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Overview of Kazakhstan

Time in the Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan hour
Time zone : Asia/Almaty
  • Country : Kazakhstan
  • Capital : Astana
  • Population : 15,340,000
  • Country code (Iso) : KZ / KAZ
  • Dialing code : +7 / 007
  • Currency : Tenge

Kazakhstan map

Kazakhstan map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Kazakhstan. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Kazakhstan. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : "Kazakh (official, Qazaq) 64.4%, Russian (official, used in everyday business, designated the ""language of interethnic communication"") 95% (2001 est.)"

Kazakhstan : list of states

Main cities in Kazakhstan

Almaty (Almaty)2,000,900 inhabitants
Karagandy (Karaganda)451,800 inhabitants
Shymkent (Shymkent)414,032 inhabitants
Taraz (Zhambyl)358,153 inhabitants
Astana (Astana Qalasy)345,604 inhabitants
Pavlodar (Pavlodar Region)329,002 inhabitants
Ust-Kamenogorsk (East Kazakhstan)319,067 inhabitants
Kyzyl-Orda (Qyzylorda)300,000 inhabitants
Kyzylorda (Qyzylorda)300,000 inhabitants
Semey (East Kazakhstan)292,780 inhabitants
Aktobe (Aqtöbe)262,457 inhabitants
Kostanay (Qostanay)210,000 inhabitants
Petropavl (Soltüstik Qazaqstan)200,920 inhabitants
Oral (Batys Qazaqstan)200,000 inhabitants
Atyrau (Atyraū)180,000 inhabitants
Temirtau (Karaganda)170,600 inhabitants
Aktau (Mangghystaū)147,443 inhabitants
Kokshetau (Aqmola)124,444 inhabitants
Rudnyy (Qostanay)124,000 inhabitants
Ekibastuz (Pavlodar Region)121,470 inhabitants
Taldykorgan (Almaty Oblysy)116,558 inhabitants
Zhezqazghan (Karaganda)104,357 inhabitants
Zhanaozen (Mangghystaū)103,598 inhabitants
Turkestan (South Kazakhstan)97,360 inhabitants
Balqash (Karaganda)81,364 inhabitants
Sarkand (Almaty Oblysy)76,919 inhabitants
Baikonur (Baikonur)70,000 inhabitants
Kentau (South Kazakhstan)57,408 inhabitants
Ridder (East Kazakhstan)52,664 inhabitants
Qulsary (Atyraū)51,216 inhabitants
Shchuchinsk (Aqmola)47,290 inhabitants
Stepnogorsk (Aqmola)46,736 inhabitants
Zyryanovsk (East Kazakhstan)44,929 inhabitants
Aksu (Pavlodar Region)44,808 inhabitants
Dzhetygara (Qostanay)43,104 inhabitants
Soran (Karaganda)42,552 inhabitants
Talghar (Almaty Oblysy)42,194 inhabitants
Kapshagay (Almaty Oblysy)42,167 inhabitants
Arkalyk (Qostanay)42,000 inhabitants
Shakhtinsk (Karaganda)41,602 inhabitants
Lisakovsk (Qostanay)40,000 inhabitants
Chu (Zhambyl)39,785 inhabitants
Karatau (Zhambyl)37,881 inhabitants
Arys (South Kazakhstan)36,285 inhabitants
Ayteke Bi (Qyzylorda)35,883 inhabitants
Abay (Karaganda)35,454 inhabitants
Aqsay (Batys Qazaqstan)34,799 inhabitants
Atbasar (Aqmola)34,797 inhabitants
Zharkent (Almaty Oblysy)34,422 inhabitants
Zhangatas (Zhambyl)33,492 inhabitants
Ayagoz (East Kazakhstan)33,479 inhabitants
Aral (Qyzylorda)33,017 inhabitants
Esik (Almaty Oblysy)32,995 inhabitants
Shīeli (Qyzylorda)29,832 inhabitants
Kandyagash (Aqtöbe)28,196 inhabitants
Shalqar (Aqtöbe)27,399 inhabitants
Shalkar (Atyraū)27,072 inhabitants
Tekeli (Almaty Oblysy)26,678 inhabitants
Belyye Vody (South Kazakhstan)26,115 inhabitants
Chardara (South Kazakhstan)25,356 inhabitants
Saryaghash (South Kazakhstan)25,139 inhabitants
Khromtau (Aqtöbe)23,715 inhabitants
Georgīevka (East Kazakhstan)22,047 inhabitants
Yanykurgan (Qyzylorda)21,339 inhabitants
Lenger (South Kazakhstan)21,238 inhabitants
Burunday (Almaty Oblysy)20,996 inhabitants
Ush-Tyube (Almaty Oblysy)20,492 inhabitants
Shemonaīkha (East Kazakhstan)20,087 inhabitants
Zhosaly (Qyzylorda)20,065 inhabitants
Balykshi (Atyraū)19,260 inhabitants
Otegen Batyra (Almaty Oblysy)18,864 inhabitants
Embi (Aqtöbe)18,760 inhabitants
Turar Ryskulov (South Kazakhstan)18,421 inhabitants
Makinsk (Aqmola)17,711 inhabitants
Zaysan (East Kazakhstan)17,600 inhabitants
Akkol’ (Aqmola)16,773 inhabitants
Tasböget (Qyzylorda)16,455 inhabitants
Merke (Zhambyl)15,934 inhabitants
Mikhaylovka (Zhambyl)15,132 inhabitants
Urzhar (East Kazakhstan)14,826 inhabitants