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Time in the Latvia

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Time zone : Europe/Riga
  • Country : Latvia
  • Capital : Riga
  • Population : 2,217,969
  • Country code (Iso) : LV / LVA
  • Dialing code : +371 / 00371
  • Currency : Euro

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Latvia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Latvia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Latvian (official) 56.3%, Russian 33.8%, other 0.6% (includes Polish, Ukrainian, and Belarusian), unspecified 9.4% (2011 est.)

Latvia : list of states

Main cities in Latvia

Riga (Riga)742,572 inhabitants
Daugavpils (Daugavpils municipality)111,564 inhabitants
Liepāja (Liepāja)85,132 inhabitants
Jelgava (Jelgava)61,791 inhabitants
Jūrmala (Jūrmala)54,088 inhabitants
Ventspils (Ventspils)42,644 inhabitants
Rēzekne (Rēzekne)38,340 inhabitants
Jēkabpils (Jēkabpils Municipality)27,078 inhabitants
Valmiera (Valmiera)26,963 inhabitants
Ogre (Ogre)26,760 inhabitants
Tukums (Tukuma novads)18,348 inhabitants
Cēsis (Cēsu Rajons)18,198 inhabitants
Salaspils (Salaspils)17,606 inhabitants
Bolderaja (Riga)14,771 inhabitants
Kuldīga (Kuldīgas novads)13,289 inhabitants
Olaine (Olaine)12,584 inhabitants
Saldus (Saldus Rajons)12,224 inhabitants
Talsi (Talsi Municipality)12,022 inhabitants
Dobele (Dobeles novads)11,225 inhabitants
Krāslava (Krāslavas novads)11,088 inhabitants
Bauska (Bauskas Rajons)10,532 inhabitants
Ludza (Ludzas novads)10,514 inhabitants
Sigulda (Sigulda)10,422 inhabitants
Līvāni (Līvāni)10,073 inhabitants
Daugavgrīva (Riga)9,952 inhabitants
Gulbene (Gulbenes novads)9,355 inhabitants
Madona (Madona Municipality)9,280 inhabitants
Limbaži (Limbažu novads)8,974 inhabitants
Aizkraukle (Aizkraukles novads)8,840 inhabitants
Preiļi (Preiļu novads)8,656 inhabitants
Balvi (Balvu Novads)8,409 inhabitants
Karosta (Liepāja)7,500 inhabitants
Krustpils (Jēkabpils Municipality)6,680 inhabitants
Valka (Valka)6,589 inhabitants
Smiltene (Smiltene)6,108 inhabitants
Aizpute (Aizpute)5,634 inhabitants
Lielvārde (Lielvārde)5,114 inhabitants
Ķekava (Ķekava)4,600 inhabitants
Mežaparks (Riga)4,500 inhabitants
Grobiņa (Grobiņa)4,203 inhabitants
Vangaži (Inčukalns)4,020 inhabitants
Iecava (Lecava)4,000 inhabitants
Viļāni (Vilanu)3,934 inhabitants
Baloži (Ķekava)3,854 inhabitants
Pļaviņas (Pļaviņu)3,848 inhabitants
Rūjiena (Rūjienas)3,638 inhabitants
Kandava (Kandava)3,592 inhabitants
Brocēni (Brocēni)3,486 inhabitants
Salacgrīva (Salacgrīvas)3,427 inhabitants
Ozolnieki (Ozolnieku)3,400 inhabitants
Ikšķile (Ikšķile)3,368 inhabitants
Saulkrasti (Saulkrastu)3,184 inhabitants
Auce (Auces)3,125 inhabitants
Piņķi (Babīte)3,033 inhabitants
Ilūkste (Ilūkste)2,898 inhabitants
Skrīveri (Skrīveri)2,879 inhabitants
Ulbroka (Stopiņi)2,800 inhabitants
Dagda (Dagda)2,740 inhabitants
Jaunciems (Riga)2,684 inhabitants
Skrunda (Skrunda)2,659 inhabitants
Kārsava (Karsava)2,645 inhabitants
Priekule (Priekule)2,550 inhabitants
Priekuļi (Priekuļi)2,532 inhabitants
Vecumnieki (Vecumnieki)2,487 inhabitants
Mazsalaca (Mazsalaca)2,412 inhabitants
Ķegums (Ķegums)2,372 inhabitants
Alūksne (Alūksnes Novads)2,264 inhabitants
Ērgļi (Ērgļi)2,186 inhabitants
Jumprava (Ogre)2,177 inhabitants
Viesīte (Viesīte)2,162 inhabitants
Tērvete (Tērvete)2,132 inhabitants
Varakļāni (Varakļāni)2,106 inhabitants
Tīreļi (Jelgavas novads)2,103 inhabitants
Inčukalns (Inčukalns)2,028 inhabitants
Baldone (Baldone)2,025 inhabitants
Stende (Talsi Municipality)1,955 inhabitants
Jaunjelgava (Jaunjelgava)1,938 inhabitants
Lubāna (Lubāna)1,918 inhabitants
Zilupe (Zilupes)1,897 inhabitants
Mērsrags (Mesraga)1,860 inhabitants