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Time in the Senegal

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Time zone : Africa/Dakar
  • Country : Senegal
  • Capital : Dakar
  • Population : 12,323,252
  • Country code (Iso) : SN / SEN
  • Dialing code : +221 / 00221
  • Currency : Franc

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Languages : French (official), Wolof, Pulaar, Jola, Mandinka

Senegal : list of states

Main cities in Senegal

Dakar (Dakar)2,476,400 inhabitants
Pikine (Dakar)874,062 inhabitants
Touba (Diourbel)529,176 inhabitants
Thiès (Thiès)320,000 inhabitants
Thiès Nones (Thiès)252,320 inhabitants
Saint-Louis (Saint-Louis)176,000 inhabitants
Kaolack (Kaolack)172,305 inhabitants
Ziguinchor (Ziguinchor)159,778 inhabitants
Tiébo (Diourbel)100,289 inhabitants
Tambacounda (Tambacounda)78,800 inhabitants
Mbaké (Diourbel)74,100 inhabitants
Louga (Louga)67,154 inhabitants
Kolda (Kolda)58,809 inhabitants
Richard-Toll (Saint-Louis)44,752 inhabitants
Joal-Fadiout (Thiès)36,735 inhabitants
N’diareme limamoulaye (Dakar)35,171 inhabitants
Dara (Louga)30,000 inhabitants
Kaffrine (Kaffrine)28,396 inhabitants
Ndibène Dahra (Louga)27,741 inhabitants
Bignona (Ziguinchor)26,237 inhabitants
Pourham (Fatick)24,146 inhabitants
Vélingara (Kolda)22,441 inhabitants
Nioro du Rip (Kaolack)20,711 inhabitants
Sédhiou (Sédhiou)19,702 inhabitants
Mékhé (Thiès)19,242 inhabitants
Kédougou (Kédougou)17,922 inhabitants
Nguékhokh (Thiès)17,885 inhabitants
Pout (Thiès)17,752 inhabitants
Kayar (Thiès)17,193 inhabitants
Guinguinéo (Fatick)15,395 inhabitants
Matam (Matam)15,306 inhabitants
Mermoz Boabab (Dakar)15,000 inhabitants
Ouro Sogui (Matam)14,888 inhabitants
Koungheul (Kaffrine)14,725 inhabitants
Ndioum (Saint-Louis)13,198 inhabitants
Khombole (Thiès)12,061 inhabitants
Sokone (Fatick)11,680 inhabitants
Guéoul (Louga)10,918 inhabitants
Tiadiaye (Thiès)10,853 inhabitants
Kanel (Matam)10,165 inhabitants
Ndofane (Kaolack)9,946 inhabitants
Rosso (Saint-Louis)9,923 inhabitants
Gandiaye (Kaolack)9,894 inhabitants
Waoundé (Matam)9,085 inhabitants
Diofior (Fatick)8,645 inhabitants
Tionk Essil (Ziguinchor)8,151 inhabitants
Diawara (Matam)8,112 inhabitants
Marsassoum (Kolda)6,817 inhabitants
Passi (Fatick)6,367 inhabitants
Goléré (Saint-Louis)5,461 inhabitants
Foundiougne (Fatick)5,306 inhabitants
Sémé (Matam)5,075 inhabitants
Oussouye (Ziguinchor)4,107 inhabitants
Warang (Thiès)3,500 inhabitants
Polel Diaoubé (Saint-Louis)3,000 inhabitants
Adéane (Ziguinchor)2,115 inhabitants
Ranérou (Matam)1,426 inhabitants
Diourbel (Diourbel)0 inhabitants
Fatick (Fatick)0 inhabitants