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Time zone : Asia/Riyadh
  • Country : Saudi Arabia
  • Capital : Riyadh
  • Population : 25,731,776
  • Country code (Iso) : SA / SAU
  • Dialing code : +966 / 00966
  • Currency : Rial

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Languages : Arabic (official)

Saudi Arabia : list of states

Main cities in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh (Ar Riyāḑ)4,205,961 inhabitants
Jeddah (Makkah)2,867,446 inhabitants
Mecca (Makkah)1,323,624 inhabitants
Medina (Al Madīnah al Munawwarah)1,300,000 inhabitants
Sulţānah (Al Madīnah al Munawwarah)946,697 inhabitants
Dammam (Eastern Province)768,602 inhabitants
Ta’if (Makkah)530,848 inhabitants
Tabuk (Tabuk)455,450 inhabitants
Al Kharj (Ar Riyāḑ)425,300 inhabitants
Buraydah (Al-Qassim)391,336 inhabitants
Khamis Mushait ('Asir)387,553 inhabitants
Al Hufūf (Eastern Province)293,179 inhabitants
Al Mubarraz (Eastern Province)290,802 inhabitants
Hafar Al-Batin (Eastern Province)271,642 inhabitants
Ha'il (Ḩāʼil)267,005 inhabitants
Najrān (Najran)258,573 inhabitants
Al Jubayl (Eastern Province)237,274 inhabitants
Abha ('Asir)210,886 inhabitants
Yanbu (Al Madīnah al Munawwarah)200,161 inhabitants
Khobar (Eastern Province)165,799 inhabitants
Unaizah (Al-Qassim)163,729 inhabitants
Arar (Northern Borders)148,540 inhabitants
Sakakah (Al Jawf)128,332 inhabitants
Jizan (Jizan)105,198 inhabitants
Qurayyat (Al Jawf)102,903 inhabitants
Dhahran (Eastern Province)99,540 inhabitants
Al Qaţīf (Eastern Province)98,259 inhabitants
Al Bahah (Al Bahah)88,419 inhabitants
Tārūt (Eastern Province)85,371 inhabitants
Qal‘at Bīshah ('Asir)81,828 inhabitants
Ar Rass (Al-Qassim)81,728 inhabitants
Ash Shafā (Makkah)72,190 inhabitants
Sayhāt (Eastern Province)66,702 inhabitants
Al Mithnab (Al-Qassim)60,870 inhabitants
Al Khafjī (Eastern Province)54,857 inhabitants
Ad Dawādimī (Ar Riyāḑ)54,474 inhabitants
Şabyā (Jizan)54,108 inhabitants
Az Zulfī (Ar Riyāḑ)53,144 inhabitants
Abū ‘Arīsh (Jizan)49,171 inhabitants
Şafwá (Eastern Province)45,876 inhabitants
Rābigh (Makkah)41,759 inhabitants
Raḩīmah (Eastern Province)41,188 inhabitants
Turaif (Northern Borders)40,819 inhabitants
‘Afīf (Ar Riyāḑ)40,648 inhabitants
Ţubarjal (Al Jawf)40,019 inhabitants
Ad Dilam (Ar Riyāḑ)35,371 inhabitants
Umm Lajj (Tabuk)33,874 inhabitants
Al-`Ula (Al Madīnah al Munawwarah)32,413 inhabitants
Abqaiq (Eastern Province)29,474 inhabitants
Badr Ḩunayn (Al Madīnah al Munawwarah)27,257 inhabitants
Şāmitah (Jizan)26,945 inhabitants
Al Wajh (Tabuk)26,636 inhabitants
Al Bukayrīyah (Al-Qassim)25,153 inhabitants
An Nimāş ('Asir)24,153 inhabitants
As Sulayyil (Ar Riyāḑ)24,097 inhabitants
Turabah (Makkah)23,235 inhabitants
Al Jumūm (Makkah)22,207 inhabitants
Duba (Tabuk)22,000 inhabitants
Aţ Ţaraf (Eastern Province)21,386 inhabitants
Qaisumah (Eastern Province)20,685 inhabitants
Al Baţţālīyah (Eastern Province)16,606 inhabitants
Al Munayzilah (Eastern Province)16,296 inhabitants
Adh Dhibiyah (Al-Qassim)15,000 inhabitants
Al Majāridah ('Asir)14,830 inhabitants
Tanūmah (Al-Qassim)13,594 inhabitants
Al Qurayn (Eastern Province)12,013 inhabitants
Umm as Sāhik (Eastern Province)11,813 inhabitants
Sājir (Ar Riyāḑ)11,717 inhabitants
Al Awjām (Eastern Province)11,460 inhabitants
Farasān (Jizan)10,527 inhabitants
Al Mindak (Al Bahah)9,218 inhabitants
Al Arţāwīyah (Ar Riyāḑ)9,152 inhabitants
Al Jubayl (Eastern Province)9,108 inhabitants
Al Qārah (Eastern Province)9,106 inhabitants
Marāt (Ar Riyāḑ)8,885 inhabitants
Al Jafr (Eastern Province)8,715 inhabitants
Şuwayr (Al Jawf)8,515 inhabitants
Tumayr (Ar Riyāḑ)8,246 inhabitants
At Tūbī (Eastern Province)7,740 inhabitants
Al Jarādīyah (Jizan)7,396 inhabitants