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Overview of New Caledonia

Time in the New Caledonia

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Time zone : Pacific/Noumea
  • Country : New Caledonia
  • Capital : Noumea
  • Population : 216,494
  • Country code (Iso) : NC / NCL
  • Dialing code : +687 / 00687
  • Currency : Franc

New Caledonia map

New Caledonia map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in New Caledonia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in New Caledonia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : French (official), 33 Melanesian-Polynesian dialects

New Caledonia : list of states

Main cities in New Caledonia

Nouméa (South Province)93,060 inhabitants
Mont-Dore (South Province)24,680 inhabitants
Dumbéa (South Province)19,346 inhabitants
Païta (South Province)12,617 inhabitants
(Loyalty Islands)10,375 inhabitants
Tadine (Loyalty Islands)7,492 inhabitants
Poindimié (North Province)4,885 inhabitants
Bourail (South Province)4,826 inhabitants
Koné (North Province)4,572 inhabitants
Houaïlou (North Province)4,562 inhabitants
Fayaoué (Loyalty Islands)4,411 inhabitants
Canala (North Province)3,538 inhabitants
Koumac (North Province)3,060 inhabitants
La Foa (South Province)2,947 inhabitants
Thio (South Province)2,748 inhabitants
Ponérihouen (North Province)2,739 inhabitants
Hienghène (North Province)2,668 inhabitants
Poya (North Province)2,617 inhabitants
Pouébo (North Province)2,391 inhabitants
Touho (North Province)2,283 inhabitants
Voh (North Province)2,272 inhabitants
Bouloupari (South Province)2,146 inhabitants
Ouégoa (North Province)2,127 inhabitants
Kaala-Gomén (North Province)1,897 inhabitants
Vao (South Province)1,862 inhabitants
Pouembout (North Province)1,511 inhabitants
Poum (North Province)1,405 inhabitants
Wala (North Province)890 inhabitants