Kul)70,171 inhabitants
Tokmok (Chüy)63,047 inhabitants
Kara-Balta (Chüy)62,796 inhabitants
Naryn (Naryn)52,300 inhabitants
Uzgen (Osh)40,360 inhabitants
Balykchy (Issyk-Kul)40,000 inhabitants
Talas (Talas)35,172 inhabitants
Kyzyl-Kyya (Batken)32,000 inhabitants
Bazar-Korgon (Jalal-Abad)27,704 inhabitants
Iradan (Batken)26,200 inhabitants
Tash-Kumyr (Jalal-Abad)23,594 inhabitants
Kant (Chüy)20,181 inhabitants
Toktogul (Jalal-Abad)19,336 inhabitants
Cholpon-Ata (Issyk-Kul)18,595 inhabitants
Kara Suu (Osh)17,800 inhabitants
Isfana (Batken)16,952 inhabitants
Kyzyl-Suu (Issyk-Kul)16,927 inhabitants
At-Bashi (Naryn)15,226 inhabitants
Suluktu (Batken)15,019 inhabitants
Kochkor-Ata (Jalal-Abad)14,814 inhabitants
Nookat (Osh)14,371 inhabitants
Kerben (Jalal-Abad)14,141 inhabitants
Tyup (Issyk-Kul)13,437 inhabitants
Aydarken (Batken)11,857 inhabitants
Ak-Suu (Issyk-Kul)10,823 inhabitants
Kaindy (Chüy)10,616 inhabitants
Kemin (Chüy)10,295 inhabitants
Batken (Batken)10,155 inhabitants
Sosnovka (Chüy)5,885 inhabitants
Daroot-Korgon (Osh)4,700 inhabitants
Kadzhi-Say (Issyk-Kul)4,000 inhabitants
Karavan (Batken)1,100 inhabitants
Kyzyl-Eshme (Osh)1,100 inhabitants
Ak-Say (Batken)0 inhabitants
Ormosh (Batken)0 inhabitants
Ak-Tatyr (Batken)0 inhabitants
Toguz-Bulak (Batken)0 inhabitants
Ak-Suu (Batken)0 inhabitants
Kulundu (Batken)0 inhabitants
Markaz (Batken)0 inhabitants
Boz-Adyr (Batken)0 inhabitants
Kyzyl-Bulak (Batken)0 inhabitants
Kyrgyz-Kyshtak (Batken)0 inhabitants
Samarkandyk (Batken)0 inhabitants
Kara-Bak (Batken)0 inhabitants
Chek (Batken)0 inhabitants
Kara-Kulja (Osh)0 inhabitants
Kara-Dëbë (Batken)0 inhabitants
Üch-Terek (Jalal-Abad)0 inhabitants
Pulgon (Batken)0 inhabitants
Beshkent (Batken)0 inhabitants
Ala-Buka (Jalal-Abad)0 inhabitants
Alga (Batken)0 inhabitants
Aravan (Osh)0 inhabitants
Baetovo (Naryn)0 inhabitants
Belovodskoye (Chüy)0 inhabitants
Bokombayevskoye (Issyk-Kul)0 inhabitants
Chayek (Naryn)0 inhabitants
Gul’cha (Osh)0 inhabitants
Ivanovo-Alekseyevka (Talas)0 inhabitants
Ivanovka (Chüy)0 inhabitants
Kanysh-Kyya (Jalal-Abad)0 inhabitants
Kara-Dzhygach (Batken)0 inhabitants
Kazarman (Jalal-Abad)0 inhabitants
Khalmion (Batken)0 inhabitants
Kyzyl-Adyr (Talas)0 inhabitants
Kochkor (Naryn)0 inhabitants
Lebedinovka (Chüy)0 inhabitants
Massy (Jalal-Abad)0 inhabitants
Bakai-Ata (Talas)0 inhabitants
Orozbekovo (Batken)0 inhabitants
Pokrovka (Talas)0 inhabitants
Sokuluk (Chüy)0 inhabitants
Chuy (Chüy)0 inhabitants
Suzak (Jalal-Abad)0 inhabitants
Uch-Korgon (Batken)0 inhabitants
Andarak (Batken)0 inhabitants