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Overview of Laos

Time in the Laos

Laos hour
Time zone : Asia/Vientiane
  • Country : Laos
  • Capital : Vientiane
  • Population : 6,368,162
  • Country code (Iso) : LA / LAO
  • Dialing code : +856 / 00856
  • Currency : Kip

Laos map

Laos map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Laos. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Laos. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Lao (official), French, English, various ethnic languages

Laos : list of states

Main cities in Laos

Vientiane (Vientiane Prefecture)196,731 inhabitants
Pakse (Champasak)88,332 inhabitants
Thakhèk (Khammouan)85,000 inhabitants
Savannakhét (Savannahkhét)66,553 inhabitants
Luang Prabang (Louangphabang)47,378 inhabitants
Xam Nua (Houaphan)38,992 inhabitants
Muang Phônsavan (Xiangkhoang)37,507 inhabitants
Vangviang (Vientiane)25,000 inhabitants
Muang Xay (Oudômxai)25,000 inhabitants
Muang Pakxan (Bolikhamsai)21,967 inhabitants
Ban Houakhoua (Bokeo)15,500 inhabitants
Muang Không (Champasak)15,000 inhabitants
Sainyabuli (Xiagnabouli)13,500 inhabitants
Phôngsali (Phôngsali)13,500 inhabitants
Champasak (Champasak)12,994 inhabitants
Ban Houayxay (Bokeo)12,500 inhabitants
Muang Phôn-Hông (Vientiane)10,112 inhabitants
Salavan (Salavan)5,521 inhabitants
Pakxong (Champasak)5,000 inhabitants
Lamam (Xékong)4,463 inhabitants
Attapeu (Attapu)4,297 inhabitants
Ban Nahin (Bolikhamsai)3,466 inhabitants
Luang Namtha (Loungnamtha)3,225 inhabitants
Ban Thatèng (Xékong)1,500 inhabitants
Xaysetha (Attapu)0 inhabitants
Viengthong (Houaphan)0 inhabitants
Xamtay (Houaphan)0 inhabitants
Viengxay (Houaphan)0 inhabitants
Huameung (Houaphan)0 inhabitants
Sanaxy (Attapu)0 inhabitants
Dak Cheung (Xékong)0 inhabitants
Muang Nalè (Loungnamtha)0 inhabitants
Viangxai (Houaphan)0 inhabitants
Ban Namnga (Phôngsali)0 inhabitants
Ban Fangdèng (Attapu)0 inhabitants
Ban Hatgnao (Attapu)0 inhabitants
Borikhan (Bolikhamsai)0 inhabitants
Ban Dônghén (Savannahkhét)0 inhabitants
Muang Khamkeut (Bolikhamsai)0 inhabitants
Muang Hinboun (Khammouan)0 inhabitants
Muang Kasi (Vientiane)0 inhabitants
Muang Kènthao (Xiagnabouli)0 inhabitants
Khoa (Phôngsali)0 inhabitants
Ban Pakla (Oudômxai)0 inhabitants
Muang Long (Loungnamtha)0 inhabitants
Muang Mok (Xiangkhoang)0 inhabitants
Muang Phin (Savannahkhét)0 inhabitants
Phônthong (Champasak)0 inhabitants
Muang Sanakham (Vientiane)0 inhabitants
Muang Sing (Loungnamtha)0 inhabitants
Ban Xiang-Ngeun (Louangphabang)0 inhabitants
Pakkading (Bolikhamsai)0 inhabitants