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Overview of Lithuania

Time in the Lithuania

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Time zone : Europe/Vilnius
  • Country : Lithuania
  • Capital : Vilnius
  • Population : 2,944,459
  • Country code (Iso) : LT / LTU
  • Dialing code : +370 / 00370
  • Currency : Euro

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Lithuania map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Lithuania. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Lithuania. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Lithuanian (official) 82%, Russian 8%, Polish 5.6%, other 0.9%, unspecified 3.5% (2011 est.)

Lithuania : list of states

Main cities in Lithuania

Vilnius (Vilnius)542,366 inhabitants
Kaunas (Kaunas)374,643 inhabitants
Klaipėda (Klaipėda County)192,307 inhabitants
Šiauliai (Siauliai)130,587 inhabitants
Panevėžys (Panevėžys)117,395 inhabitants
Alytus (Alytus)70,747 inhabitants
Dainava (Kaunas) (Kaunas)70,000 inhabitants
Eiguliai (Kaunas)61,700 inhabitants
Marijampolė (Marijampolė County)47,613 inhabitants
Mazeikiai (Telsiai)41,309 inhabitants
Šilainiai (Kaunas)40,600 inhabitants
Fabijoniškės (Vilnius)39,759 inhabitants
Jonava (Kaunas)34,993 inhabitants
Utena (Utena)33,240 inhabitants
Pašilaičiai (Vilnius)33,056 inhabitants
Kėdainiai (Kaunas)31,980 inhabitants
Šeškinė (Vilnius)31,333 inhabitants
Lazdynai (Vilnius)31,097 inhabitants
Telsiai (Telsiai)30,098 inhabitants
Visaginas (Utena)28,348 inhabitants
Taurage (Tauragė County)27,662 inhabitants
Justiniškės (Vilnius)27,462 inhabitants
Ukmerge (Vilnius)25,886 inhabitants
Aleksotas (Kaunas)24,270 inhabitants
Plunge (Telsiai)23,381 inhabitants
Naujamiestis (Vilnius)23,232 inhabitants
Kretinga (Klaipėda County)22,236 inhabitants
Silute (Klaipėda County)21,760 inhabitants
Vilkpėdė (Vilnius)21,346 inhabitants
Radviliskis (Siauliai)20,339 inhabitants
Pilaitė (Vilnius)20,320 inhabitants
Palanga (Klaipėda County)17,796 inhabitants
Druskininkai (Alytus)17,791 inhabitants
Gargždai (Klaipėda County)16,433 inhabitants
Rokiškis (Panevėžys)16,255 inhabitants
Birzai (Panevėžys)14,911 inhabitants
Kuršėnai (Siauliai)13,914 inhabitants
Garliava (Kaunas)13,809 inhabitants
Elektrėnai (Vilnius)13,721 inhabitants
Jurbarkas (Tauragė County)13,102 inhabitants
Raseiniai (Kaunas)12,523 inhabitants
Anyksciai (Utena)11,958 inhabitants
Naujoji Akmene (Siauliai)11,922 inhabitants
Lentvaris (Vilnius)11,588 inhabitants
Grigiškės (Vilnius)11,555 inhabitants
Prienai (Kaunas)11,352 inhabitants
Joniškis (Siauliai)11,113 inhabitants
Kelmė (Siauliai)10,626 inhabitants
Rasos (Vilnius)10,597 inhabitants
Varėna (Alytus)10,304 inhabitants
Kaišiadorys (Kaunas)9,867 inhabitants
Pasvalys (Panevėžys)8,510 inhabitants
Zarasai (Utena)8,095 inhabitants
Skuodas (Klaipėda County)7,726 inhabitants
Širvintos (Vilnius)7,321 inhabitants
Kazlų Rūda (Marijampolė County)7,247 inhabitants
Molėtai (Utena)7,243 inhabitants
Šalčininkai (Vilnius)6,891 inhabitants
Švenčionėliai (Vilnius)6,790 inhabitants
Šakiai (Marijampolė County)6,613 inhabitants
Ignalina (Utena)6,421 inhabitants
Pabradė (Vilnius)6,375 inhabitants
Kybartai (Marijampolė County)6,355 inhabitants
Nemenčinė (Vilnius)6,062 inhabitants
Šilalė (Tauragė County)6,026 inhabitants
Pakruojis (Siauliai)5,964 inhabitants
Švenčionys (Vilnius)5,538 inhabitants
Vievis (Vilnius)5,269 inhabitants
Lazdijai (Alytus)4,975 inhabitants
Kalvarija (Marijampolė County)4,875 inhabitants
Skaidiškės (Vilnius)4,457 inhabitants
Žiežmariai (Kaunas)4,060 inhabitants
Eišiškės (Vilnius)3,809 inhabitants
Rietavas (Telsiai)3,737 inhabitants
Ariogala (Kaunas)3,653 inhabitants
Šeduva (Siauliai)3,321 inhabitants
Venta (Siauliai)3,270 inhabitants
Birštonas (Kaunas)3,181 inhabitants
Akmenė (Siauliai)3,026 inhabitants
Akademija (Kaunas) (Kaunas)2,807 inhabitants