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Overview of Niger

Time in the Niger

Niger hour
Time zone : Africa/Niamey
  • Country : Niger
  • Capital : Niamey
  • Population : 15,878,271
  • Country code (Iso) : NE / NER
  • Dialing code : +227 / 00227
  • Currency : Franc

Niger map

Niger map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Niger. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Niger. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : French (official), Hausa, Djerma

Niger : list of states

Main cities in Niger

Niamey (Niamey)774,235 inhabitants
Zinder (Zinder)191,424 inhabitants
Maradi (Maradi)163,487 inhabitants
Agadez (Agadez)124,324 inhabitants
Alaghsas (Agadez)88,561 inhabitants
Tahoua (Tahoua)80,425 inhabitants
Dosso (Dosso)49,750 inhabitants
Birni N Konni (Tahoua)48,103 inhabitants
Tessaoua (Maradi)35,775 inhabitants
Gaya (Dosso)33,051 inhabitants
Dogondoutchi (Dosso)31,767 inhabitants
Diffa (Diffa)27,948 inhabitants
Ayorou (Tillabéri)26,290 inhabitants
Madaoua (Tahoua)24,804 inhabitants
Mayahi (Maradi)22,183 inhabitants
Téra (Tillabéri)21,095 inhabitants
Mirriah (Zinder)20,724 inhabitants
Tibiri (Maradi)20,019 inhabitants
Dakoro (Maradi)19,798 inhabitants
Magaria (Zinder)19,419 inhabitants
Tillabéri (Tillabéri)19,262 inhabitants
Nguigmi (Diffa)17,897 inhabitants
Matamey (Zinder)16,844 inhabitants
Illéla (Tahoua)16,678 inhabitants
Tanout (Zinder)15,204 inhabitants
Gouré (Zinder)14,639 inhabitants
Abalak (Tahoua)13,555 inhabitants
Aguié (Maradi)13,152 inhabitants
Filingué (Tillabéri)11,677 inhabitants
Maïné Soroa (Diffa)10,699 inhabitants
Say (Tillabéri)10,387 inhabitants
Kollo (Tillabéri)10,376 inhabitants
Madarounfa (Maradi)9,791 inhabitants
Keïta (Tahoua)8,960 inhabitants
Tchintabaraden (Tahoua)8,851 inhabitants
Ouallam (Tillabéri)7,500 inhabitants
Bouza (Tahoua)7,141 inhabitants
Bilma (Agadez)2,291 inhabitants
Tchirozérine (Agadez)0 inhabitants
Arlit (Agadez)0 inhabitants
Guidan Roumdji (Maradi)0 inhabitants
Kantché (Zinder)0 inhabitants
Loga (Dosso)0 inhabitants
Birnin Gaouré (Dosso)0 inhabitants