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Overview of Mali

Time in the Mali

Mali hour
Time zone : Africa/Bamako
  • Country : Mali
  • Capital : Bamako
  • Population : 13,796,354
  • Country code (Iso) : ML / MLI
  • Dialing code : +223 / 00223
  • Currency : Franc

Mali map

Mali map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Mali. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Mali. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : French (official), Bambara 46.3%, Peul/foulfoulbe 9.4%, Dogon 7.2%, Maraka/soninke 6.4%, Malinke 5.6%, Sonrhai/djerma 5.6%, Minianka 4.3%, Tamacheq 3.5%, Senoufo 2.6%, unspecified 0.6%, other 8.5%

Mali : list of states

Main cities in Mali

Bamako (Bamako)1,297,281 inhabitants
Sikasso (Sikasso)144,786 inhabitants
Mopti (Mopti)108,456 inhabitants
Koutiala (Sikasso)99,353 inhabitants
Ségou (Ségou)92,552 inhabitants
Gao (Gao)87,000 inhabitants
Kayes (Kayes)78,406 inhabitants
Markala (Ségou)53,738 inhabitants
Kolokani (Koulikoro)48,774 inhabitants
Kati (Koulikoro)42,922 inhabitants
Bougouni (Sikasso)35,450 inhabitants
Timbuktu (Tombouctou)32,460 inhabitants
Banamba (Koulikoro)30,591 inhabitants
Bafoulabé (Kayes)26,823 inhabitants
San (Ségou)24,811 inhabitants
Koulikoro (Koulikoro)23,919 inhabitants
Djénné (Mopti)22,382 inhabitants
Yorosso (Sikasso)17,447 inhabitants
Kangaba (Koulikoro)17,232 inhabitants
Sagalo (Kayes)15,830 inhabitants
Kokofata (Kayes)12,985 inhabitants
Kidal (Kidal)11,643 inhabitants
Kolondiéba (Sikasso)10,041 inhabitants
Ké-Macina (Ségou)9,848 inhabitants
Ménaka (Gao)9,110 inhabitants
Inékar (Gao)8,714 inhabitants
Ntossoni (Sikasso)8,700 inhabitants
Goundam (Tombouctou)8,456 inhabitants
Douentza (Mopti)8,054 inhabitants
Ténenkou (Mopti)7,471 inhabitants
Niafunké (Tombouctou)6,901 inhabitants
Bandiagara (Mopti)6,853 inhabitants
Kinmparana (Ségou)6,014 inhabitants
Kita (Kayes)5,769 inhabitants
Sokolo (Ségou)4,374 inhabitants
Araouane (Tombouctou)4,026 inhabitants
Taoudenni (Tombouctou)3,019 inhabitants
Ansongo (Gao)3,000 inhabitants
Figuira-Toma (Bamako)0 inhabitants
Leleni (Sikasso)0 inhabitants
Ti-n-Essako (Kidal)0 inhabitants
Abeïbara (Kidal)0 inhabitants
Bankass (Mopti)0 inhabitants
Barouéli (Ségou)0 inhabitants
Bla (Ségou)0 inhabitants
Bourem (Gao)0 inhabitants
Diéma (Kayes)0 inhabitants
Dioila (Koulikoro)0 inhabitants
Diré (Tombouctou)0 inhabitants
Gourma Rharous (Tombouctou)0 inhabitants
Kadiolo (Sikasso)0 inhabitants
Koro (Mopti)0 inhabitants
Nara (Koulikoro)0 inhabitants
Niono (Ségou)0 inhabitants
Nioro (Kayes)0 inhabitants
Séguéla (Ségou)0 inhabitants
Tessalit (Kidal)0 inhabitants
Tominian (Ségou)0 inhabitants
Yanfolila (Sikasso)0 inhabitants
Yélimané (Kayes)0 inhabitants
Youwarou (Mopti)0 inhabitants