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Overview of El Salvador

Time in the El Salvador

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Time zone : America/El_Salvador
  • Country : El Salvador
  • Capital : San Salvador
  • Population : 6,052,064
  • Country code (Iso) : SV / SLV
  • Dialing code : +503 / 00503
  • Currency : Dollar

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in El Salvador. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in El Salvador. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Spanish (official), Nahua (among some Amerindians)

El Salvador : list of states

Main cities in El Salvador

San Salvador (San Salvador)525,990 inhabitants
Soyapango (San Salvador)329,708 inhabitants
Santa Ana (Santa Ana)176,661 inhabitants
San Miguel (San Miguel)161,880 inhabitants
Mejicanos (San Salvador)160,317 inhabitants
Santa Tecla (La Libertad)124,694 inhabitants
Apopa (San Salvador)112,158 inhabitants
Delgado (San Salvador)71,594 inhabitants
Sonsonate (Sonsonate)59,468 inhabitants
San Marcos (San Salvador)54,615 inhabitants
Usulután (Usulután)51,910 inhabitants
Cojutepeque (Cuscatlán)48,411 inhabitants
Cuscatancingo (San Salvador)44,369 inhabitants
San Vicente (San Vicente)41,504 inhabitants
Zacatecoluca (La Paz)39,613 inhabitants
San Martín (Cuscatlán)39,361 inhabitants
Ilopango (San Salvador)38,890 inhabitants
Ahuachapán (Ahuachapán)34,102 inhabitants
Antiguo Cuscatlán (La Libertad)33,767 inhabitants
Chalchuapa (Santa Ana)32,282 inhabitants
Quezaltepeque (La Libertad)28,886 inhabitants
La Unión (La Unión)26,807 inhabitants
Ayutuxtepeque (San Salvador)25,426 inhabitants
Acajutla (Sonsonate)22,763 inhabitants
Aguilares (San Salvador)21,445 inhabitants
Sensuntepeque (Cabañas)20,386 inhabitants
Chalatenango (Chalatenango)19,364 inhabitants
Izalco (Sonsonate)19,197 inhabitants
Metapán (Santa Ana)19,143 inhabitants
San Rafael Oriente (San Miguel)19,095 inhabitants
Puerto El Triunfo (Usulután)19,074 inhabitants
La Libertad (La Libertad)16,855 inhabitants
San Francisco (Morazán)16,152 inhabitants
Sonzacate (Sonsonate)15,446 inhabitants
Santiago de María (Usulután)15,032 inhabitants
Armenia (Sonsonate)14,997 inhabitants
Santo Tomás (San Salvador)14,581 inhabitants
Santa Rosa de Lima (La Unión)13,249 inhabitants
Zaragoza (La Libertad)11,749 inhabitants
Berlín (Usulután)11,313 inhabitants
Guazapa (San Salvador)10,995 inhabitants
Jucuapa (Usulután)10,601 inhabitants
Ciudad Arce (La Libertad)10,095 inhabitants
Nueva Concepción (Chalatenango)9,990 inhabitants
Juayúa (Sonsonate)9,936 inhabitants
Santiago Nonualco (La Paz)9,490 inhabitants
El Tránsito (San Miguel)9,485 inhabitants
Atiquizaya (Ahuachapán)9,476 inhabitants
San Antonio del Monte (Sonsonate)9,135 inhabitants
Jiquilisco (Usulután)9,129 inhabitants
El Congo (Santa Ana)8,905 inhabitants
Chinameca (San Miguel)8,646 inhabitants
Ciudad Barrios (San Miguel)8,491 inhabitants
Concepción de Ataco (Ahuachapán)7,797 inhabitants
Nahuizalco (Sonsonate)7,358 inhabitants
San Sebastián (San Vicente)7,333 inhabitants
San Juan Opico (La Libertad)7,127 inhabitants
Panchimalco (San Salvador)6,764 inhabitants
Nuevo Cuscatlán (La Libertad)6,469 inhabitants
Chirilagua (San Miguel)6,393 inhabitants
Olocuilta (La Paz)6,324 inhabitants
Candelaria de La Frontera (Santa Ana)6,301 inhabitants
Tonacatepeque (San Salvador)6,245 inhabitants
Santa Elena (Usulután)5,887 inhabitants
Nueva Guadalupe (San Miguel)5,798 inhabitants
Apastepeque (San Vicente)5,785 inhabitants
Coatepeque (Santa Ana)5,773 inhabitants
Suchitoto (Cuscatlán)5,735 inhabitants
El Rosario (La Paz)5,620 inhabitants
Guatajiagua (Morazán)5,273 inhabitants
Rosario de Mora (San Salvador)5,178 inhabitants
San Alejo (La Unión)5,149 inhabitants
Tacuba (Ahuachapán)5,055 inhabitants
Jocoro (Morazán)4,298 inhabitants
Ozatlán (Usulután)4,171 inhabitants
Intipucá (La Unión)3,540 inhabitants
Concepción Batres (Usulután)3,286 inhabitants
Corinto (Morazán)3,160 inhabitants
Chapeltique (San Miguel)3,159 inhabitants
Conchagua (La Unión)3,034 inhabitants