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Overview of Moldova

Time in the Moldova

Moldova hour
Time zone : Europe/Chisinau
  • Country : Moldova
  • Capital : Chisinau
  • Population : 4,324,000
  • Country code (Iso) : MD / MDA
  • Dialing code : +373 / 00373
  • Currency : Leu

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Moldova map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Moldova. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Moldova. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : "Moldovan 58.8% (official; virtually the same as the Romanian language), Romanian 16.4%, Russian 16%, Ukrainian 3.8%, Gagauz 3.1% (a Turkish language), Bulgarian 1.1%, other 0.3%, unspecified 0.4%"

Moldova : list of states

Main cities in Moldova

Chisinau (Chișinău Municipality)635,994 inhabitants
Tiraspol (Stînga Nistrului)157,000 inhabitants
Bălţi (Bălţi)125,000 inhabitants
Bender (Bender Municipality)110,175 inhabitants
Rîbniţa (Stînga Nistrului)55,455 inhabitants
Cahul (Cahul)34,492 inhabitants
Ungheni (Ungheni)34,422 inhabitants
Soroca (Raionul Soroca)27,423 inhabitants
Orhei (Orhei)24,918 inhabitants
Dubăsari (Stînga Nistrului)23,254 inhabitants
Comrat (Găgăuzia)22,911 inhabitants
Edineţ (Raionul Edineţ)22,872 inhabitants
Ceadîr-Lunga (Găgăuzia)22,700 inhabitants
Căuşeni (Căuşeni)21,690 inhabitants
Strășeni (Strășeni)19,225 inhabitants
Hînceşti (Hînceşti)16,900 inhabitants
Floreşti (Floreşti)16,759 inhabitants
Drochia (Drochia)16,080 inhabitants
Bilicenii Vechi (Sîngerei)15,479 inhabitants
Slobozia (Stînga Nistrului)15,356 inhabitants
Ialoveni (Ialoveni)14,915 inhabitants
Sîngerei (Sîngerei)14,600 inhabitants
Fălești (Făleşti)14,377 inhabitants
Vulcăneşti (Găgăuzia)14,352 inhabitants
Leova (Leova)14,301 inhabitants
Briceni (Donduşeni)14,132 inhabitants
Călăraşi (Călăraşi)14,066 inhabitants
Taraclia (Taraclia)13,512 inhabitants
Rîşcani (Rîşcani)12,893 inhabitants
Cimişlia (Cimişlia)12,464 inhabitants
Nisporeni (Nisporeni)11,718 inhabitants
Camenca (Stînga Nistrului)11,072 inhabitants
Basarabeasca (Basarabeasca)10,809 inhabitants
Dnestrovsc (Stînga Nistrului)10,426 inhabitants
Glodeni (Glodeni)10,146 inhabitants
Dancu (Hînceşti)10,000 inhabitants
Briceni (Briceni)9,900 inhabitants
Rezina (Rezina)9,806 inhabitants
Hryhoriopol (Stînga Nistrului)9,456 inhabitants
Donduşeni (Donduşeni)9,435 inhabitants
Ocniţa (Raionul Ocniţa)9,325 inhabitants
Mîndreşti (Teleneşti)9,280 inhabitants
Chiţcani (Căuşeni)9,000 inhabitants
Otaci (Raionul Ocniţa)8,400 inhabitants
Anenii Noi (Anenii Noi)8,250 inhabitants
Ştefan Vodă (Ştefan-Vodă)7,700 inhabitants
Cricova (Chișinău Municipality)7,400 inhabitants
Pervomaisc (Stînga Nistrului)7,300 inhabitants
Sîngera (Chișinău Municipality)7,200 inhabitants
Criuleni (Criuleni)6,932 inhabitants
Ciorescu (Chișinău Municipality)6,870 inhabitants
Teleneşti (Teleneşti)6,633 inhabitants
Şoldăneşti (Şoldăneşti)6,160 inhabitants
Tvardița (Taraclia)5,800 inhabitants
Stăuceni (Chișinău Municipality)5,700 inhabitants
Iargara (Cantemir)5,600 inhabitants
Vadul lui Vodă (Chișinău Municipality)5,300 inhabitants
Biruinţa (Sîngerei)4,700 inhabitants
Crasnoe (Stînga Nistrului)4,200 inhabitants
Cocieri (Dubăsari)4,151 inhabitants
Varniţa (Anenii Noi)4,000 inhabitants
Cantemir (Cantemir)3,829 inhabitants
Vatra (Chișinău Municipality)3,800 inhabitants
Ustia (Dubăsari)3,295 inhabitants
Giurgiuleşti (Cahul)3,074 inhabitants
Mărculeşti (Floreşti)2,400 inhabitants
Saharna (Rezina)2,365 inhabitants
Tiraspolul Nou (Stînga Nistrului)2,200 inhabitants
Ghindești (Floreşti)2,100 inhabitants
Bugeac (Găgăuzia)1,800 inhabitants
Vişniovca (Cantemir)1,800 inhabitants
Bucovăţ (Strășeni)1,600 inhabitants
Maiac (Stînga Nistrului)1,500 inhabitants