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Overview of Somalia

Time in the Somalia

Somalia hour
Time zone : Africa/Mogadishu
  • Country : Somalia
  • Capital : Mogadishu
  • Population : 10,112,453
  • Country code (Iso) : SO / SOM
  • Dialing code : +252 / 00252
  • Currency : Shilling

Somalia map

Somalia map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Somalia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Somalia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Somali (official), Arabic (official, according to the Transitional Federal Charter), Italian, English

Somalia : list of states

Main cities in Somalia

Mogadishu (Banaadir)2,587,183 inhabitants
Hargeysa (Woqooyi Galbeed)477,876 inhabitants
Berbera (Woqooyi Galbeed)242,344 inhabitants
Kismayo (Lower Juba)234,852 inhabitants
Marka (Lower Shabeelle)230,100 inhabitants
Jamaame (Lower Juba)185,270 inhabitants
Baidoa (Bay)129,839 inhabitants
Burao (Togdheer)99,270 inhabitants
Bosaso (Bari)74,287 inhabitants
Afgooye (Lower Shabeelle)65,461 inhabitants
Gaalkacyo (Mudug)61,200 inhabitants
Laascaanood (Sool)60,100 inhabitants
Garoowe (Nugaal)57,300 inhabitants
Beledweyne (Hiiraan)55,410 inhabitants
Qoryooley (Lower Shabeelle)51,720 inhabitants
Jawhar (Middle Shabele)47,086 inhabitants
Jilib (Middle Juba)43,694 inhabitants
Baardheere (Gedo)42,240 inhabitants
Ceerigaabo (Sanaag)33,853 inhabitants
Luuq (Gedo)33,820 inhabitants
Buurhakaba (Bay)27,792 inhabitants
Ceeldheer (Galguduud)26,562 inhabitants
Wanlaweyn (Lower Shabeelle)22,022 inhabitants
Baki (Awdal)20,000 inhabitants
Eyl (Nugaal)18,904 inhabitants
Buulobarde (Hiiraan)16,928 inhabitants
Qandala (Bari)15,923 inhabitants
Bandarbeyla (Bari)13,753 inhabitants
Garbahaarrey (Gedo)12,652 inhabitants
Hobyo (Mudug)12,564 inhabitants
Xuddur (Bakool)12,500 inhabitants
Bereeda (Bari)11,262 inhabitants
Jalalaqsi (Hiiraan)9,743 inhabitants
Ceelbuur (Galguduud)9,031 inhabitants
Dhuusamarreeb (Galguduud)9,000 inhabitants
Yeed (Bakool)8,429 inhabitants
Mahaddayweyne (Middle Shabele)8,273 inhabitants
Saacow (Middle Juba)7,893 inhabitants
Las Khorey (Sanaag)6,941 inhabitants
Bargaal (Bari)6,798 inhabitants
Waajid (Bakool)6,666 inhabitants
Caluula (Bari)6,100 inhabitants
Iskushuban (Bari)5,759 inhabitants
Oodweyne (Togdheer)5,491 inhabitants
Cadale (Middle Shabele)5,385 inhabitants
Ceek (Togdheer)4,325 inhabitants
Buur Gaabo (Lower Juba)3,096 inhabitants
Dujuuma (Middle Juba)2,432 inhabitants
Tayeeglow (Bakool)2,119 inhabitants
Xarardheere (Mudug)2,018 inhabitants
Baligubadle (Woqooyi Galbeed)0 inhabitants
Bu’aale (Middle Juba)0 inhabitants
Adado (Galguduud)0 inhabitants
Lughaye (Awdal)0 inhabitants