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Overview of Macedonia

Time in the Macedonia

Macedonia hour
Time zone : Europe/Skopje
  • Country : Macedonia
  • Capital : Skopje
  • Population : 2,062,294
  • Country code (Iso) : MK / MKD
  • Dialing code : +389 / 00389
  • Currency : Denar

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Macedonia map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Macedonia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Macedonia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Macedonian (official) 66.5%, Albanian (official) 25.1%, Turkish 3.5%, Roma 1.9%, Serbian 1.2%, other 1.8% (2002 census)

Macedonia : list of states

Main cities in Macedonia

Skopje (Karpoš)474,889 inhabitants
Bitola (Bitola)86,528 inhabitants
Kumanovo (Kumanovo)76,275 inhabitants
Prilep (Prilep)73,814 inhabitants
Tetovo (Tetovo)72,944 inhabitants
Čair (Čair)64,773 inhabitants
Kisela Voda (Kisela Voda)58,216 inhabitants
Veles (Veles)57,873 inhabitants
Ohrid (Ohrid)54,908 inhabitants
Gostivar (Gostivar)50,974 inhabitants
Shtip (Štip)48,279 inhabitants
Strumica (Strumica)45,508 inhabitants
Centar Župa (Centar Župa)45,412 inhabitants
Gjorče Petro (Opstina Gjorce Petrov)41,000 inhabitants
Kavadarci (Kavadarci)38,799 inhabitants
Struga (Struga)37,387 inhabitants
Butel (Butel)36,154 inhabitants
Kochani (Kočani)34,258 inhabitants
Kičevo (Kičevo)31,123 inhabitants
Lipkovo (Opstina Lipkovo)28,102 inhabitants
Zelino (Želino)25,422 inhabitants
Saraj (Grad Skopje)25,379 inhabitants
Radovis (Radoviš)24,984 inhabitants
Tearce (Tearce)23,096 inhabitants
Kriva Palanka (Kriva Palanka)20,820 inhabitants
Šuto Orizare (Šuto Orizari)20,800 inhabitants
Gevgelija (Gevgelija)20,664 inhabitants
Negotino (Negotino)19,515 inhabitants
Студеничани (Studeničani)18,219 inhabitants
Vinica (Vinica)18,218 inhabitants
Debar (Debar)18,074 inhabitants
Negotino (Vrapčište)17,518 inhabitants
Delcevo (Delčevo)17,415 inhabitants
Resen (Resen)16,539 inhabitants
Ilinden (Ilinden)16,406 inhabitants
Brvenica (Brvenica)16,267 inhabitants
Kamenjane (Bogovinje)15,376 inhabitants
Bogovinje (Bogovinje)15,166 inhabitants
Berovo (Berovo)13,847 inhabitants
Sveti Nikole (Sveti Nikole)13,292 inhabitants
Арачиново (Aračinovo)12,800 inhabitants
Probishtip (Probištip)12,702 inhabitants
Cegrane (Gostivar)12,523 inhabitants
Bosilovo (Bosilovo)12,447 inhabitants
Vasilevo (Vasilevo)12,382 inhabitants
Zajas (Kičevo)12,218 inhabitants
Novo Selo (Novo Selo)11,818 inhabitants
Kondovo (Saraj)11,656 inhabitants
Dolneni (Dolneni)11,534 inhabitants
Dračevo (Grad Skopje)10,605 inhabitants
Kratovo (Kratovo)10,288 inhabitants
Dolna Banjica (Gostivar)10,147 inhabitants
Сопиште (Sopište)9,460 inhabitants
Rostusa (Mavrovo and Rostuša)9,147 inhabitants
Labunista (Struga)8,805 inhabitants
Vrapčište (Vrapčište)8,652 inhabitants
Чучер - Сандево (Čučer-Sandevo)8,646 inhabitants
Bogdanci (Bogdanci)8,636 inhabitants
Delogožda (Struga)8,413 inhabitants
Петровец (Petrovec)8,298 inhabitants
Šipkovica (Tetovo)8,228 inhabitants
Džepčište (Tetovo)8,166 inhabitants
Makedonska Kamenica (Makedonska Kamenica)8,114 inhabitants
Jegunovce (Jegunovce)7,313 inhabitants
Vrutok (Gostivar)5,999 inhabitants
Krivogashtani (Krivogaštani)5,899 inhabitants
Makedonski Brod (Makedonski Brod)5,607 inhabitants
Krusevo (Kruševo)5,211 inhabitants
Oblesevo (Češinovo-Obleševo)4,972 inhabitants
Bistrica (Bitola)4,798 inhabitants
Čelopek (Brvenica)4,731 inhabitants
Plasnica (Plasnica)4,574 inhabitants
Demir Kapija (Demir Kapija)4,451 inhabitants
Mogila (Mogila)4,392 inhabitants
Kuklis (Strumica)4,368 inhabitants
Orizari (Kočani)4,292 inhabitants
Dobri Dol (Vrapčište)4,124 inhabitants
Старо Нагоричане (Staro Nagoričane)4,112 inhabitants
Rosoman (Rosoman)4,106 inhabitants
Ранковце (Opstina Rankovce)4,071 inhabitants