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Time in the Paraguay

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Time zone : America/Asuncion
  • Country : Paraguay
  • Capital : Asuncion
  • Population : 6,375,830
  • Country code (Iso) : PY / PRY
  • Dialing code : +595 / 00595
  • Currency : Guarani

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Paraguay map : Distances between cities and places

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Languages : Spanish (official), Guarani (official)

Paraguay : list of states

Main cities in Paraguay

Asunción (Asunción)1,482,200 inhabitants
Ciudad del Este (Alto Paraná)320,782 inhabitants
San Lorenzo (Central)227,876 inhabitants
Capiatá (Central)198,553 inhabitants
Lambaré (Central)126,377 inhabitants
Fernando de la Mora (Central)120,167 inhabitants
Limpio (Central)96,143 inhabitants
Nemby (Central)94,641 inhabitants
Pedro Juan Caballero (Amambay)75,109 inhabitants
Encarnación (Itapúa)74,983 inhabitants
Mariano Roque Alonso (Central)72,008 inhabitants
Itauguá (Central)64,997 inhabitants
Villa Elisa (Central)64,099 inhabitants
Villa Hayes (Presidente Hayes)57,217 inhabitants
San Antonio (Central)55,754 inhabitants
Caaguazú (Caaguazú)54,808 inhabitants
Presidente Franco (Alto Paraná)54,292 inhabitants
Coronel Oviedo (Caaguazú)51,286 inhabitants
Concepción (Concepción)48,123 inhabitants
Villarrica (Guairá)41,157 inhabitants
Pilar (Ñeembucú)28,716 inhabitants
Caazapá (Caazapá)23,996 inhabitants
Caacupé (Cordillera)21,696 inhabitants
Itá (Central)18,459 inhabitants
San Juan Bautista (Misiones)16,593 inhabitants
Nueva Esperanza (Canindeyú)12,717 inhabitants
Juan de Ayolas (Misiones)12,061 inhabitants
Santa Rita (Alto Paraná)11,823 inhabitants
Colonia General Alfredo Stroessner (Caaguazú)11,558 inhabitants
Areguá (Central)11,222 inhabitants
San Isidro de Curuguaty (Canindeyú)11,095 inhabitants
Horqueta (Concepción)10,531 inhabitants
Lima (San Pedro)10,367 inhabitants
Piribebuy (Cordillera)10,337 inhabitants
Paraguarí (Paraguarí)10,079 inhabitants
Tobatí (Cordillera)9,952 inhabitants
Ypacarai (Central)9,655 inhabitants
San Pedro de Ycuamandiyú (San Pedro)9,360 inhabitants
Capitán Bado (Amambay)9,114 inhabitants
Guarambaré (Central)9,065 inhabitants
Eusebio Ayala (Cordillera)8,253 inhabitants
Filadelfia (Boquerón)8,048 inhabitants
San Juan Nepomuceno (Caazapá)7,893 inhabitants
Benjamín Aceval (Presidente Hayes)7,751 inhabitants
Doctor Juan León Mallorquín (Alto Paraná)7,481 inhabitants
Salto del Guairá (Canindeyú)7,385 inhabitants
Santa Rosa Misiones (Misiones)7,257 inhabitants
Yaguarón (Paraguarí)7,181 inhabitants
Repatriación (Caaguazú)7,085 inhabitants
Obligado (Itapúa)6,350 inhabitants
Emboscada (Cordillera)5,911 inhabitants
Carapeguá (Paraguarí)5,784 inhabitants
San Pedro del Paraná (Itapúa)5,722 inhabitants
Bella Vista (Amambay)5,653 inhabitants
Colonia Menno (Boquerón)5,615 inhabitants
Nanawua (Presidente Hayes)5,587 inhabitants
Arquitecto Tomás Romero Pereira (Itapúa)5,533 inhabitants
Hohenau (Itapúa)5,306 inhabitants
Quiindy (Paraguarí)5,137 inhabitants
Puerto Rosario (San Pedro)5,123 inhabitants
San José (Caaguazú)5,117 inhabitants
San Alberto (Alto Paraná)4,989 inhabitants
Doctor Juan Manuel Frutos (Caaguazú)4,797 inhabitants
Yuty (Caazapá)4,774 inhabitants
Atyrá (Cordillera)4,768 inhabitants
Altos (Cordillera)4,763 inhabitants
Puerto Mayor Otaño (Itapúa)4,701 inhabitants
San Bernardino (Cordillera)4,651 inhabitants
Ybycuí (Paraguarí)4,629 inhabitants
Iturbe (Guairá)4,475 inhabitants
La Paloma (Canindeyú)4,383 inhabitants
Carmen del Paraná (Itapúa)4,196 inhabitants
General Artigas (Itapúa)4,073 inhabitants
Colonia Catuete (Canindeyú)4,070 inhabitants
Pirayú (Paraguarí)4,000 inhabitants
Fram (Itapúa)3,916 inhabitants
Itacurubí del Rosario (San Pedro)3,887 inhabitants
Itacurubí de la Cordillera (Cordillera)3,576 inhabitants
Capiíbary (San Pedro)3,537 inhabitants
Yguazú (Alto Paraná)3,363 inhabitants