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Overview of Nicaragua

Time in the Nicaragua

Nicaragua hour
Time zone : America/Managua
  • Country : Nicaragua
  • Capital : Managua
  • Population : 5,995,928
  • Country code (Iso) : NI / NIC
  • Dialing code : +505 / 00505
  • Currency : Cordoba

Nicaragua map

Nicaragua map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Nicaragua. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Nicaragua. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Spanish (official) 95.3%, Miskito 2.2%, Mestizo of the Caribbean coast 2%, other 0.5%

Nicaragua : list of states

Main cities in Nicaragua

Managua (Managua)973,087 inhabitants
León (León)144,538 inhabitants
Masaya (Masaya)130,113 inhabitants
Tipitapa (Managua)127,153 inhabitants
Chinandega (Chinandega)126,387 inhabitants
Matagalpa (Matagalpa)109,089 inhabitants
Estelí (Estelí)96,422 inhabitants
Granada (Granada)89,409 inhabitants
Ciudad Sandino (Managua)70,013 inhabitants
Juigalpa (Chontales)54,731 inhabitants
El Viejo (Chinandega)53,504 inhabitants
Jinotega (Jinotega)53,265 inhabitants
Nueva Guinea (Atlántico Sur)52,929 inhabitants
Bluefields (Atlántico Sur)44,373 inhabitants
Diriamba (Carazo)35,008 inhabitants
Ocotal (Nueva Segovia)33,928 inhabitants
Puerto Cabezas (Atlántico Norte (RAAN))33,635 inhabitants
Chichigalpa (Chinandega)33,137 inhabitants
Rivas (Rivas)30,293 inhabitants
San Rafael del Sur (Managua)29,836 inhabitants
Jinotepe (Carazo)29,507 inhabitants
Boaco (Boaco)29,046 inhabitants
Nagarote (León)26,270 inhabitants
Jalapa (Nueva Segovia)24,037 inhabitants
La Paz Centro (León)23,481 inhabitants
San Marcos (Carazo)23,347 inhabitants
Masatepe (Masaya)21,452 inhabitants
Nandaime (Granada)20,810 inhabitants
El Rama (Atlántico Sur)20,456 inhabitants
Somoto (Madriz)20,316 inhabitants
Corinto (Chinandega)19,183 inhabitants
Río Blanco (Matagalpa)17,018 inhabitants
Camoapa (Boaco)16,653 inhabitants
El Crucero (Managua)16,469 inhabitants
Siuna (Atlántico Norte (RAAN))16,056 inhabitants
Somotillo (Chinandega)15,385 inhabitants
Santo Tomás (Chontales)14,809 inhabitants
Quilalí (Nueva Segovia)13,590 inhabitants
San Carlos (Río San Juan)13,451 inhabitants
Ciudad Darío (Matagalpa)13,318 inhabitants
Ticuantepe (Managua)13,209 inhabitants
El Sauce (León)11,898 inhabitants
Condega (Estelí)11,000 inhabitants
Acoyapa (Chontales)10,563 inhabitants
Matiguás (Matagalpa)10,523 inhabitants
Diriomo (Granada)10,113 inhabitants
Telica (León)8,776 inhabitants
San Lorenzo (Boaco)8,694 inhabitants
Corn Island (Atlántico Sur)8,011 inhabitants
Bocana de Paiwas (Atlántico Sur)7,872 inhabitants
Villa Sandino (Chontales)7,799 inhabitants
San Juan del Sur (Rivas)7,790 inhabitants
Niquinohomo (Masaya)7,732 inhabitants
Larreynaga (León)7,703 inhabitants
Puerto Morazán (Chinandega)7,671 inhabitants
San Jorge (Rivas)7,158 inhabitants
Nindirí (Masaya)7,073 inhabitants
Dolores (Carazo)7,065 inhabitants
Wiwilí (Nueva Segovia)6,955 inhabitants
La Concepción (Masaya)6,946 inhabitants
Nandasmo (Masaya)6,934 inhabitants
Laguna de Perlas (Atlántico Sur)6,809 inhabitants
Waslala (Atlántico Norte (RAAN))6,498 inhabitants
Posoltega (Chinandega)6,403 inhabitants
Waspán (Atlántico Norte (RAAN))6,403 inhabitants
Bonanza (Atlántico Norte (RAAN))6,315 inhabitants
El Realejo (Chinandega)6,208 inhabitants
Santo Domingo (Chontales)5,827 inhabitants
Santa Teresa (Carazo)5,789 inhabitants
San Rafael del Norte (Jinotega)5,458 inhabitants
Belén (Rivas)5,415 inhabitants
El Ayote (Chontales)5,406 inhabitants
Potosí (Rivas)5,222 inhabitants
Villa El Carmen (Managua)5,219 inhabitants
Tisma (Masaya)5,182 inhabitants
Masachapa (Managua)5,000 inhabitants
San Juan de Limay (Estelí)4,997 inhabitants
Muy Muy (Matagalpa)4,839 inhabitants
Pueblo Nuevo (Estelí)4,608 inhabitants
San Sebastián de Yalí (Jinotega)4,514 inhabitants