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Overview of Mongolia

Time in the Mongolia

Mongolia hour
Time zone : Asia/Ulaanbaatar
  • Country : Mongolia
  • Capital : Ulan Bator
  • Population : 3,086,918
  • Country code (Iso) : MN / MNG
  • Dialing code : +976 / 00976
  • Currency : Tugrik

Mongolia map

Mongolia map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Mongolia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Mongolia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Khalkha Mongol 90% (official), Turkic, Russian (1999)

Mongolia : list of states

Main cities in Mongolia

Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar)844,818 inhabitants
Erdenet (Orhon)79,647 inhabitants
Darhan (Darhan Uul)74,300 inhabitants
Khovd (Hovd)30,500 inhabitants
Ölgii (Bayan-Ölgiy)28,400 inhabitants
Ulaangom (Uvs)28,085 inhabitants
Hovd (Övörhangay)27,924 inhabitants
Murun-kuren (Hövsgöl)27,690 inhabitants
Bayanhongor (Bayanhongor)26,252 inhabitants
Arvayheer (Övörhangay)25,622 inhabitants
Sühbaatar (Selenge)24,235 inhabitants
Bayanhongor (Bayanhongor)23,234 inhabitants
Saynshand (East Gobi Aymag)19,891 inhabitants
Dzüünharaa (Selenge)18,830 inhabitants
Зуунмод (Central Aimak)17,630 inhabitants
Bulgan (Bulgan)17,348 inhabitants
Uliastay (Dzabkhan)16,240 inhabitants
Baruun-Urt (Sühbaatar)15,805 inhabitants
Altai (Govĭ-Altay)15,800 inhabitants
Mandalgovi (Middle Govĭ)15,430 inhabitants
Dalandzadgad (Ömnögovĭ)15,093 inhabitants
Undurkhaan (Hentiy)14,723 inhabitants
Dzuunmod (Central Aimak)14,660 inhabitants
Choyr (Govĭ-Sumber)9,895 inhabitants
Tosontsengel (Dzabkhan)9,526 inhabitants
Harhorin (Övörhangay)9,000 inhabitants
Kharkhorin (Övörhangay)8,977 inhabitants
Tsetserleg (Arhangay)5,876 inhabitants
Turt (Hövsgöl)2,140 inhabitants
Ulaanhudag (Central Aimak)1,500 inhabitants
Altanbulag (Selenge)500 inhabitants
Choibalsan (East Aimak)23 inhabitants
Ereencav (East Aimak)23 inhabitants
Höshigiyn-Ar (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Jargalant (Orhon)0 inhabitants
Hongor (Darhan Uul)0 inhabitants
Shiveegovĭ (Govĭ-Sumber)0 inhabitants
Bayantal (Govĭ-Sumber)0 inhabitants
Sümber (East Aimak)0 inhabitants
Ulaanshiveet (Bulgan)0 inhabitants
Asgat (Dzabkhan)0 inhabitants
Altanbulag (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Altan-Ovoo (Arhangay)0 inhabitants
Amardalay (Middle Govĭ)0 inhabitants
Ar-Asgat (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Argalant (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Argatay (Middle Govĭ)0 inhabitants
Arguut (Övörhangay)0 inhabitants
Arhust (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Avdzaga (Bulgan)0 inhabitants
Avraga (Hentiy)0 inhabitants
Badrah (Hövsgöl)0 inhabitants
Hushaat (Selenge)0 inhabitants
Baruunsuu (Ömnögovĭ)0 inhabitants
Bat-Öldziyt (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Bayan (East Gobi Aymag)0 inhabitants
Bayan (Hentiy)0 inhabitants
Bayan (Arhangay)0 inhabitants
Bayan (East Aimak)0 inhabitants
Bayan (Hentiy)0 inhabitants
Bayanbaraat (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Bayanbulag (Hentiy)0 inhabitants
Bayandelger (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Bayanhoshuu (Bayanhongor)0 inhabitants
Javhlant (Hentiy)0 inhabitants
Bayan-Ovoo (Hentiy)0 inhabitants
Bayantöhöm (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Bayantsagaan (Arhangay)0 inhabitants
Bayan-Ulaan (Övörhangay)0 inhabitants
Bayasgalant (Sühbaatar)0 inhabitants
Bayasgalant (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Bayshint (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Bodĭ (Bayanhongor)0 inhabitants
Böhöt (Middle Govĭ)0 inhabitants
Bornuur (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Bugant (Selenge)0 inhabitants
Bugat (Bulgan)0 inhabitants
Bulag (Central Aimak)0 inhabitants
Bulag (Hövsgöl)0 inhabitants
Bulagiyn Denj (Arhangay)0 inhabitants