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Overview of Sierra Leone

Time in the Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone hour
Time zone : Africa/Freetown
  • Country : Sierra Leone
  • Capital : Freetown
  • Population : 5,245,695
  • Country code (Iso) : SL / SLE
  • Dialing code : +232 / 00232
  • Currency : Leone

Sierra Leone map

Sierra Leone map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Sierra Leone. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Sierra Leone. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : English (official, regular use limited to literate minority), Mende (principal vernacular in the south), Temne (principal vernacular in the north), Krio (English-based Creole, spoken by the descendants of freed Jamaican slaves who were settled in the Freetown area, a lingua franca and a first language for 10% of the population but understood by 95%)

Sierra Leone : list of states

Main cities in Sierra Leone

Freetown (Western Area)802,639 inhabitants
Bo (Southern Province)174,354 inhabitants
Kenema (Eastern Province)143,137 inhabitants
Koidu (Eastern Province)88,000 inhabitants
Makeni (Northern Province)87,679 inhabitants
Lunsar (Northern Province)22,461 inhabitants
Port Loko (Northern Province)21,308 inhabitants
Waterloo (Western Area)19,750 inhabitants
Kabala (Northern Province)17,948 inhabitants
Segbwema (Eastern Province)16,532 inhabitants
Magburaka (Northern Province)14,915 inhabitants
Kailahun (Eastern Province)14,085 inhabitants
Binkolo (Northern Province)13,867 inhabitants
Freetown (Western Area)13,768 inhabitants
Bumpe (Southern Province)13,580 inhabitants
Rokupr (Northern Province)12,504 inhabitants
Gandorhun (Southern Province)12,288 inhabitants
Kambia (Northern Province)11,520 inhabitants
Yengema (Eastern Province)11,221 inhabitants
Gandorhun (Southern Province)10,678 inhabitants
Bonthe (Southern Province)9,647 inhabitants
Pendembu (Eastern Province)8,780 inhabitants
Blama (Eastern Province)8,146 inhabitants
Kamakwie (Northern Province)8,098 inhabitants
Panguma (Eastern Province)7,965 inhabitants
Pujehun (Southern Province)7,926 inhabitants
Kukuna (Northern Province)7,676 inhabitants
Barma (Eastern Province)7,529 inhabitants
Boajibu (Eastern Province)7,384 inhabitants
Bunumbu (Eastern Province)7,355 inhabitants
Sumbuya (Southern Province)7,074 inhabitants
Baoma (Southern Province)7,044 inhabitants
Moyamba (Southern Province)6,700 inhabitants
Mambolo (Northern Province)6,624 inhabitants
Tombodu (Eastern Province)5,985 inhabitants
Daru (Eastern Province)5,958 inhabitants
Foindu (Southern Province)5,868 inhabitants
Masingbi (Northern Province)5,644 inhabitants
Motema (Eastern Province)5,474 inhabitants
Bomi (Southern Province)5,463 inhabitants
Tintafor (Northern Province)5,460 inhabitants
Buedu (Eastern Province)5,412 inhabitants
Mamboma (Southern Province)5,201 inhabitants
Kassiri (Northern Province)5,161 inhabitants
Hastings (Western Area)5,121 inhabitants
Hangha (Eastern Province)5,007 inhabitants
Potoru (Southern Province)4,937 inhabitants
Rotifunk (Southern Province)4,858 inhabitants
Zimmi (Southern Province)4,796 inhabitants
Koribundu (Southern Province)4,617 inhabitants
Pepel (Northern Province)4,462 inhabitants
Serabu (Southern Province)4,261 inhabitants
Manowa (Eastern Province)4,214 inhabitants
Gbewebu (Southern Province)4,122 inhabitants
Palima (Southern Province)4,116 inhabitants
Gorahun (Eastern Province)4,089 inhabitants
Tombu (Eastern Province)4,005 inhabitants
Baiima (Southern Province)3,771 inhabitants
Wima (Eastern Province)3,691 inhabitants
Masoyila (Northern Province)3,658 inhabitants
Yonibana (Northern Province)3,589 inhabitants
Makali (Northern Province)3,550 inhabitants
Tefeya (Eastern Province)3,544 inhabitants
Tongole (Southern Province)3,492 inhabitants
Sawkta (Northern Province)3,452 inhabitants
Largo (Southern Province)3,441 inhabitants
Mobai (Eastern Province)3,441 inhabitants
Loma (Northern Province)3,435 inhabitants
Giehun (Eastern Province)3,350 inhabitants
Mange (Northern Province)3,339 inhabitants
Bumbuna (Northern Province)3,222 inhabitants
Masaka (Northern Province)3,219 inhabitants
Bindi (Northern Province)3,188 inhabitants
Alikalia (Northern Province)3,138 inhabitants
Jojoima (Eastern Province)3,136 inhabitants
Konakridee (Northern Province)3,104 inhabitants
Gberia Fotombu (Northern Province)3,034 inhabitants
Mogbwemo (Southern Province)2,900 inhabitants
Giehun (Eastern Province)2,845 inhabitants
Koyima (Eastern Province)2,705 inhabitants