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Time zone : Europe/Belgrade
  • Country : Serbia
  • Capital : Belgrade
  • Population : 7,344,847
  • Country code (Iso) : RS / SRB
  • Dialing code : +381 / 00381
  • Currency : Dinar

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Serbia map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Serbia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Serbia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Serbian (official) 88.1%, Hungarian 3.4%, Bosnian 1.9%, Romany 1.4%, other 3.4%, undeclared or unknown 1.8%

Serbia : list of states

Main cities in Serbia

Belgrade (Central Serbia)1,273,651 inhabitants
Niš (Central Serbia)250,000 inhabitants
Novi Sad (Vojvodina)215,400 inhabitants
Zemun (Central Serbia)155,591 inhabitants
Kragujevac (Central Serbia)147,473 inhabitants
Čačak (Central Serbia)117,072 inhabitants
Subotica (Vojvodina)100,000 inhabitants
Leskovac (Central Serbia)94,758 inhabitants
Novi Pazar (Central Serbia)85,996 inhabitants
Kraljevo (Central Serbia)82,846 inhabitants
Zrenjanin (Vojvodina)79,773 inhabitants
Pančevo (Vojvodina)76,654 inhabitants
Kruševac (Central Serbia)75,256 inhabitants
Užice (Central Serbia)63,577 inhabitants
Smederevo (Central Serbia)62,000 inhabitants
Valjevo (Central Serbia)61,035 inhabitants
Vranje (Central Serbia)56,199 inhabitants
Šabac (Central Serbia)55,114 inhabitants
Zaječar (Central Serbia)49,800 inhabitants
Trstenik (Central Serbia)49,043 inhabitants
Sombor (Vojvodina)48,454 inhabitants
Kikinda (Vojvodina)41,935 inhabitants
Požarevac (Central Serbia)41,736 inhabitants
Pirot (Central Serbia)40,678 inhabitants
Bor (Central Serbia)39,387 inhabitants
Sremska Mitrovica (Vojvodina)39,084 inhabitants
Vršac (Vojvodina)36,300 inhabitants
Jagodina (Central Serbia)35,589 inhabitants
Ruma (Vojvodina)32,229 inhabitants
Bačka Palanka (Vojvodina)29,449 inhabitants
Prokuplje (Central Serbia)27,673 inhabitants
Smederevska Palanka (Central Serbia)27,000 inhabitants
Inđija (Vojvodina)26,247 inhabitants
Vrbas (Vojvodina)25,907 inhabitants
Bečej (Vojvodina)25,774 inhabitants
Knjazevac (Central Serbia)25,000 inhabitants
Aranđelovac (Central Serbia)24,309 inhabitants
Gornji Milanovac (Central Serbia)23,982 inhabitants
Lazarevac (Central Serbia)23,551 inhabitants
Sremčica (Central Serbia)23,000 inhabitants
Ćuprija (Central Serbia)20,585 inhabitants
Senta (Vojvodina)20,302 inhabitants
Apatin (Vojvodina)18,320 inhabitants
Negotin (Central Serbia)17,612 inhabitants
Obrenovac (Central Serbia)16,821 inhabitants
Stara Pazova (Vojvodina)16,217 inhabitants
Bačka Topola (Vojvodina)16,154 inhabitants
Nova Pazova (Vojvodina)15,488 inhabitants
Kovin (Vojvodina)14,250 inhabitants
Petrovaradin (Vojvodina)13,917 inhabitants
Surčin (Central Serbia)12,575 inhabitants
Bela Crkva (Vojvodina)10,675 inhabitants
Veternik (Vojvodina)10,226 inhabitants
Vrnjačka Banja (Central Serbia)10,207 inhabitants
Kanjiža (Vojvodina)10,200 inhabitants
Majdanpek (Central Serbia)10,071 inhabitants
Čurug (Vojvodina)9,231 inhabitants
Bačko Petrovo Selo (Vojvodina)8,959 inhabitants
Sremski Karlovci (Vojvodina)8,839 inhabitants
Bajina Bašta (Central Serbia)8,533 inhabitants
Žabalj (Vojvodina)8,503 inhabitants
Novi Kneževac (Vojvodina)8,166 inhabitants
Mol (Vojvodina)7,950 inhabitants
Novo Miloševo (Vojvodina)7,805 inhabitants
Melenci (Vojvodina)7,685 inhabitants
Dobanovci (Central Serbia)7,592 inhabitants
Lapovo (Central Serbia)7,422 inhabitants
Kovačica (Vojvodina)7,357 inhabitants
Bački Petrovac (Vojvodina)7,229 inhabitants
Bogatić (Central Serbia)7,225 inhabitants
Arilje (Central Serbia)6,762 inhabitants
Mokrin (Vojvodina)6,567 inhabitants
Debeljača (Vojvodina)6,413 inhabitants
Beška (Vojvodina)6,377 inhabitants
Padina (Vojvodina)6,367 inhabitants
Banatski Karlovac (Vojvodina)6,319 inhabitants
Titel (Vojvodina)6,227 inhabitants
Paraćin (Central Serbia)6,000 inhabitants
Sonta (Vojvodina)5,991 inhabitants
Badovinci (Central Serbia)5,879 inhabitants