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Time zone : Europe/Amsterdam
  • Country : Netherlands
  • Capital : Amsterdam
  • Population : 16,645,000
  • Country code (Iso) : NL / NLD
  • Dialing code : +31 / 0031
  • Currency : Euro

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Netherlands. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Netherlands. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Dutch (official)

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Main cities in Netherlands

Amsterdam (North Holland)741,636 inhabitants
Rotterdam (South Holland)598,199 inhabitants
The Hague (South Holland)474,292 inhabitants
Utrecht (Utrecht)290,529 inhabitants
Eindhoven (North Brabant)209,620 inhabitants
Tilburg (North Brabant)199,613 inhabitants
Groningen (Groningen)181,194 inhabitants
Almere Stad (Flevoland)176,432 inhabitants
Breda (North Brabant)167,673 inhabitants
Nijmegen (Gelderland)158,732 inhabitants
Enschede (Overijssel)153,655 inhabitants
Haarlem (North Holland)147,590 inhabitants
Arnhem (Gelderland)141,674 inhabitants
Zaanstad (North Holland)140,085 inhabitants
Amersfoort (Utrecht)139,914 inhabitants
Apeldoorn (Gelderland)136,670 inhabitants
's-Hertogenbosch (North Brabant)134,520 inhabitants
Hoofddorp (North Holland)132,734 inhabitants
Maastricht (Limburg)122,378 inhabitants
Leiden (South Holland)119,713 inhabitants
Dordrecht (South Holland)119,260 inhabitants
Zoetermeer (South Holland)115,845 inhabitants
Zwolle (Overijssel)111,805 inhabitants
Deventer (Overijssel)97,331 inhabitants
Delft (South Holland)95,060 inhabitants
Alkmaar (North Holland)94,853 inhabitants
Heerlen (Limburg)93,084 inhabitants
Venlo (Limburg)92,403 inhabitants
Leeuwarden (Friesland)91,424 inhabitants
Amsterdam-Zuidoost (North Holland)84,811 inhabitants
Hilversum (North Holland)83,640 inhabitants
Hengelo (Overijssel)80,809 inhabitants
Amstelveen (North Holland)79,639 inhabitants
Roosendaal (North Brabant)77,725 inhabitants
Purmerend (North Holland)76,745 inhabitants
Oss (North Brabant)76,430 inhabitants
Schiedam (South Holland)75,438 inhabitants
Spijkenisse (South Holland)74,988 inhabitants
Helmond (North Brabant)74,740 inhabitants
Vlaardingen (South Holland)73,798 inhabitants
Almelo (Overijssel)72,725 inhabitants
Gouda (South Holland)71,952 inhabitants
Zaandam (North Holland)71,708 inhabitants
Lelystad (Flevoland)70,741 inhabitants
Alphen aan den Rijn (South Holland)70,251 inhabitants
Hoorn (North Holland)68,852 inhabitants
Velsen-Zuid (North Holland)67,758 inhabitants
Ede (Gelderland)67,670 inhabitants
Bergen op Zoom (North Brabant)66,256 inhabitants
Capelle aan den IJssel (South Holland)65,255 inhabitants
Assen (Drenthe)62,237 inhabitants
Nieuwegein (Utrecht)61,489 inhabitants
Veenendaal (Utrecht)61,271 inhabitants
Zeist (Utrecht)60,949 inhabitants
Den Helder (North Holland)59,569 inhabitants
Hardenberg (Overijssel)57,909 inhabitants
Emmen (Drenthe)57,010 inhabitants
Oosterhout (North Brabant)53,107 inhabitants
Doetinchem (Gelderland)49,906 inhabitants
Kerkrade (Limburg)49,777 inhabitants
Kampen (Overijssel)48,980 inhabitants
Weert (Limburg)48,662 inhabitants
Woerden (Utrecht)48,431 inhabitants
Sittard (Limburg)48,400 inhabitants
Heerhugowaard (North Holland)47,580 inhabitants
Rijswijk (South Holland)47,299 inhabitants
Middelburg (Zeeland)46,485 inhabitants
Emmeloord (Flevoland)46,409 inhabitants
Zwijndrecht (South Holland)45,696 inhabitants
Waalwijk (North Brabant)45,610 inhabitants
Huizen (North Holland)45,292 inhabitants
Vlissingen (Zeeland)45,273 inhabitants
Ridderkerk (South Holland)45,189 inhabitants
Soest (Utrecht)45,021 inhabitants
Roermond (Limburg)44,975 inhabitants
Drachten (Friesland)44,537 inhabitants
Heerenveen (Friesland)43,094 inhabitants
Medemblik (North Holland)41,500 inhabitants
Tiel (Gelderland)40,702 inhabitants
Harderwijk (Gelderland)40,516 inhabitants