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Overview of Libya

Time in the Libya

Libya hour
Time zone : Africa/Tripoli
  • Country : Libya
  • Capital : Tripolis
  • Population : 6,461,454
  • Country code (Iso) : LY / LBY
  • Dialing code : +218 / 00218
  • Currency : Dinar

Libya map

Libya map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Libya. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Libya. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : "Arabic (official), Italian, English (all widely understood in the major cities); Berber (Nafusi, Ghadamis, Suknah, Awjilah, Tamasheq)"

Libya : list of states

Main cities in Libya

Tripoli (Tripoli)1,150,989 inhabitants
Benghazi (Banghāzī)650,629 inhabitants
Mişrātah (Mişrātah)386,120 inhabitants
Tarhuna (Al Marqab)210,697 inhabitants
Al Khums (Al Marqab)201,943 inhabitants
Az Zāwīyah (Az Zāwiyah)200,000 inhabitants
Zawiya (Az Zāwiyah)186,123 inhabitants
Ajdabiya (Al Wāḩāt)134,358 inhabitants
Sabhā (Sabhā)130,000 inhabitants
Sirte (Surt)128,123 inhabitants
Al Jadīd (Sabhā)126,386 inhabitants
Tobruk (Al Buţnān)121,052 inhabitants
Zliten (Mişrātah)109,972 inhabitants
Şabrātah (Az Zāwiyah)102,038 inhabitants
Tagiura (Tripoli)100,000 inhabitants
Al Marj (Al Marj)85,315 inhabitants
Gharyan (Jabal al Gharbi)85,219 inhabitants
Darnah (Darnah)78,782 inhabitants
Al Bayḑā’ (Al Jabal al Akhḑar)74,594 inhabitants
Yafran (Jabal al Gharbi)67,638 inhabitants
Bani Walid (Mişrātah)46,350 inhabitants
At Tāj (Al Kufrah)46,050 inhabitants
Zuwārah (An Nuqāţ al Khams)45,000 inhabitants
Murzuq (Murzuq)43,732 inhabitants
Ubari (Wādī al Ḩayāt)42,975 inhabitants
Brak (Ash Shāţiʼ)39,444 inhabitants
Zintan (Jabal al Gharbi)33,000 inhabitants
Al Abyār (Al Marj)32,563 inhabitants
Waddān (Al Jufrah)27,590 inhabitants
Nālūt (Nālūt)26,256 inhabitants
Mizdah (Jabal al Gharbi)26,107 inhabitants
Şurmān (Az Zāwiyah)25,235 inhabitants
Al Qubbah (Darnah)24,631 inhabitants
Ghat (Ghāt)24,347 inhabitants
Masallātah (Al Marqab)23,702 inhabitants
Tūkrah (Al Marj)23,164 inhabitants
Az Zuwaytīnah (Al Wāḩāt)21,015 inhabitants
Hūn (Al Jufrah)18,878 inhabitants
Zalţan (An Nuqāţ al Khams)17,700 inhabitants
Al Jawf (Al Kufrah)17,320 inhabitants
Qaryat Sulūq (Banghāzī)15,543 inhabitants
Al Burayqah (Al Wāḩāt)13,780 inhabitants
Al Bardīyah (Al Buţnān)9,149 inhabitants
Ghadāmis (Nālūt)7,000 inhabitants
Awjilah (Al Wāḩāt)6,610 inhabitants
Giado (Jabal al Gharbi)6,013 inhabitants
Qasr Abu Hadi (Surt)4,890 inhabitants
Idrī (Ash Shāţiʼ)4,611 inhabitants
Al Qaţrūn (Murzuq)4,500 inhabitants
Al ‘Azīzīyah (Al Jafārah)4,000 inhabitants
Gialo (Al Wāḩāt)3,334 inhabitants
Al Jaghbūb (Al Buţnān)2,768 inhabitants
Marādah (Al Wāḩāt)2,229 inhabitants