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Overview of Norway

Time in the Norway

Norway hour
Time zone : Europe/Oslo
  • Country : Norway
  • Capital : Oslo
  • Population : 5,009,150
  • Country code (Iso) : NO / NOR
  • Dialing code : +47 / 0047
  • Currency : Krone

Norway map

Norway map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Norway. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Norway. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Bokmal Norwegian (official), Nynorsk Norwegian (official), small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minorities

Norway : list of states

Main cities in Norway

Oslo (Oslo)580,000 inhabitants
Bergen (Hordaland)213,585 inhabitants
Trondheim (Trøndelag)147,139 inhabitants
Stavanger (Rogaland)121,610 inhabitants
Drammen (Buskerud)90,722 inhabitants
Fredrikstad (Østfold)72,760 inhabitants
Kristiansand (Vest-Agder)63,814 inhabitants
Sandnes (Rogaland)63,032 inhabitants
Tromsø (Troms)52,436 inhabitants
Sarpsborg (Østfold)52,159 inhabitants
Skien (Telemark)50,595 inhabitants
Ålesund (Møre og Romsdal)44,096 inhabitants
Sandefjord (Vestfold)42,654 inhabitants
Haugesund (Rogaland)40,321 inhabitants
Tønsberg (Vestfold)38,914 inhabitants
Moss (Østfold)34,492 inhabitants
Porsgrunn (Telemark)34,377 inhabitants
Bodø (Nordland)34,073 inhabitants
Arendal (Aust-Agder)30,916 inhabitants
Hamar (Hedmark)29,479 inhabitants
Ytrebygda (Hordaland)24,044 inhabitants
Larvik (Vestfold)23,113 inhabitants
Halden (Østfold)21,970 inhabitants
Steinkjer (Trøndelag)20,000 inhabitants
Harstad (Troms)19,433 inhabitants
Lillehammer (Oppland)19,096 inhabitants
Molde (Møre og Romsdal)18,594 inhabitants
Mo i Rana (Nordland)17,853 inhabitants
Kongsberg (Buskerud)17,667 inhabitants
Horten (Vestfold)17,660 inhabitants
Gjøvik (Oppland)17,596 inhabitants
Askøy (Hordaland)17,224 inhabitants
Kristiansund (Møre og Romsdal)16,785 inhabitants
Narvik (Nordland)14,114 inhabitants
Lillestrøm (Akershus)14,000 inhabitants
Hønefoss (Buskerud)13,678 inhabitants
Ski (Akershus)12,513 inhabitants
Elverum (Hedmark)12,490 inhabitants
Askim (Østfold)12,482 inhabitants
Jessheim (Akershus)12,365 inhabitants
Alta (Finnmark)12,077 inhabitants
Stjørdalshalsen (Trøndelag)11,416 inhabitants
Drøbak (Akershus)11,363 inhabitants
Kongsvinger (Hedmark)11,181 inhabitants
Leirvik (Hordaland)11,028 inhabitants
Vennesla (Vest-Agder)10,931 inhabitants
Nesoddtangen (Akershus)10,911 inhabitants
Mandal (Vest-Agder)10,143 inhabitants
Mosjøen (Nordland)9,636 inhabitants
Grimstad (Aust-Agder)9,561 inhabitants
Egersund (Rogaland)9,502 inhabitants
Namsos (Trøndelag)9,035 inhabitants
Søgne (Vest-Agder)9,000 inhabitants
Råholt (Akershus)8,593 inhabitants
Førde (Sogn og Fjordane)8,510 inhabitants
Brumunddal (Hedmark)8,441 inhabitants
Levanger (Trøndelag)8,411 inhabitants
Notodden (Telemark)8,306 inhabitants
Florø (Sogn og Fjordane)8,230 inhabitants
Bryne (Rogaland)8,006 inhabitants
Ås (Akershus)7,961 inhabitants
Sæveland (Rogaland)7,736 inhabitants
Verdal (Trøndelag)7,154 inhabitants
Hammerfest (Finnmark)6,788 inhabitants
Sogndal (Sogn og Fjordane)6,700 inhabitants
Kopervik (Rogaland)6,507 inhabitants
Fetsund (Akershus)6,441 inhabitants
Malvik (Trøndelag)6,419 inhabitants
Ørsta (Møre og Romsdal)6,337 inhabitants
Holmestrand (Vestfold)6,135 inhabitants
Indre Arna (Hordaland)6,117 inhabitants
Lillesand (Aust-Agder)6,081 inhabitants
Raufoss (Oppland)6,052 inhabitants
Fauske (Nordland)5,953 inhabitants
Kløfta (Akershus)5,942 inhabitants
Tananger (Rogaland)5,817 inhabitants
Sandnessjøen (Nordland)5,778 inhabitants
Hommersåk (Rogaland)5,692 inhabitants
Flekkefjord (Vest-Agder)5,615 inhabitants
Stavern (Vestfold)5,593 inhabitants