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Time in the Comoros

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Time zone : Indian/Comoro
  • Country : Comoros
  • Capital : Moroni
  • Population : 773,407
  • Country code (Iso) : KM / COM
  • Dialing code : +269 / 00269
  • Currency : Franc

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Comoros. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Comoros. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Arabic (official), French (official), Shikomoro (a blend of Swahili and Arabic)

Comoros : list of states

Main cities in Comoros

Moroni (Grande Comore)42,872 inhabitants
Moutsamoudou (Anjouan)23,594 inhabitants
Fomboni (Mohéli)14,966 inhabitants
Domoni (Anjouan)14,509 inhabitants
Adda-Douéni (Anjouan)10,858 inhabitants
Sima (Anjouan)10,374 inhabitants
Ouani (Anjouan)10,179 inhabitants
Mirontsi (Anjouan)10,168 inhabitants
Koni-Djodjo (Anjouan)8,109 inhabitants
Moya (Anjouan)7,529 inhabitants
Mbéni (Grande Comore)6,516 inhabitants
Mitsamiouli (Grande Comore)6,102 inhabitants
Barakani (Anjouan)6,089 inhabitants
Chandra (Anjouan)5,645 inhabitants
Ouellah (Grande Comore)5,478 inhabitants
Mramani (Anjouan)5,126 inhabitants
Mrémani (Anjouan)4,996 inhabitants
Koki (Anjouan)4,929 inhabitants
Mvouni (Grande Comore)4,791 inhabitants
Tsidjé (Grande Comore)4,600 inhabitants
Foumbouni (Grande Comore)4,496 inhabitants
Dembéni (Grande Comore)4,133 inhabitants
Ntsoudjini (Grande Comore)3,799 inhabitants
Kangani (Anjouan)3,711 inhabitants
Lingoni (Anjouan)3,583 inhabitants
Ntsaouéni (Grande Comore)3,481 inhabitants
Nioumachoua (Mohéli)3,412 inhabitants
Koni-Ngani (Anjouan)3,288 inhabitants
Itsandra (Grande Comore)3,168 inhabitants
Mjimandra (Anjouan)3,114 inhabitants
Djoyézi (Mohéli)2,854 inhabitants
Daji (Anjouan)2,676 inhabitants
Vouani (Anjouan)2,513 inhabitants
Hajoho (Anjouan)2,505 inhabitants
Boungouéni (Anjouan)2,465 inhabitants
Ouanani (Mohéli)2,401 inhabitants
Chironkamba (Anjouan)2,391 inhabitants
Chezani (Grande Comore)2,322 inhabitants
Singani (Grande Comore)2,309 inhabitants
Magnassini-Nindri (Anjouan)2,213 inhabitants
Kyo (Anjouan)2,209 inhabitants
Kavani (Anjouan)2,160 inhabitants
Ongoni (Anjouan)2,058 inhabitants
Bimbini (Anjouan)2,052 inhabitants
Mohoro (Grande Comore)2,014 inhabitants
Hantsindzi (Grande Comore)2,004 inhabitants
Ouhozi (Grande Comore)1,930 inhabitants
Pajé (Anjouan)1,894 inhabitants
Ouzini (Anjouan)1,886 inhabitants
Vanadjou (Grande Comore)1,830 inhabitants
Bandajou (Anjouan)1,816 inhabitants
Douniani (Grande Comore)1,778 inhabitants
Dziani (Anjouan)1,754 inhabitants
Oussivo (Grande Comore)1,708 inhabitants
Harembo (Anjouan)1,698 inhabitants
Séléa (Grande Comore)1,662 inhabitants
Salimani (Grande Comore)1,662 inhabitants
Vanambouani (Grande Comore)1,654 inhabitants
Mandza (Grande Comore)1,602 inhabitants
Patsi (Anjouan)1,498 inhabitants
Mjamaoué (Anjouan)1,490 inhabitants
Chindini (Grande Comore)1,471 inhabitants
Héroumbili (Grande Comore)1,463 inhabitants
Ourovéni (Grande Comore)1,419 inhabitants
Maraharé (Anjouan)1,415 inhabitants
Mtakoudja (Mohéli)1,410 inhabitants
Koua (Grande Comore)1,391 inhabitants
Mavingouni (Grande Comore)1,390 inhabitants
Itsandzéni (Grande Comore)1,382 inhabitants
Bambadjani (Grande Comore)1,355 inhabitants
Madjeouéni (Grande Comore)1,320 inhabitants
Ivouani (Grande Comore)1,317 inhabitants
Bahani (Grande Comore)1,272 inhabitants
Ziroudani (Mohéli)1,197 inhabitants
Antsahé (Anjouan)1,180 inhabitants
Mtsamdou (Grande Comore)1,171 inhabitants
Hoani (Mohéli)1,114 inhabitants
Assimpao (Anjouan)1,112 inhabitants
Bouni (Grande Comore)1,104 inhabitants
Chitrouni (Anjouan)1,081 inhabitants